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And The New Computer

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
My Computer Saviours


Yesterday I took delivery of a new (refurbished) computer that you can see below:

This is also post number 1985 so it is an excuse to include the closing song from the album "Band On The Run" by Wings.

This is about the apprehension, delight, trauma, worry, and eventual outcome of the new computer.

Hello Computer

While I knew I needed to get a new computer, the perceived financial outlay was really putting me off. Then I saw the desktop units on Amazon for around the hundred-pound mark. They were reconditioned but with Windows 11 Professional and a solid-state drive, so it would be a case of unplugging the cables from my old unit and plugging them into the new unit and that should have been it.

Well not quite.

The unit came boxed, and delivered at the specified time.

I had backed up my data, so was ready to go. I had ordered a copy of Microsoft Office 2021 because I do still use Excel, and Word is handy, and Access can be useful. Powerpoint is still a pain.

I got the unit out and then realised that my old unit and the new unit use different power connectors. That was not an issue because a power cable came with the new unit.

So then it was a case of connecting my external hard drive and, the routers and other things including the Bluetooth mouse/keyboard connector, then just the screen to connect via the HDMI cable, which is universal isn't it?

Well not with this Dell unit.

It has a VGA connector so I thought I could use that. I was sure I had a box of cables but I think I eventually threw them out because I would never need them again.

This is the connector that I needed

Note the odd-shaped connector on the left-hand side. I knew I could get that tomorrow from Amazon, but have a great electronics shop round the corner "Fenham Fones & Computers" so thought I would check them as they have loads of things in.

I showed them the thing above but they didn't think they had one, but I noticed a VGA-HDMI cable which I thought might suffice while I waited for the cable from Amazon. I paid for the cable and took it home and cut it out of its shrink-wrapped plastic packaging and plugged it in.



And Nothing

I had a feeling it was HDMI -> VGA rather than two-way

I took it back to the shop and asked if they had anything VGA - VGA.

The guy said "I don't know but we have this"

He showed me a cable which was effectively just what I needed.

He told me it was the same price as the one that didn't work, so I got out my card, but he said it was fine. He exchanged the cables.

They don't have a web presence but I would recommend them to anyone.

So got home, plugged the cable in and it all worked (at last).

The speed compared to my previous box is phenomenal.

It's now a case of getting my data on to the new box and sorting out the software that I need to make it worth the investment.

This was the first Vocal Story I created on the new computer:

I was slightly disappointed with the visual poem image but I am still getting to know Windows 11.

A new computer does require some time investment but probably not as much as you might think.

I hope you have found this an entertaining way to pass your time

Thank you for reading.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock2 months ago

    Ah the memories it brings back. The laptop I'm on is only about two years old but it won't be long.... Congrats on getting it up & running & I've enjoyed both these stories you've produced on it thoroughly.

  • Lacy Loar-Gruenler2 months ago

    A fun read Mike because we have all been there. When mine doesn't work as expected I start pushing all the buttons in a panic, but at least you know what to look for and how to fix it!

  • John Cox2 months ago

    Great read!

  • I know Excel, Word and PowerPoint but I have no idea what Access is 😅 So glad you were able to get the cables exchanged!

  • Julia Schulz2 months ago

    I'm writing on a refurbished old Dell Desktop with Windows 10 and a limited Wordpad. I'm definitely tech-challenged! Nice piece of writing.

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