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How to get fame on TikTok

Get famous on TikTok

By Queen anonymous Published about a month ago 3 min read
How to get fame on TikTok
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I want to share with you my secrets to become a successful TikTok influencer, and the benefits.

Why would you want to be a TikTok influencer anyway? Because you can actually make money and receive products for free. Who doesn’t want free products and some extra income ?

To start, you will have to atleast have 1000 followers to go live, once you go live you can start earning through gifts 🎁. If you are not familiar with this, gifts are sent by viewers on your TikTok live through their wallet. Although you don’t receive much from each gift alone, they do add up, and it’s consistent if you have quality and entertaining content.

Another perk is getting free samples. When you think of samples, it sounds like you'd get a small amount of shampoo to try one time, but that’s not the case with TikTok. You can receive all full-size samples from TikTok once you reach 5000 followers. You have to make videos of the products you receive, but you get to keep the product and get a commission if people click your video and buy it.

There is even more; you can also get money through subscriptions. People can choose to subscribe to your TikTok, they get to choose how long they want to subscribe, and they pay the amount you choose to charge. You actually only need 1000 followers to do this.

You can also get the creator rewards program, which honestly doesn’t pay much, and you need 10,000 followers to apply. TikTok gives you money for 1-minute videos based on the amount of views. They have a lot of rules about it though, one of them being that there can’t be music playing in the video.

You can also receive video gifts but what I have found is not a lot of people send video gifts, it’s rare. You also have to have 10,000 followers to get this perk.

There is also work with artists. I found this one to be very picky and challenging. It’s the least likely to get you anything because you have to have a lot of views on the video and there are so many people applying for it.

Now you are probably wondering what you should do to get there, right? It’s actually very simple, it just takes consistency. First, you need to post every day if you have under 1000 followers because it’s going to be harder to gain followers this way since you can’t go live yet. Make sure you're posting videos with good lighting and with quality picture. I try avoiding photos in a video because it just gives off no effort and is boring. Keep the photos for Instagram, not TikTok. Do put a profile photo of yourself. You are more respected when you have one, and it shows that you're a real person. You must post a video every day around the same time. For example, you can post a video every day from the window of 3:00pm to 4:00pm. To be honest, they don't even have to have hashtags, as long as they are quality and consistent. Be creative, but don’t use AI or too many effects because people can tell you are using it, and it gives off bad quality.

All this advice will get you to 1000 followers quickly. Another thing that helps is going on other peoples' lives and commenting. Some people see your comment, and they may find it interesting and will follow you. Coming back to the profile picture advice, this is also crucial because people who find you attractive in the comments will click on your profile and follow you.

Eventually, you get to 1000 followers, and then what? You're going to go live now. It may sound a little scary at first talking to many people watching you at once, but once you do it, it’s not that bad. This part is very important, going live is what’s going to get you many followers flooding to you. It’s also very important that you show your face. If you do not show yourself in live video you will not receive as many watchers or followers. It’s also less respectable and not as entertaining if you're hiding. Be kind and greet everyone. People like feeling included. It may even help you if you learn other languages so that way you can interact with people from other nationalities too. Go live consistently and keep posting for the maximum results.

Very soon you will get to 5000 followers and then 10,000 and so on. It’s simpler than you think. Just provide quality content, be consistent, and be open-minded.

Thank you for reading ♥️ 📖 hope this helped.

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