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Cold Soul.

By Zainab NoorPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Emotionless person don't know how to feel. They actually deprive their emotions that much that their comes a time in the end when they don't know how to feel emotions, they just know that what the emotions are or they just know the definition of emotions.

There is a person I know who just got freak me out when I pay attention to his/her behaviour, as I study psychology so I don't take much time to analyse a person, I can identify anyones interests, desires and fears with in the first meeting. I can easily gain anyones trust by just spending apart of time with them.

The person I am talking about is very emotionally intelligent and know when to express emotions. He/she just use his/her intellectual and emotional intelligence at the same time. He/she is well aware of every single human trait and body language there is no way that anyone can hide their true selves from them. They just know how to express true emotions with their experience of living with humans. They know how to control expressions. But they don't hurt anyone, once someone asked them that you value humans too much. They replied: " No, I just value their emotions." Then the person said:" I only value my emotions and my self not anyone else I don't care, if they hurt me then they deserve to be get hurted back." They replied:" You value humans that much that you can accept punishment for yourself in replace of hurting them, I don't value them that much that I accept punishment for myself as much as the feather of a fly." I was just shocked that how can someone be so emotionless, then his/her all behaviours just start making sense and everything about them got clear to me.They are just the most dangerous person with high E.Q and I.Q level I ever know.

They never think humans as valuable creatures to them.

I don't metion their name in this story. But I can tell you that the person I am talking aboot is me and this all is based on a true story of my life.

The things we say and do based on our internal self who we really are and this is the thing we have to pay attention on.

The person like that may suffer from some serious psychological disturbances and in this type of cases they must seek professional help. It is advisible to seek professional guidence. If you notice this type of behaviour in your surroundings or in yourself then consider seeking professional help.

The opposite of introverts are extroverts they enjoy gatherings they are confident and talkative type of persons. They are outgoing and they love to explain their selves. They always fun to be with like introverts are boring to be with unless they get comfortable with you. It is funny to know that extroverts never make an introvert friend. They adopt introverts, like parents adopt children they adopt introverts. Introverts are calm and possesive type of friends and extroverts are jealous, reactive and possesive type of friends. The thing we have to do in their friendships is to understand them and live with them according to them. Introverts usually have trust issues and it can be difficult to gain their trust, they never easily trust anyone. In order to gain their trust we need to fulfill the demands and clear their guts to be trusted. This is all we need to do be a friend with an introvert. We have to respect people and their respective natures and love them as they are. This can be world changing if everyone start respect and love everyone as they are.

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I write articles on medium since 2023 https://medium.com/@itsmezaininoor.2708. I am also a professional graphic and logo designer on gumroad, payhip and others. If you have a team in which a logo/graphic designer is needed contact me.

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  • Saima kashifabout a month ago

    It is a serious topic which you choose to speak over and it is nice to speak on these types of topics and the person you are speaking about is seems too cool😂.

Zainab NoorWritten by Zainab Noor

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