Craziest Things You Can Buy on the Dark Web

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These are just a few of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web. Be prepared to be weirded out.

Craziest Things You Can Buy on the Dark Web

The dark web is a shady part of the internet that standard search engines can't find. For sale on the dark web are assorted goods and services you'd have a hard time finding in even the furthest corners of the regular internet. Originally developed by the US government, the Dark Web has become an unregulated market where people can buy just about anything, provided they know how to find it.

Other than the obvious big sellers such as drugs, guns, and unspeakably horrific videos, what are the craziest things you can buy on the dark web? Now, this is all varying degrees of illegal depending on who you ask. So, if you're in the market for any of these items, be warned.

And, if you're simply just curious, this list will help you avoid the potentially dangerous journey into the underbelly of the internet.

Social Security Cards

There are plenty of stolen Social Security cards on the dark web, and better yet, these ones come with a credit score of at least 750. You wouldn't want to get your hands on a stolen Social Security card and realize you still have the same, shitty credit score, would you?

The dark site is called Black Bank, and they don't even charge for shipping on these babies. This one is dangerous, and one of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web.

Netflix Accounts

What kind of deadbeat can't shell out ten bucks a month for Netflix? You'd be surprised, as stolen Netflix accounts are a hot item and you can get them for as little as a dollar. Theoretically, if the person never cancels their account or realizes somebody is using it, you could binge watch for years.

As far as craziest things you can buy on the dark web can go, this one is the least harmful or potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. But still, get your own damn account.

Fake Passports

You can get fake passports from pretty much every nation in the world on the dark web. This one is dangerous in the wrong hands, and one of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web — think terrorism.

It's possible to buy fake papers on the regular internet, so you might not need to search the depths of the dirty internet for them, but why risk being seen? For reasons like this, fake passports have become something of a dark web staple.

Fake College Degrees

Want to beef up your credentials and impress people who walk into your office or den? Get a degree from anywhere you want: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc. You can even get your fake degree framed. Now, people can always look further into this, and find out pretty quickly you never went to Harvard, but still.

This one is rather harmless as well, at least when thinking of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web. Also, it kind of reminds me of something our own president might even purchase.

Plastic Explosives

It's possible to get your hands on plastic explosives via the dark web, things like C-4. Scary to think of something like this getting into certain people's hands — one of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web.

Who knows what the quality is going to be, and hopefully, the majority of the plastic explosives out there are duds. That being said, you never know, and it is possible for people who are looking to do harm to get their hands on some.

Stolen Uber Accounts

Free rides! The dark web sells Uber accounts linked to stolen credit cards, convenient for those who don't want to pay for rides but also want to avoid the authorities. Uber claims there haven't been any breaches, but c'mon, it's Uber.

Allegedly, you can buy a bunch of bundled accounts for one low price, so if a few don't work, you're not completely shit out of luck.


Yes, spirits. The spirits and ghosts of deceased children can be bought on the dark web for a small fee — really? Who is worth what? How is any of this determined? I'm not sure that really matters all that much, but this is definitely one of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web.

This falls in the category of something you never knew needed a market, and yet it's out there. Also, how the hell does one know when they received the spirit they paid for? How can a man, presumably in his basement, come into such great power like the selling of spirits? I'm just saying, people "buy" these.


There's a lot of debate around this one, some people think it's mostly cops looking to entrap people, while others think it's kids messing around. Well, for the sake of argument — and because they are listed on the dark web — let's suspend our disbelief and live in a world where we can buy a hitman on the internet.

You can go to the assassination market and hire a contract killer, but will this "killer" have the skills to get the job done? Hard to say, making this one of the craziest things you can buy on the dark web.


Uranium, the kind that can be used to make atomic weapons, can be found on the dark web. As dangerous and dire as this may sound, it's highly unlikely that anyone could buy enough to weaponize it, or even have the means to — still, it's uranium. Also, it's possible to buy it other ways, but a likely terrorist would rather hit the black market to avoid detection.

Worst case scenario, this is the scariest item on any list of craziest things you can buy on the dark web.

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