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Bitcoin Can End World Poverty

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Third-World Countries

By Missy ConleyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - December 2017

I bet you're saying to yourself, "What the heck is she talking about?" Allow me to expand your perspective. I am what most people would call an extreme optimist. I choose to view my reality through the filter of absolute magic. I don't spend my time and energy hoping and wishing that something amazing is going to change the world. I KNOW something amazing is changing the world right now. Miracles are happening all around us and you can see them if you turn off the news. The media likes to program your filter with negativity, then you're so busy focusing on all that icky crap that you never wake up to see and enjoy all the beauty and positive things going on in the world. We still love them anyway. :) God love 'em.

I want to tell you about a theory that I came up with based on some things that I came across lately. It was a total fluke, but that's what makes it so fun! Okay, so one evening my husband had a show on that I had never seen before. It's called The Auto Firm and it's shown on the Velocity Channel. These guys are the best at taking a stock vehicle and customizing it to the mind-blowing specifications of the client. These guys are taking this all-terrain vehicle and completely blowing it out of the water at the request of Akon. Yes, Akon the hip-hop artist. The question that was on my mind was why would Akon be doing with such a pimped out ATV? They went on to explain that Akon started his own company that's bringing electricity to fourteen African countries. He's utilizing the technology of solar panels to provide electricity for people who have never had it before. The website is here is if you wanna check it out or support him.

Immediately, my brain went into overdrive. I thought to myself, what's going to be immediately on the heels of electricity? The internet! Immediately on the heels of the internet? Smartphones! People in countries who had never been able to offer their handmade goods can begin to sell items from the palm of their hands. They don't have to have a bank account. They can use Bitcoin! The smartphone becomes their own bank in the palm of their hands. For that matter, there's a video I saw online where Bitcoins could have helped out a lot. If you're curious, give it a quick watch and see how EASY it is to help people out in other countries! This guy thought someone was trying to scam him at first. Wait until you hear what happens.

So after watching that, how do you feel? I really want to help other people in other countries to stop suffering needlessly and begin to know their self-worth and that everyone matters! Every life is valuable and worthy! One of the best ways to do this is through supporting and investing in cryptocurrencies. This avoids all the excessive fees of using companies that price gouge on all the fees that they charge just to send money around the globe, as in the video above. It also avoids banks making money off your mistakes. No more bounced check fees, or late fees. If the money is not there, you can't spend it. The blockchain technology is much more secure than one institution having millions of people's sensitive information all in one database. That's a little more complicated to explain. You should watch the Bitcoin documentary on Netflix and it gives you the whole rundown on it. The basic concept is that the only information shared outside your own home computer is a few digits of your assigned wallet number. You can choose the wallet that you feel comfortable using, or if you use the link below, you can set up the wallet and purchase Bitcoin in less than 10 minutes, then you're in.

You may be wondering why mainstream media and publications are putting the fear of God into you about investing in Bitcoin. Can you still make money off of it, or is the big boom is already over? Let me give you my explanations then you can decide for yourself. I am an optimist, but even more so, I am a realist. I know in my heart from the last couple of years that most giant corporations' focus is on their bottom line, not the well-being of the people. Take the Epi-pen, for example. The CEO was profiting millions herself, and she still made excuses, shitty ones at that, about why Epi-pens just had to sell for over $650. Sorry folks, that's called greed. There's no heart or caring in those kinds of intentions.

Let's see, why would banks try to make you fearful of using Bitcoin? Because they want you to keep your money in the banking system so they can continue to price gouge you with unnecessary fees that they just make up out of nowhere! Not to mention, when you put your money in their institution, they can re-invest it and make profits off of it themselves and only pay you a small percentage of what they truly made. You really don't know where your money goes once you deposit into the bank. No one really does, except the guys at the top of the pyramid.

As for making money off of it? Okay, think of it this way: an astonishing amount of countries and people still do not have access to electricity on this great planet of ours. An estimated 16 percent of the world’s population — 1.2 billion people — still don't have access. That's a lot of room for growth. A lot of people that will still be getting on board in the long run. For every person that invests in Bitcoin, the value increases. Hell, get in long enough to pay your house or your car off, then get out if you want! But this boom is just getting started, baby. The world is changing whether the banks like it or not.

I have this funny feeling that we only thought we knew what freedom felt like. There's no freedom in being smothered in debt and financial hardship, folks. This train is just now leaving the station, and you've got plenty of time to come aboard. Just sit with it for a minute, you've got plenty of time. Anyone can grow abundance. Hell, maybe the old adage was wrong. Maybe money does grow on trees, after all.

Much love to you all.


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