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5 factors that influence field service customer satisfaction

by Eworks Manager 2 months ago in apps
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Factors that influence your field service company's customer satisfaction

Every field service company should be focused on improving customer satisfaction, and the first step to successfully doing this is understanding what influences your clients' happiness.

We've highlighted the importance of customer satisfaction, how to measure it, and identified the top factors that influence customer satisfaction in the field service industry.

Why customer satisfaction is important

How clients feel about your brand can influence word-of-mouth marketing, customer retention, and your brand image. Satisfied customers are more likely to become brand loyal and help you attract new customers by sharing their experiences with friends and family. When there's a lack of satisfaction, your customers may leave your business for your competitors and share their bad experiences with others. Improving customer satisfaction can help you build a loyal client base and boost your reputation, giving your business a competitive advantage.

How to measure customer satisfaction

Collecting feedback can help you determine how happy your customers are and give you a clear idea of what you can do to improve their satisfaction. You can use marketing emails and SMSes to share surveys with them. Both methods offer a simple, efficient way to collect data from customers as they can complete the survey in their own time. Clients often share feedback on live chat, so you can review previous conversations to measure customer satisfaction. You can also ask for feedback at the end of the chat by sharing a short survey, asking them whether they'd recommend your service to others. The downside of using live chat to collect customer feedback is that users may not be interested in completing the survey if they're in a hurry.

Factors that influence customer satisfaction

Now that we've explored why it’s important, let’s look at the top factors influencing customer satisfaction.

Customer service response time

Response time is one of the most crucial elements of customer service because clients expect immediate responses to their queries. Slow response times make customers feel overlooked, and they'll question whether you value them. Waiting for an answer or a callback is also inconvenient for them, and if you can't offer a simple, convenient service, they'll search for it elsewhere. If you can improve your response time, you can keep customers happy. One of the best ways to improve your response time is to manage all your queries with one platform. Help Desk Software is the ideal solution for this. Your clients can log tickets on the system, and your team can prioritise complaints and queries and respond as quickly as possible.


Customers won't return to your business if the quality of your service is poor and doesn't meet their needs. It's especially crucial in a competitive industry like field service, where they don't have to look far to find a company offering the service they need. The best way to measure your quality is to ask customers for feedback regularly. You may think you're still offering a high-quality service, but at the end of the day, those using your service are in the best position to evaluate your business objectively.


Pricing plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. If your prices are too low, people will assume your quality is inferior. Low prices can also affect your profit margins, and you may struggle to cover your costs. If your prices are too high, you may deter customers. It's essential to strike a balance between low and high pricing to keep customers happy. If you decide to charge more than your competitors, you need to offer something they can't to retain customers and keep them happy.


With effective communication, you can understand your customers' needs and provide a service that offers a solution and keeps them happy. Communication is also essential for problem-solving. With clear communication, you can find out why your customers are unhappy or what their query is to solve their problems promptly. You can make it easier for your technicians to learn more about a client's query with Help Desk Software. Once a customer has logged a ticket, your team can send them a questionnaire to get more details, so they can see the whole picture and find the right solution.


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