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Best Apple Watch Bands to Buy in 2018

Apple Watch bands allow you to transform your practical sports watch into a luxury fashion statement. But which are the best?

By Adrian ScottPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Finding the best band for your Apple Watch is a fun way to express yourself. It can be either used as a fashion statement or a practical sports accessory. But with the popularity of the Apple Watch, since it's one of the best smartwatches to buy, comes lots of brands jumping on the bandwagon to produce their best accessory. Among all the Apple Watch bands of 2018 on the market, I have chosen the best of the best, no matter your needs. Which fits you and your lifestyle the best?

This band is for the outdoorsy people who still want to rock the watch with a bit of style. This is created to fit the Apple Watch Series 2, which is described to be a superior sports watch. However, it can also fit any 38mm Apple Watch.

This band is incredibly easy to wear. Its magnetic technology allows the watch to be easily placed and secured all day long. Plus, there is no buckle needed. Just stick the watch into the band, and lock! The wrist strap is also infinitely adjustable, which makes for great comfort and flexibility.

To continue my sporty trend, you can't go wrong with a simple rubber band. This sports band is made of high-performance custom fluoroelastomer. As one of the top Apple Watch bands on the market, the simple design appears elegant yet sleek.

With a comfortable material, it fits snugly, almost like a second skin. Plus, the innovative pin-and-tuck closure will keep the watch secured to your arm all day long. Take it running, hiking, or just around the house. Plus, it's supporting a good cause; (RED) products fight for ending the AIDS crisis.

Nike has teamed up with Apple Watch to create one of the most impressive bands on the market. Featuring a breathable and lightweight product, their Nike Sport Loop is designed specifically for someone with a sporty lifestyle.

And don't worry, pink isn't the only color. It also comes in black, green, and red. It also features a hook and loop fastener for easy application and quick adjustments. Stay comfortable all day and look stylish while using the best apps for Apple Watches in 2018.

This is one of the most stylish Apple Watch bands, moving our list into the more fashion-centric options. From the front, it looks like a simple brown band. But on the inside, it features a bright pop of blue.

Sleek and simple, this band is stylish without being too loud. It is suitable for the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. Plus, it features a signature logo-engraved clasp for easy adjustment and a simple design.

This is one of my favorite options, but I have to admit, it's not for everyone. Featuring a chain design, the bracelet is created with high-shine polish, creating a very sophisticated way to rock your Apple Watch.

Created for the 38mm watch, the chunky chain is a statement maker. It will transform your watch into a fashion item for the day and will work perfectly as an added accessory for a nighttime look.

Okay, I lied, this has to be my favorite among the best Apple Watch bands. Kate Spade produces some of the most beautiful designs, and this watch band is no exception.

She has come out with an entire line of Apple Watch bands, but this was my personal favorite among the group. Featuring a beautiful multicolored floral scene, the silicon strap is timeless. It also includes a stainless steel buckle for an easy and durable application. This will effortlessly complete your outfit.

I couldn't create a list of the best Apple Watch bands without mentioning a simple stainless steel expansion band. However, this isn't any ordinary bulky silver band.

Created by Speidel, the band will last you a lifetime. But that's not even the best part. The expansion range is up to five inches, allowing you to easily put it on each time, without having to struggle with a buckle. It will also protect your watch without a doubt, providing durability and flexibility.

Back to a sporty look, Doria also has one of the best Apple Watch bands for outdoorsy people. Perfect to wear through a workout, this is advertised as an active watch band for a reason.

The tough materials of the watch will endure throughout your active lifestyle. This includes a soft silicone wrap, which will comfortably sit on any wrist size. Plus, the dual-color band allows you to portray a bit more personality than a basic black rubber band.

I love this design for many reasons. It's edgy, but not too loud. The camouflage is not bulky or overpowering and looks great with the rose gold watch, featured above. On top of being stylish, the watch band is also thick and sturdy. If you're not into getting one of the best military smartwatches on the market, this works just as well.

If camouflage is not for you, I would highly recommend checking out the rest of Casetify's designs. They are unique, stylish, and durable. You'll find complete confidence in rocking any of their designs throughout the day.

Last of the best Apple Watch bands, Mkeke's band is certainly not least. For an extremely affordable price, this watchband fits any Apple Watch Series 1/2/3, Sports, and Edition versions. It looks sleek and can match virtually any outfit for both men and women.

This is made of 100 percent premium soft to genuine leather. It is extremely comfortable and stylish, without being over the top or bulky. It also has anti-slip and sweat absorbency. Plus, it has a one year warranty for an unconditional refund for quality problems.

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