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14 facebook apps most people don't know about

14 Facebook apps you probably don't know about

By Aymeric DelaplacePublished 10 months ago 12 min read
14 facebook apps most people don't know about
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Facebook owns a number of apps that most people don't know about. There are apps to help you find a job, find new friends, do your shopping on Facebook and much more. Did you know you can buy and sell items on Facebook? You can also keep in touch with the people you met on your travels around the world.

We'll be taking a look at 14 Facebook apps most people don't know about.

Facebook ads manager

Facebook has a ton of apps you might not have heard of. The company has acquired over 200 companies since it was founded in 2004, and many of those acquisitions have resulted in the creation of new Facebook apps. We looked at the list of all the apps that were created as a result of these acquisitions and put together this list of 14 Facebook apps most people don't know about: Facebook Ads Manager This tool allows you to manage your ads account, view performance metrics and adjust your ad campaigns.

It's available to anyone with an ads account, but it doesn't offer any new features that aren't already available through the main Facebook app. Facebook Audience Network (FAN) FAN lets advertisers extend their reach on mobile devices by using Facebook's ad network to display ads outside its own mobile apps.

The ads are displayed on websites and apps that participate in FAN, which includes content from some news organizations such as The Washington Post and Fox News. Advertisers pay based on impressions rather than clicks or conversions. Facebook Atlas Atlas helps advertisers use third-party data to build custom audiences for retargeting campaigns on Facebook's site and mobile app.

Facebook analytics

Facebook owns a number of apps that let you interact with your Facebook friends in new ways. Some of them are more useful than others, but they all help make the social network more powerful. Here's a list of some of the most popular Facebook apps that you may not have heard of: Facebook Analytics This app lets you track how your content is performing on Facebook.

You can see how many people have interacted with it, when they did so, and what type of device they used to view it (e.g., desktop computer or mobile phone). Facebook App Center The App Center lets you find and install official Facebook applications directly from the web interface. It also provides a way for developers to promote their apps directly through Facebook and track how well they're doing in terms of downloads and usage.

Facebook Atlas Advertising Platform Atlas is an advertising platform for mobile developers looking to distribute their apps through Facebook or any other third-party store. It includes features like ad measurement, analytics and reporting as well as tools for building ads that run within other apps instead of inside Facebook's own app environment.

Facebook blueprint

Facebook Blueprint Facebook Blueprint is a free online course that teaches you how to create a Facebook page and optimize it for conversions. The course includes nine modules with video tutorials, case studies and step-by-step guides. Facebook Mentions Facebook Mentions is a premium service that lets celebrities and public figures manage their Facebook presence.

It's essentially a business version of the regular Facebook app, but with more features like a dedicated inbox for messages from fans and followers, advanced analytics tools, and a team of people who help you respond quickly to important messages. Facebook At Work Facebook At Work lets businesses build social networks for their employees.

It's similar to the regular Facebook app but has extra features like private messaging, enterprise security features like single sign-on logins, data encryption, etc. Facebook Lite Facebook Lite is an optimized version of Facebook designed for people with slow internet connections or devices with limited storage space such as older phones or feature phones that don't have access to 3G networks or 4G LTE/WiFi networks yet.

Facebook business

These are the 14 Facebook apps people don't know about Facebook owns a lot of companies, and it's easy to forget about some of them. Some of these apps are used by millions, others see only occasional traffic. But overall, they're all important parts of Facebook's growing empire. Facebook Audience Network The Audience Network is Facebook's ad network.

It lets advertisers put ads on other websites and mobile apps outside the social network. The goal is to let companies reach their customers wherever they are. Facebook At Work This is a business version of Facebook for companies that want their employees using the same chat apps, groups and messaging features used by consumers.

It also comes with built-in apps for things like expense reporting or finding new employees. At Work is available as an app on Android and iOS devices as well as in a web browser version at work.facebook.

Facebook creative hub

Facebook is the world's largest social network and it owns a bunch of other apps that you may not know about. Here are 14 Facebook owned apps that most people don't know about. Facebook Creative Hub Facebook's Creative Hub is a resource for designers and developers to find inspiration, get support, and learn best practices for using Facebook APIs to build great products.

It has two main parts: design resources and developer resources. Facebook Camera Facebook Camera is an app that lets users upload photos directly from their iPhone or iPad camera roll to their Facebook account. Users can also add effects and filters from within the app before posting. The app was released in August 2017 as part of a larger push by Facebook into photo-sharing services like Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook Groups Facebook Groups is an app that allows you to connect with groups of friends who share common interests or hobbies — it's like having a private message board for your friends! You can create your own group or join one that already exists (like our group!

Facebook gaming

Facebook owns a number of apps and services, some of which are pretty well-known and others that are less so. There are also some apps that aren't really Facebook products but use data from them. Here's a list of the Facebook-owned apps you might not know about: Facebook Messenger - This is the messaging app that lets you send messages to friends and family, as well as make voice calls, video calls, send stickers, emojis and GIFs.

You can also use it to play games with your friends. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. Facebook Pages Manager - This is an app for businesses to manage their presence on Facebook. You can post updates and photos directly from this app as well as respond to comments from customers.

The app is only available for iOS devices at present but an Android version is in development. Facebook Groups - This app helps users organise themselves into groups based around shared interests or activities (such as charities or sports teams). Members can chat privately with each other inside the group or post publicly for everyone to see (making them appear in News Feeds).

Groups can be public or private; they're like mini-communities within Facebook itself!

Facebook local

Facebook has its own app store, in case you didn't know. It's called Facebook App Center and it's a little treasure trove of quick links to all of Facebook's apps and services. Facebook App Center is available on Android, iOS and the Web. There are around 40 different apps listed, including some that are more than likely new to most people: Facebook Local: This is an app that lets users find local businesses near them.

It's also integrated with Uber so you can hail a ride right from the app. Messenger Lite: If you're looking for something lightweight and simple, Messenger Lite is just that — a simplified version of the Messenger app that leaves out all non-essential features so your phone doesn't get bogged down by unnecessary data usage or processing power.

Orbit: This virtual assistant lets you search for things like restaurants, movies and TV shows without having to leave Facebook itself. It even automatically suggests things based on your interests, so if one day you type "Star Wars" into orbit's search bar, it'll know what movie franchise you're talking about next time you use it again.

Facebook marketing partners and preferred marketing developers

Facebook is a powerhouse in the social media world, but there are some apps that most people don't know about. This list of Facebook apps includes some you've heard of, like Messenger and Groups, but also includes some lesser-known apps that can help you manage your business better. Facebook Marketing Partners and Preferred Marketing Developers Businesses who want to target ads on Facebook can do so through one of two programs: Facebook Marketing Partners or Preferred Marketing Developers.

Both of these programs allow businesses to target their ads based on demographics, interests and even location. They also allow you to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences (groups of people who resemble your customer base). Facebook Credits Facebook Credits lets users purchase games and other applications within the Facebook ecosystem using real money instead of in-game currency.

You can purchase credits by credit card or PayPal account if you don't want to use real money on your Facebook account. The program allows developers to earn up to 30 percent more revenue per transaction than they would otherwise receive from virtual goods sales alone because customers are already making an investment before purchasing anything at all.

Facebook media solutions

Facebook owns many apps that you may not even realize are owned by Facebook. Here's a list of some of the most popular Facebook apps and why they're so important to the company. Facebook Messenger: This app was originally created to help people communicate with their friends and family over SMS, but it has more features than just sending text messages.

Users can send images, videos and voice notes to their friends as well as play games together. The app is also used for payments through Messenger Bots. WhatsApp: The messaging app has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it one of the most successful messaging apps ever created.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and remains independent from its parent company despite being integrated into Facebook's social network. Instagram: Instagram is another major success story for Facebook, with over 500 million active users each month posting over 95 million photos each day on average according to Statista data. The photo sharing app has become so popular that it's now being used as an advertising platform by many businesses around the world who want to reach new customers using visual content instead of text-based ads like banner ads or sponsored posts which appear in your news feed when someone you follow shares them or likes them on Facebook itself.

Facebook mentions

There are a lot of apps on Facebook, but many of them are fairly unknown. Let's take a look at 14 of the most popular apps that you might not know about. Facebook Mentions Facebook Mentions is a feature that lets high-profile people (such as celebrities) interact with their fans and get real-time feedback on their posts.

It's similar to Facebook Live in that it allows users to post live videos and respond to comments as they come in. But unlike Facebook Live, which is available to anyone with an account, Facebook Mentions is limited only to public figures who have been verified by Facebook. They can also use the app to schedule posts ahead of time and respond to questions from fans during live video streams.

Facebook Messenger Kids If you're worried about your kids spending too much time on their phones or tablets, Facebook Messenger Kids might be a good solution for you. This app is designed specifically for children under 13 years old and allows them to chat with friends and family members through text messages or video calls for free — no ads or in-app purchases required!

You can even manage your child's account through a parent dashboard so you can see what they're up to at all times if needed.

Facebook pages manager app

Facebook owns a number of apps that are not commonly known by its users. These include Facebook Pages Manager and Messenger Lite. Facebook Pages Manager app The Facebook Pages Manager app is designed to help you manage your Facebook page, especially if you have multiple pages. The app allows you to schedule posts, check on the performance of your page and edit your page settings without having to go through the website.

The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, but it does not support all features found in the web version of Pages Manager. For example, it does not allow you to edit the title or URL for your page. Messenger Lite App Facebook Messenger Lite is a lightweight version of its popular messaging platform that was launched in 2017 as a way to reach out to people in emerging markets with low-end devices or unreliable internet connections.

The app offers a stripped-down interface that uses less data compared to other versions of Messenger because it does not support videos or voice calls, among other features.

Facebook newsroom app (press room)

You may be aware of Facebook's many apps, but did you know there are 14 Facebook apps that most people don't know about? It's true. In addition to the usual suspects like Messenger and Instagram, which have been around for years, Facebook owns a variety of other apps that you can use on both iOS and Android devices.

Fb start program (mobile dev)collapse section

Facebook owns more than a hundred apps, but many of them are so obscure that even most Facebook users don't know they exist. Here's a look at 14 of the most interesting apps that Facebook owns, including some that are surprisingly useful: Fb start program (mobile dev) Facebook's open platform lets developers use the social network's data and infrastructure to build apps for non-Facebook users.

These apps are known as Facebook Platform Apps. The company also has an incubator program called Fb Start which provides resources for developers to build their apps and make them available on Facebook. Here are some of its best apps: Facebook Stories - The company's Snapchat clone was a flop when it launched in 2018, but it's still around and growing.

Instagram Direct - Instagram Direct is still around because it's one of the best ways to communicate with friends on Instagram, especially if you don't want your followers to see what you share. It looks like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp but with stickers, messages and photos instead of text-only messages.

Facebook Camera - This app lets you take photos with filters or add effects like masks and stickers before sharing them on Facebook or Instagram.

In conclusion

No matter what kind of apps you like to use, chances are that Facebook owns an app that does the same thing. If you have an account on the world's largest social network, it's practically a given that you will find at least one app there that you can't live without.

But have you ever wondered if there are other apps from Facebook? There are many, and we have compiled a list of popular and interesting ones for your convenience. They range from fun games to useful applications for organizing your life and staying connected to your friends.


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