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How to Hide Your Snapchat Score on Snapchat?

by Aamir Kamal 10 days ago in social media

Can you be able to hide your Snapchat score from unknown people or people who aren't on your friend list?

How to Hide Your Snapchat Score on Snapchat?
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Have you ever thought to hide your Snapchat score on Snapchat? Perhaps you need to cover your snap score from a particular user. Or then again, maybe you need to hide your snap score from different users. Regardless, there is a meaningful way you can do such on Snapchat. To keep away somebody from following you, hiding your snap score is one method for doing as such.

Toward the day's end, hiding your snap score from somebody will keep them from knowing your snap action. At the end of the day, it'll keep somebody from knowing the number of snaps you send each day. In this article, you'll realize whether others can see your Snapchat score and how to keep it secret?

Is your Snapchat score visible to others?

The two users need to add each other as fellows on Snapchat to see somebody’s snap score. The two users will not have the option to see each other's snap score unless one of them adds a second one as a friend. The buddies you've added as a fellow and they have added you as a friend can only see your Snapchat score.

Assuming that you said somebody as an exponent and they didn't add you back, they can't see your Snapchat score. Likewise, assuming somebody adds you as a friend yet you didn't add them back, you can't see their Snapchat score.

To see somebody's snap score, the two persons need to add each other as a friend on Snapchat. If not, both will not have the option to see each other's scores if somebody found. However, it’ll you hide on Snapchat and visit your profile. Youranymoreusername section will not show details. So don't stress over your snap score.

Hiding Your Snapchat Score

To keep hiding your Snapchat score, you really want to either eliminate the individual as a friend or block him on Snapchat. This is on the grounds that a user can see somebody's snap score assuming the two mates added each other as a fellow. Sadly, there isn't a security setting on Snapchat that permits you to conceal your snap score from others.

Nonetheless, you can change the security settings for who can reach you, view your story, see your area, and see you in Quick Add. "Contact Me" permits you to change the settings for who can send a snap, visit, or call you on Snapchat. You can pick who can see your story setting, "View My Story setting".Likewise, you can change who can see your area and empower/debilitate individuals from following you in Quick Add.

Your Snapchat score will only be visible to the user, on the off chance that he added you as a fellow and you specified him as a Snapchat friend. Along these lines, to conceal your Snapchat score from a particular individual, you really want to eliminate them as a friend. To shut them off totally, you can obstruct them all things considered.

Here is a bit-by-bit guide on the way that you can conceal your Snapchat score.

1. Log in and open Snapchat score

Initially, open the Snapchat score and explore your conversation list. Your messages list is situated in the second symbol from the left on the base bar. Open Snapchat and tap on the second symbol from the left on the base bar to see your visit list. Do take note that this strategy expects you to eliminate or obstruct the individual on Snapchat.

In this way, to remain friends with the individual, it is impossible that you can conceal your snap score from them except if the individual impeded or eliminated you. Talking about which, assuming somebody ended up stopping you as a friend, they cannot see your snap score. Considering somebody eliminated you as a fellow, the status under his name will be "Pending.”

That being said, before you continue with the subsequent stage, make sure to check whether the individual is friends with you on Snapchat or not. This is since, supposing that he is not a friend with you, he will not have the option to see your snap score in any case.

Assuming that is the situation, continuing with the following stages is excess. So, if you still want to remain friends with the person, there is no way you can hide your snap score from them unless the person blocked or removed you. Speaking of which, if someone happened to remove you as a friend, they can no longer see your snap score. If someone removed you as a friend, the status under their name would be “Pending.”

2. Search the person that you want to keep secret your Snapchat score from

Observe that person you need to conceal your Snapchat score from when you’re on your chatting list. Observe the client you need to hide your Snapchat score from and see his profile. You can do as such via looking for their username on Snapchat and then going to chat and then clicking three dots appearing from 'Bitmoji.’ You can utilize the hunt work at the upper left corner of your screen and quest for the username of the individual.

On the other hand, you can look down to track down the particular individual. After you track down the individual, tap on that to get to the chatbox. Then, at that point, click on his Bitmoji at the upper corner of your screen to visit his profile. There are various choices on his profile, but you need to click on the triple dots icon on the top right corner of your screen.

3. Tap on the triple-dots icon on the profile of that person, open the navigation drawerThis Tap Open and remove him

Eliminating somebody as a friend will conceal your Snapchat score from him. Then again, hindering somebody on Snapchat won't just hide your Snapchat score, however. It’ll conceal your complete profile from him.

There are multiple choices on the navigation bar, but you're simply going to two or three options of blocking or removing friends. To conceal your Snapchat score from somebody, you want to either eliminate him as a friend or stop him. When you block the individual as a friend, he cannot see your Snapchat score regardless of whether he has added you as a friend.

When you block somebody on Snapchat, it'll conceal your Snapchat score. However, it will not hide your complete profile from him. This implies that they can't think you are on Snapchat anymore except if they're utilizing an alternate account. To conceal your snap score from different users, you'll need to independently eliminate them as friends by revising all the stages, as mentioned earlier.

PS: How to hide your Snapchat score from strangers:

Obscuring your Snapchat score is an unquestionable requirement to keep somebody from knowing your work on Snapchat. Sadly, there isn't a way to curtain your snap score without eliminating or hindering the individual. Nonetheless, to change other privacy settings, you can do so as mentioned above from the "who can… “ area under your settings. The person viewing your story, reaching you, and following you in your location and Quick add can be easily observed and controlled.

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