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Worst Dark Web Sites

Rumors abound about the Dark Web and the horrifying things you can find on there. These are the worst Dark Web sites that are rumored to exist. (Trigger Warning)

By Joshua Samuel ZookPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

The Dark Web has become a place where horror stories are born. Throughout the net, you can see rumors about sites that the Dark Web allegedly contains — and occasionally, screenshots that confirm that these sites are real.

Because there are so many organized crime groups on the Dark Web, it's obvious that there will be moments where people who get too far into that world will end up finding some pretty terrible things. Most of these instances could even be made into horror films — they're that bad.

The following sites are considered to be the worst Dark Web sites rumored to exist. Whether they're real or not may be debated, but the fact that people claim to have seen them is terrifying enough.

The Cannibal Cafe

This is one of the worst Dark Web sites that has been confirmed to exist, and it became pretty famous thanks to the "Cannibal Cop" news story involving a former NYPD officer who was allegedly planning to kill and eat his wife.

As the name suggests, The Cannibal Cafe is a web site that is devoted to people who want to eat other people — as well as people who want to be eaten.

Many on the site claim to have killed, cooked, and eaten others. Several pages also detail how to properly prepare human flesh, and how to find someone to eat.

Obviously, how honest the posters are is debatable, and the police officer who was tried for planning out his cannibalistic attack actually eventually was let off the hook by claiming that it was online fetish role-play. For some users on The Cannibal Cafe, it most definitely is just a role-play site. But for others, well, it's hard to tell.

Even if they are lying, the fact that this website exists is terrifying. As of right now, it's one of the worst Dark Web sites that police have confirmed to exist.

The Cruel Onion Wiki

Warning: If you're an animal lover, you will find this post to be insanely disturbing.

According to one user on Quora, The Cruel Onion Wiki is a Wikipedia-like site that allows users to post them abusing animals online. As you can imagine, videos and photos that are posted on this site are very graphic — and may even be sold for profit.

This is one of many sites on the Dark Web that allegedly is used for people who enjoy extreme zoosadism, a fetish that makes people sexually excited when they torture animals. Among people who are empathic and care for fellow living, breathing creatures, these kinds of sites are the absolute worst Dark Web sites imaginable.

Besa Mafia

If you have read articles about Silk Road, then you may have already figured out that drugs and graphic videos aren't the only things that are allegedly sold on the Dark Web. A number of sites that offer black market trading also offer hitman services.

That's right, if you want someone to die, the Dark Web can allow that to happen. One such site, Besa Mafia, allegedly allowed people to hire hitmen to take out any rival they wished — as long as they paid the price to do so.

However, Besa Mafia was allegedly shown to be a hoax site. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't hitmen-for-hire sites on the Dark Web that aren't hoaxes. If anything, the fact that there's so many rumors of real sites that supposedly offer this service on the net makes it even more alarming.

Though hoax sites might not be the worst Dark Web sites you could find, the possibility that you might end up stumbling upon the real deal may make you think twice about ordering services.

Peter Scully's Red Room

Without a doubt, the worst category of Dark Web sites involve red rooms.

If you have read Dark Web horror stories before, then you already know what a "red room" is. If you don't, then you'll be shocked to find out that red rooms are websites that allow you to witness someone being raped, tortured, or killed for a price.

Up until recently, people assumed that red rooms were little more than urban legend. Unfortunately, a sicko by the name of Peter Scully proved that red rooms are real — and that they are, in fact, on the dark web.

According to police statements, girls as young as 18 months old and as old as 12 were raped, tortured, and even killed on live camera for his Dark Web red room site. Some of the girls were even forced to dig their own graves.

So far, police identified at least eight victims and believe more may have been harmed. Due to the horrifying callousness and cruelty displayed towards victims, and also due to the fact that Scully's site was confirmed as real, it's safe to say that his was one of the vilest and worst Dark Web sites in history.

The Human Experiment

The Human Experiment is a website that allegedly involves real human experimentation — specifically, of the torture variety. People who are captured and taken to this red room site are allegedly tortured through a variety of different methods, all to see how long people will survive.

Pregnant women have had bleach injected into their stomachs, people get vivisected, and some just get starved to death. This site has become so well-known, it's part of internet horror culture at this point in time.

Much like other sites on this list, it's assumed to be a real website with hoax imagery. Even so, we're putting it as one of the worst Dark Web sites we've heard of — just in case it's not a hoax.

Silk Road

To many Dark Web users, Silk Road isn't actually that bad a site. Most people say that it's just a drug den.

After all, the drug trade will go on regardless of what the government may want to have happen. In terms of drug trading, Silk Road is generally considered to be acceptable and not that shocking when compared to other stuff on the Dark Web.

The problem with Silk Road is that it's not just a drug den. Other things get traded on that site as well, including videos involving rape, molestation, or even bestiality.

Additionally, people who have gone on Silk Road and similar black market sites have said that it's really easy to get personal identification and credit card info off of Silk Road. So, there's also the issue of internet privacy, too.

This is why Silk Road ends up getting the reputation as one of the worst Dark Web sites out there — and why almost everyone in law enforcement agrees.


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