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Import Maildir Files in Windows Live Mail in Best Way Possible

How to Import Maildir Files in Windows Live Mail?

By Avantika SinghPublished about a month ago 3 min read

If you have Maildir files and want to open and save them in Windows Live Mail, then this article will help you. Here, we explain a way to easily import Maildir files in Windows Live Mail. So, read the article carefully.

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client created by Microsoft. It is part of the Windows suite, but you can install the application individually. The email program uses the EML file format to import and export Windows Live mail files. So, if you want to open Maildir files in Windows Live Mail, you have to use this file format. However, the Maildir file is a server file that contains emails with a unique name. But why does one have to convert Maidir data to EML format?

Reasons to Export Maildir Emails into EML Files

There is no specific cause of this; there are multiple, such as.

  • You want to access your Maildir data anywhere, as it is difficult to open them on the computer.
  • The Maildir files are server-based files, and you need a proper connection to open them.
  • With this, you can easily open your data and save it for future use.

Therefore, it is beneficial to import Maildir files in Windows Live Mail. Now, we see a method that converts the files.

A Way to Convert Maildir Data to EML Format

The Maildir file is different from the EML files because the EML format is a database-based file and Maildir is a server. Thus, right now, there is no manual option that can convert these two file extensions. That's why we use a professional way to export them. We use third-party software, which converts the data in just a few minutes. After that, you can easily import the converted file into the application. Below, we explain this method in more detail with clear steps.

Download Emails from Server in Maildir Files

Before we follow the professional method, we have to first prepare our files. For this, save the emails that you want in the Maildir files on the server. You have to make sure that you have a proper internet connection while you follow the steps.

  • Connect your network to the server where your emails are stored.
  • From the preview pane, select the mail folder and see folders like new, cur, temp, sent, etc.
  • Now, copy the data and paste it into the computer at a place where you can easily locate it. Press OK to finish the process.

Import Maildir Files in Windows Live Mail with the Professional Method

After downloading the data, we are now exporting it. For this, we use one of the best Maildir File Conversion Software, FreeViewer. It is a tool where you can use both Maildir and Maildir++ files very easily. Not only this, you can also export your files in various file formats, like PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, etc. The software is made in such a way to convert the files that any users have no difficulty using them. Furthermore, there are many features offered by the tool that will help you in your work.

Features of Software

  • You can easily convert multiple Mialdir files at once.
  • It is easy to export subdirectories like new, cur, and temp.
  • Before converting the data, you can preview the data in HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME, etc.
  • There are many filtering options, like date-based, folder-wise, and email filtering.
  • Throughout the process, to maintain message properties and attachments,.

Steps to Convert Maidir Data to EML Format

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. On the left side, find the Maildir folder that you want to import.
  3. Preview them in various view modes, such as HTML, HEX, MIME, etc.
  4. Click on the Export option and select the EML format.
  5. Press Advance Settings and click on Naming Convention to set the resulting name.
  6. Select the date filter option to convert selected emails. Hit Save.
  7. Browse the location of your files where you want to save them and click on Export.

Open Resulted EML Files in Windows Live Mail

Once you have successfully followed the steps and the files are converted, it is now easy to import Maildir files in Windows Live Mail.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail and click on the File option.
  2. Select Import Messages, then click the Next button.
  3. Browse the location where you stored your files and import them.


Here, we do not have the manual way to import Maildir files in Windows Live Mail. But you can easily export the files using the professional method. But first, you have the emails that you want in the Maildir format, and then you can easily open them in the email client.

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