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How AIOps (Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations) help in improving IT operations effortless?

Big data + Machine learning = Successful IT Operations

By Sun TechnologiesPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

AIOps is the future scope of innovation, designed with multi-layered technology to enhance IT operations using Big data analytics and Machine learning. Integration of Machine learning and Big data on AIOps process to successful IT operational tasks.

Big data + Machine learning = Successful IT Operations

AIOps hold Big data by gathering heterogeneous data from various IT operational app devices to encounter issues in real-time scenarios that automatically produce accurate outcomes with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, which drives robust enhancements for organizations.

AI Components:

• Data selection: AIOps sorts the data elements pointing to the problem from hassle data collected from the environment.

• Pattern Discovery: Categorizing and indexing the relevant data elements for descriptive analysis.

• Inference: Identifying the primary sources of the problem occurring for further resolution.

• Automation: Automation made the creation of fast solutions automatic in processing the responses accurately.

• Collaboration: Working collaboratively among appropriate organizations and preserving information for future diagnosis of similar situations.


• Removing noise distractions to concentrate on goals.

• Corresponding data across numerous sources.

• It speeds up conclusion and goal times, limiting disturbance to client


• Reusing data elements and recognition of the main cause for problems.

• Ability to reduce costs by making devices detect problems on their


Present usage of AIOps Technology:

Organizations have large IT environments facing complexity issues.

Companies with broad IT environments spanning numerous technology types and experiencing complexity and scalability difficulties are among the adopters of AIOps. This technology may make or break your company's success when your business model relies significantly on IT. Despite being in distinct industries, these firms have a common size and drive change. The increased need for business agility increases the requirement for IT agility.

SME Cloud-Native

AIOps are also being used by small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs), particularly those born in the cloud, which requires constant and rapid software development and deployment. AIOps enables these SMEs' SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) teams to continuously improve their digital services while avoiding bugs, malfunctions, and outages.

Organizations with hybrid cloud environments

The benefits of moving workloads to a public cloud platform are widely recognized, but there are still compelling reasons to maintain some apps and equipment on-premises. As a result, many firms are dealing with hybrid environments, providing their IT operations difficulties. AIOps assists Ops teams in maintaining control over these environments and providing service assurance by providing a holistic, complete picture across all infrastructure types and assisting operators in understanding relationships that change too fast.

Organizations undergoing business transformation

The digitalization of business operations to make the company more efficient, flexible, and competitive is digital transformation; it is at the core of digital transformation projects and must work at the speed required by the company to avoid becoming a bottleneck, inhibiting the attainment of larger goals. AIOps assist IT in providing the technical support needed for successful digital transformation projects by automating IT operations and minimizing faults that impair these digitized processes.

Why are AIOps essential for Organizations?

AIOps solutions improve the visibility of IT environments that are becoming more temporary, heterogeneous, distributed, and hybrid. They collect data from various tools and systems and stitch it together to provide focus and context when problems arise. Among the numerous business advantages are:

Improvement in Reliability and availability

AIOps solutions reduce noise and assist DevOps, SRE, and IT Ops teams in detecting incidents earlier, allowing them to fix problems before they affect customers.

Reduction of Operating Costs

While there are several ways AIOps solutions can save money, increasing headcount is among the most difficult. Manual incident management is time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, organizations try to solve the problem by increasing headcount as complexity and data volumes increase. AIOps reduces the number of alerts significantly, provides actionable insights about incidents, and automates workflows. This enables organizations to improve efficiency to maintain a flat headcount, reduce the number of escalations, and reduce downtime.

Improved Employee Productivity and Experience

Employees suffer from pager fatigue and constant firefighting. It diverts their attention away from what drives the business, and places will create tensions. AIOps automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing employees to concentrate on what is essential and gripping, thereby increasing employee satisfaction.

Final Thoughts:

As AIOps is presently demanding various organizations across the globe, organizations will massively depend on AIOps.

Sun Technologies enables you to design and deploy applications across multi-cloud architectures and current IT infrastructure. In addition, our AIOps solutions create new IT operations efficiencies by delivering centralized insight across all environments, allowing your operations teams to identify issues and manage events quickly.

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