New Technology That You Didn’t Think You Would Need

Advancements are happening quickly and it is impacting your daily life and can make it much more effective and efficient.

New Technology That You Didn’t Think You Would Need

As technology goes pushing forward there are new break throughs that are impacting our daily lives. There are a few technologies that people are using every single day that are quickly gaining traction.

Home Tech

There are a few break throughs in technology that are being used in people’s homes every single day. One of those is the temperature and position adjusted bed. There are now beds out there that will adjust halves of the bed to different temperatures. It is a huge complaint that people have, one partner likes to sleep very cold and the other prefers a furnace when they sleep. Lots of mattresses are beginning to install this capability. It also had size adjustment for each side and even a massage feature as well. Most of the mattresses are now offering zero gravity mode which was originally developed by NASA and is considered to be the most comfortable position for the body to be in.

There is also a rising piece of technology called Snooor which sticks to your forehead and will vibrate and gently beep till you move to an optimal position in which you will not be snoring anymore. It has shown great promise and lots of people have been really interested and it has made a lot of people sleep really well.

Food Technology

There are a few different food-based technologies that are improving how people are eating and preparing food and eating food. The only cordless heated lunchbox is now on the market and it is awesome. With this modern technology you can set a time for when it will heat up. This way you don’t have to use communal microwaves. This way the moment when you are going to eat, it is hot and ready. Not only that, you can put frozen food in it and it will heat it back up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and it can be controlled from your app.

The Sous Vide has been a revolutionary update in cooking meat. The age-old problem with cooking meat is that it has required a heat source. Most heat sources are helpful but also harmful at the same time. It usually has to come from one place and cannot be moved. Sous Vide solves this problem. You bag your raw meat in a plastic sealed bag and then put it in a regular plastic bin, the Sous Vide heats up the water and cooks the meat dry but on all sides at the same time.

Work Tech

There are a few simple technologies that are making a huge difference for businesses. One of them is a digital document signing software. Most companies have started to move to more digital products. Contracts can be long and tedious but with this new technology it can be shortened and linked out to official sources that make it much simpler.

Smart business cards are a new innovative networking tool. If you have ever been to a networking event and or gotten to run into someone that you didn’t expect to meet but you really want to get to know, but you don’t have any cards on you. That is unfortunate and hard. There are a few good solutions. The digital business card is eliminating this problem. They have developed actual physical cards that when pressed up against a cell phone with blue tooth enabled. It will automatically create a new contact in their phone and send a text to your own phone so that you have that information. They also have the same program in your phone, so you don’t even need a card, just open up the app and it creates a contact on their phone. This is much simpler.

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