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Can You Delete or Unsend a Message In Snapchat?

by Aamir Kamal 14 days ago in how to

Can you unsend a message on Snapchat? If I delete a message on Snapchat, can the person still see it? A detailed step-by-step guide.

Can You Delete or Unsend a Message In Snapchat?
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Snapchat is a very versatile and different social platform as it introduced a new form of communication to its users. New ideas are always welcomed by people and when it works in their favor, they cling to them. Social media connects people throughout the world and helps them interact with each other. There are both pros and cons to the usage of social media and Snapchat operates differently to cater to the concerns of the users.

Privacy comes first for users and Snapchat priorities that. Along with the timed snaps and videos, you can also send messages that disappear after they’ve been opened. Not just disappear, the messages can be deleted too if they haven’t been opened yet. Snapchat provides users with the luxury of undoing a text if they ever regret what they just sent. But there are a few technicalities that should be kept into consideration. Else wise, a message sent is a message received and read.

Deleting Messages on Snapchat

Snapchat has kind of acted as a trendsetter and trend changer in a few features such as timed snaps, screenshot notifications and undoing sent messages. When it comes to sending messages and snaps, Snapchat gives the users the luxury to delete the messages once sent.

But there are a few conditions attached to that. The message shouldn’t be opened by the receiver yet. The receiver will be notified of the deleted message but won’t be able to see the contents of the message. But if the receiver has already seen the message and you then delete it, they would be able to see both the message and the deletion notification both. Either way, they will be notified.

Deleting Multimedia Snaps on Snapchat

In the case of multimedia snaps, you can delete them too after sending but you need to be cautious as multiple snaps take time to be deleted. Unless you are sure the person won’t be opening them, don’t attempt to delete them. If you have shared a snap with multiple friends, it could be hard to delete too as you would have to open each conversation to delete the snap. It often happens with the streaks and users are unable to un-send or delete all of the sent snaps in time considering the number of people it was sent to.

Notification of Deleted Messages

If you delete a message on Snapchat, the user is always notified. Snapchat has different features and privacy is always a main concern on the app. The users are always notified when someone takes a screenshot, records their stories, saves or un-saves a text, and even deletes a text message or a snap, either photo or a video.

Things to Keep in Consideration before Deleting a Message on Snapchat

  • There are going to be risks involved when you attempt on deleting a sent message on Snapchat. The direct messages are easier to delete and could be safer if done within seconds of sending.
  • There is a pro attached to deleting messages on Snapchat and that is the hidden contents in notifications. It eventually buys you enough time to realize if you want to un-send the message. The name shows in the notifications but the content of the messages does not.
  • When the message is sent, the receiver is immediately notified. If you have deleted the message, it takes milliseconds for the message to disappear from Snapchat’s servers. After it has been deleted, the notification will lead the receiver to the conversation but the message won’t be displayed to them. Instead, they will see a faded text saying the user has deleted a chat.
  • However, there are a few android tools that can be used to still see the contents of a deleted message but that entirely depends on the person you are sending it to. Most people don’t invest themselves that much into tools and hacks but for the ones who do, you have to be careful. Considering the free availability of such tools and hacks, it is quite common for people to be using them.
  • The most important thing is to always think before you speak or type your mind. Social media has made even discreet thoughts very open to people and it could get hard to control the damage once it’s done.
  • Always be careful around such mediums. Proofread your messages and when it comes to photos and videos, always take enough time to edit them as it gives you room to rethink whatever you are about to send.
  • When it specifically comes to Snapchat, use multimedia snaps more than direct messages as there are two benefits to it. Firstly, it helps you increase your snap score, and secondly, it gives you room to edit and rethink the content before you send it.
  • When you are chatting with a friend on Snapchat, you also get to know if the other person is present in the chat window at that time. If they are present, then there is a hundred percent chance they are viewing every text firsthand. If they are not present in the chat window, then you have time to delete the message. The bitmoji of the receiver is displayed on the chat window just above the text bar which will tell you if they have kept the chat window open.
  • When you are in a conversation with a person on Snapchat regularly, you get to know their texting mechanisms and timing. Observe and give yourself a supposed time for them to be viewing your chats. Always follow that timeframe if you have to delete a message. Suppose, you give yourself 10 seconds before they open a text, always try to react in those 10 seconds. Read, proofread, delete, and poof, gone!


Snapchat is a very versatile medium and it has surely moved a few trends around. When it comes to privacy, it protects its users and gives complete room for discretion. Where there are tons of pros considering privacy, users suffer at the hands of notifications.

Snapchat notifies the users of almost everything. If you are taking a screenshot, the user will be notified and if someone is taking a screenshot of your chat, story, or streaks, you will be notified. See, it protects the rights of both parties at hand. The same is the case with sending direct messages and snaps.

The users are notified immediately. It’s only beneficial to delete a message when it’s still unread. The moment the receiver opens the message, there is no use deleting it. You can still delete the message but the contents will be shown to the user beforehand. All in all, you have to be considerate of the time before attempting to delete a message.

All things considered, it is a pretty great feature that lets you un-send a message. It doesn’t matter if the user sees that the message is deleted. What matters is that you were able to hide what needed to be discreet. It’s a wise tool and should be treated wisely.

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