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Why Do People Disappear on Snap Map and Then Reappear?

by Aamir Kamal 14 days ago in social media

What is the reason behind people disappear on the Snapchat Map and after a few times they reappear again?

Why Do People Disappear on Snap Map and Then Reappear?
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Snapchat has majorly changed the communication methods and introduced new conventional features to communicate across social mediums. Well, starting from how we send photos and videos to how we interact with our friends, it has made us adapt to new features and methods. Whereas, many of these methods have proven to be beneficial for us considering privacy concerns.

But on the other hand, there are so many features that can be mistreated and users could face the consequences. Snapchat has broken the barriers of communication by providing the users with a middle ground which has to be maintained to create a balance. It exposes your information to your friends but it also protects you and you have to be in the middle ground to get a complete benefit from these features. From sharing your location with your friends to letting you know when somebody takes a screenshot, it drastically changes the social media experience for users.

With features like notifications of screenshots, notifications of typing, video calls, and snap map, Snapchat is rolling all over android and iPhone. With the snap map feature, you can share your location with your friends and see your friend's location as well.

This feature allows you to stay connected with your friends wherever you are regardless of the regional boundaries. But it does break a few boundaries at some levels. Then again, it is entirely up to a user to activate or deactivate the snap map feature.

You can always toggle between the switch on and switch off on the snap map. Your location will be shown to your friends when your snap map is enabled and it will be hidden when your snap map is disabled. That is the reason people often disappear from snap maps and reappear because they are given the liberty to switch on and off. We will dive into the snap map and see what features make you appear and disappear on the radar.

Snap map is a very versatile and unique feature of Snapchat which lets you stay connected with your friends all the time. You can see their location and every time they move, the location is updated too. If you have your snap maps enabled, your friends can see your location as well. Every time you open the app, your location gets updated and the time appears next to your Bitmoji on the snap map.

You can always disable your location from the snap map settings so nobody can see it. You might wonder why some of your friends also disappear from snap maps very often and reappear. There could be numerous reasons why you cannot see your friend's location on snap maps. Let’s have a quick view of those.

Switching it Off

The snap map feature on Snapchat gives you the liberty and leverage to share your location with your friends all the time. As much as it protects you, it can often get frustrating to be always seen on snap maps. Snap maps allow people to switch their location on and off at any time and that could be the reason your friends are disappearing from snap maps. It means that your friend has switched your location off and they intentionally do not want anyone to find out where they are.

Inactive on Snapchat

To use all the features of Snapchat, you have to maintain a certain level of connectivity which requires a constant Internet connection. Snapchat being a social app entirely depends on the Internet and requires constant connectivity. Some of its features like the snap maps are completely dependent on Internet reception.

This could be a reason why you cannot see your friend's location on snap maps. Your friends might be staying inactive for more than eight hours and that is why the location hasn’t been updated or they are disappearing from the snap maps.

Unaware of the Feature

Features like snap maps are not very common around social applications and not all the users are wrapping their heads around it. Most of the users don’t even know that their location is being shared with all of their friends until somebody tells them. If you have been viewing somebody’s location on snap maps and they have suddenly disappeared from there, part of the reason could be complete unawareness of the snap maps. Somebody must have highlighted it and they have switched their location off.

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Low Usage of Snapchat

Snapchat is a different kind of social app that requires a lot of connectivity and presence to maintain the interactions and conversations such as snap streaks, emotions, and icons, etc. Every time you open the application, the location is updated. If a person has been inactive for more than eight hours, they disappear from the snap maps. To be constantly on the snap maps radar, you have to open your Snapchat app quite often. If a friend is not opening their Snapchat app more often, they might disappear from the snap maps temporarily.

Toggling On/Off

Snap maps are a very prominent feature of Snapchat as they can be opened with a pinch on the screen. The way people keep up with each other's stories, it is now quite common to keep up with each other’s location as well. Whereas, it can be quite disturbing to have your location shared all the time. Users often toggle between on and off depending on their convenience which makes them disappear and reappear on the snap maps.

Location With No Reception

As Snapchat completely works on an active Internet connection, it is very common for users to not be connected to the Internet all the time. When the app is not connected to the Internet, the location does not get updated or it entirely goes off the radar.

It is very much possible that your friend has moved to a place where Internet connectivity is low such as the basement or a studio etc. It immediately gets updated when they’re connected to the Internet. So when you do not see your friend on snap maps, do not worry and just call them to ask.


Just like Snapchats’ other features, snap maps also work on user discretion and convenience. Snapchat completely gives you control over the settings and it’s upon you to manage how you want to interact with your friends. If you want to share your location all the time, you enable it. If you don’t, you disable it.

It’s upon you to toggle in between or entirely put it off. The same is the case with your friends. If they keep disappearing and reappearing on snap maps, it could simply mean they don’t want to be seen. And if we consider the technical errors, internet reception and connectivity play a very important role.

As we mentioned above, it depends entirely on the user if they want to stay connected or not. All in all, your friends can easily appear and disappear on snap maps for their convenience.

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