Breakthrough Business Technology that is here to stay

There are some exciting innovations coming soon

Breakthrough Business Technology that is here to stay

We live in an ever quickly growing world that is racing forward and an impossible speed that we are always adapting to keep up. Think back 10 years ago. There are things you use every single day that are less than a decade old. Inventions like the Ipad, Lyft and Uber, Most social media platforms, Slack, Airbnb, Instapot, Venmo and more. Mostly of these things are now used by most of us every single day but had never been heard of only a decade ago. Everything is racing forward quickly and there are a few breakthroughs that are proving they will become one of these new common place advances.


One of the easiest examples is 5g. We have probably all heard about the roll out of 5G across America and the world. This 5th generation of mobile internet connectivity will allow for hyper-fast download and upload speed and the most stable connections we have ever experienced. Mobile 5G was first available in 2019 but it is vastly overpriced and is only limited to use in some areas. 2020 promises to be the year when it becomes the new norm and is used by everyone. In a business sense this will allow for increased bandwidth which enables machines, robots, vehicles and more to process and transfer more data at once than they ever have before.

More things- as- a – service

You have probably heard of SaaS products. Which stands for Software as A Service. If you aren’t fully aware of what that is think of products like Adobe Photoshop, Slack, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, SalesForce, DropBox, and more. SaaS products are here to stay and only getting more and more relevant. They are valuable because most people can benefit from custom software but can’t afford to build it. This same business model is evolving with other services other than just software creation. Most notably IT as a service (ITaaS) and artificial intelligence as a service (AIaas).

ITaas is growing in need and popularity in the business world because while IT is undeniably important, a tiny minority of people in a business know how to fix anything in the IT department. Things like backup, recovery, cloud infrastructure, security assessments and more. This is much more cost effective instead of hiring a whole team on site, you can have them on an as needed service.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most transformative evolutions of our time. Many diverse sectors and industries are applying artificial intelligence to make new breakthroughs, however, it is extremely expensive for most businesses. Because of how expensive it is as-a-service platforms are beginning to start making templated AI services to solve common problems. These are started by companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft and are growing quickly.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is an umbrella term encompassing all emerging technologies creating immersive digital experiences. In more common terminology this refers to virtual reality (VR), Augmented (AR), and also Mixed Reality (MR). Virtual reality is fully digitally immersive experience usually using a headset. Augmented reality is an overlay of digital imagery onto the real world, usually used via smartphones. The most popular use of this is Snapchat filter in everyday use. Mixed reality is an extension of AR which allows users to interact with digital objects placed in the real world. This is where things will hopefully move in the future. This doesn’t have many applications yet because it is very advanced, but it is coming quickly. Think of being able to play a holographic piano placed into your room via an AR headset.

There are many applications these technologies could have. One popular one is that people are using immersive extended reality technology to teach language learning. Immersion is the best way to learn a language and that is easily done through extended reality.

The world marches forward at an ever-faster pace. There are truly exciting prospects that we can enjoy within only the short coming months or years.

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