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What is the highest Snapchat score? Snapchat Top 7 Accounts with Highest Snapchat Score? How to increase your Snapchat score?

by Aamir Kamal 4 months ago in social media

Snapchat score of the top 7 accounts for the year 2022 and a guide for new Snap users to get more scores.

What is the highest Snapchat score? Snapchat Top 7 Accounts with Highest Snapchat Score? How to increase your Snapchat score?
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Healthy growth is important in every aspect of life and like any other aspect, Snapchat can be related to growth too. Snapchat gives your account a score depending on the activity you do daily. The more you are active, the more score you get. It all depends on the usage.

Snapchat score has also become a huge flex for people, mainly the influencers who keep showing their scores to the audience. It promotes the app but also raises the need for other Snapchatters to have the highest score. There are certain ways to achieve a high score and we will reveal them below. But before that, have you ever wondered what is the highest score on Snapchat and what accounts are performing the best? If yes, then this piece is for you.

Once we get on to the highest scoring accounts, let us tell you the highest score you should expect to see in the top ones.

What is the highest Snapchat score?

Snapchat score directly depends on the amount of activity you do on the app. The people with the highest Snapchat scores have the highest amount of snap exchanging activity on their app. The highest score keeps increasing every year and the averages vary too.

In 2017, the highest Snapchat score ranged between 50,000 to 80,000 but according to recent statistics of 2021, the highest average score on Snapchat is recorded to be ranging from 20M to 60M. Now that is a lot, yeah? But the higher the score, the more exciting it gets for Snapchat users to achieve that.

Snapchat Top 7 Accounts with Highest Snapchat Score

You must be wondering who has the highest score on Snapchat? If yes, here are the top accounts that have the highest score on Snapchat in 2022

  1. @dion-19 (61 Million Snapchat score)
  2. @cris_thisguy (50 Million Snapchat score) )
  3. @michae86l (29.6 Million Snapchat score)
  4. @ciglo 26.6 ( Million Snapchat score)
  5. gpierson_20 20 (Million Snapchat score)
  6. @daydrunks 20 (Million Snapchat score)
  7. @jade_rush1 (10.8 Million Snapchat score)

How to increase your Snapchat score?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a very exciting activity for people to increase their Snapchat scores and it has become kind of a flex nowadays. There are several things that you can do to increase your Snapchat score. People think that if they use the Snapchat app more than usual, it will make their scores higher.

Well, it’s a tricky business and we will tell you how to crack it. The Snapchat application works differently as it is not a medium to chat with your friends but it is our stories and snaps exchanging app. You could be using the Snapchat app all the time and still not getting a higher score because of the irrelevant usage. We will tell you how exactly you can get in the top-scoring accounts so you get the best flex of all.

1. Snap More Often

To get a higher score on Snapchat, you should be sending more snaps each day than you usually do. It is not about the next conversation or the direct messages you have on the application but about the stories and pictures you sent to your friends and that too, the live ones. What you can do is share your daily routines and activities with your friends throughout the day. If you are sending two snaps each day, you can start sending three snaps a day and gradually increase it. Don’t bombard your friends with unlimited snaps tho.

2. Share with Multiple Friends

Each time you send a snap to one person, you get one point and each time you receive a snap, you get one point. It gets difficult to achieve a higher score when you send snaps to individuals. Try sending a live snap to more than one friend so you get a higher score in one go. That way, you get a higher score by sending snaps to multiple friends and you get scores when they snap you back.

3. Snapstreaks

Snap streaks are a new way to keep interacting with your friends without actually having to make a conversation. It keeps the relationship afloat by snap sharing but involves fewer texting interactions. To get a higher score, you can start a streak with a friend and send snaps to them every day. Keep building the snap streaks list by sending streaks to multiple friends and asking them to snap back. There is a cool way to tell your friends to snap back and start a streak with you. You take a picture, caption it with ‘streaks SB’ which means streaks snap back and they will know that you want to start a snap streak.

4. Add New Friends

Apart from sending snaps to increase your score, you can also add new friends to get extra points. Every time you add a friend or accept a friend request, you get scores. Also, you can start new streaks with new friends and get multiple scores. When you are choosing to send snaps, prefer a 10+ seconds video so you get two scores instead of 1. smart play is very important when it comes to achieving a high score.

5. Add Snaps to your story

Apart from starting streaks with your multiple friends and exchanging snaps, you should also add stories every day. By adding stories, you can share your life with your friends and also increase your score. People often get offended if you send multiple snaps each day, so you shouldn’t only rely on that. Even better, start talking about your day in your stories which will give people a chunk of your life and mind. They will stay interested and engaged. The more you share stories, the more points you get.

6. Don’t Send Direct Messages

If you use Snapchat more often, stop sending text messages to friends on the app because you don't get a score on that. Try taking a snap, write your message as a caption and share it. That way, your message gets put across and you also get a score. Play smart and never leave a chance to get an extra score.

7. Find Friends with Similar Interests

If you are trying to get a higher score on Snapchat, there must be other friends too. Why don’t you team up with a friend and you both send each other multiple streaks throughout the day to achieve a higher score together? What’s better than two people wanting the same thing and going after it? Absolutely nothing!

PS: Highest Snapchat Score and how to increase your Snapchat score?

Snapchat is a very fun app and by its unique dynamics, it has caught a storm in the social apps. It is the most used app when it comes to snaps and stories. Even though other apps offer the same features, it still stands their ground and hold a special place. Snapchat’s audience is relatively young and the excitement and charm run in them. So, when it comes to challenges like these, they know how to have fun while they get through them.

Achieving the highest score is a very simple yet smart task. You must be doing all of the above in one way or the other, but having appropriate knowledge of the algorithms of the app makes it more convenient. Snapchat is all about sharing without talking. And the more you share, the more you rise. Try to interact with friends uniquely and find people who share similar interests.

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