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Common mistakes on Reels play Facebook

how not to get restricted from earning on Facebook

By Queen anonymous Published about a year ago 3 min read
Common mistakes on Reels play Facebook
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These are common mistakes that can get you restricted from Facebook reels play, which can limit your earnings. I am taking this knowledge from my own learning and mistakes, so you won't have to lose your earnings.

What is Facebook Reels play?

Facebook Reels play is one of the few ways you can earn money on your facebook page. There are 4 ways you can start earning money on Facebook: Stars, In-stream Ads, Subscriptions, and bonuses (Reels play). Today we will only focus on the Bonus reels play of meta monetization.

Things you should avoid:

1.) Original music in the background:

If you choose to post a video with music, do not use the music in the background of the video. Instead, mute the video and add a song from Facebook's song options. If you do get any sort of flagged video on your reels play bonus videos list, do delete that video. Unfortunately you cannot go back and change the music videos on the video once it has already been uploaded. It's better to be safe than loose your pay for a month or two.

2.) Tiktok or Instagram watermarks:

If you have any video that was uploaded to Instagram or TikTok, and you saved that video, then you uploaded that saved video on to facebook you will get flagged for it. This one is non-negotiable, you will get a violation for unauthentic content even though it's a real video of you, only because it shows that little logo of TikTok or Instagram on the sides. If you do not take down the video immediately, you will stop earning right away, and if it's too late, you don't get monetized again for 30 days or more.

3.) Alcohol or drugs in video:

If you post anything with drugs or alcohol, even if you are not consuming them yourself in the video, you will still get a red flag for this. Not only are you violating the Reels play bonus rules, but you are also going against Facebook community standards. There is an even bigger chance of losing your bonuses for a longer period of time because of this.

4.) Videos that are not yours:

This one is pretty obvious and shouldn't be done regardless out of respect. Plagiarism is illegal and can also stop you from earning money on those videos. They may even get taken down.

5.) Paying someone or a promoting agency for views:

You are not allowed to pay or bribe something or someone to get more views on your reels, if you are monetized. It may seem like a good idea, but it's like cheating. Your views have to be authentic. Best way to get more views on your reels is to share them to groups in common or create content that people can relate to or connect with.

If Any of these reasons have already happened and you stopped earning, there is still hope. You can appeal a video, or just your bonus reels page, there is still the possibility that they may not even look at it, and you won't get pardoned. You can always try, it works sometimes, however it won't work if your violation was up about 3 days, and you didn't remove the video when it was flagged. even then, there is still hope that you can get your reels play bonus again, it will take 30 days or more, sometimes even months to get it back. In order to speed up the process, keep posting reels consistently and make sure they are not going against policy standards. The more views you get on your reels, the better the possibility of getting back into bonus reel play.

Good luck on your journey of being a Contant creator, I hope you earn lots of money, and that it all goes smoothly. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps somebody. You can subscribe to see more content like this.

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