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12 apps that make roku the new center of television

Roku has created a new way to watch television. Twelve apps make Roku the center of your television viewing experience.

By Aymeric DelaplacePublished 2 years ago 8 min read
12 apps that make roku the new center of television
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Have you recently plugged in your roku and wondered what apps are available for it? We've featured a lot of different streaming devices on our blog. However, these devices were all meant to share one thing in common: the internet. In other words, there was only one app that made the device shine — and that was a Streaming service or music service {Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora}.

The Roku, however, has its own list of apps called channels that don't necessarily stream videos or music, but can add some interesting functionality to your television experience. Today we're going to dive into this world of tv apps available at your fingertips.

Roku media player

Roku is a media player for your TV. It's a box that connects to your TV and lets you stream content from the internet on your TV. It's not a box that allows you to download or play games, it's just a way to watch movies and TV shows from various channels.

There are many different channels available on Roku, but today we're going to talk about some of the best ones. We've also included some tips on how to get these apps on your Roku device. Roku has an amazing library of apps that will help you find exactly what you want to watch.

You can browse through thousands of titles, including music videos and live sports events, as well as view trailers and read reviews before deciding which movie or show to watch next. Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services available today. It has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide and offers more than 1 billion hours of content per month across 190 countries around the globe.

It's also available in 4K resolution at no additional cost! If you love watching movies and TV shows then Hulu is another great app worth checking out!


Roku has become a go-to streaming device for many people. It's affordable and easy to use, and since it runs on the Roku OS, it offers access to thousands of channels. But what if you're looking for something more? The Roku platform has plenty of hidden gems that can help you get the most out of your streaming device.

Here are 12 apps that will transform your Roku. Watchespn (free) If you're looking for a way to watch live sports, this app is for you. It allows you to watch any games from major networks like ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports without paying for cable or satellite TV.

PlayOn Cloud (free) This is an app that lets you stream videos from your computer onto your TV using your Roku device. It's a great way to watch content from websites like YouTube without having to sit at a laptop all night long! Yidio ($4 per month) Yidio is an aggregator that collects all kinds of movies and TV shows from around the web and puts them into one place so they're easy to find again later on.

Hulu plus

The Roku streaming player has long been the best option for people looking to stream content without the hassle and expense of a monthly cable bill. But it's always been missing one key feature: a comprehensive app store, like those found on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. That was until this week, when Roku announced its new Roku Channel Store, which is set to launch in May as part of an over-the-air update.

The new store will let users browse through hundreds of apps and add them directly to their Roku device with a few clicks. The new channel store will include apps from many of the biggest names in video streaming, including Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Showtime Anytime (which already work on Roku).

It also includes some less obvious choices — such as Watch ABC and PBS Video — that are bound to be welcome additions for cord cutters who want access to network shows without having to pay for cable.


Roku is a streaming device that allows you to access over 500,000 movies and TV shows. You can use your Roku to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and much more. Here are 12 of our favorite apps that make Roku the new center of television. Netflix If you're going to get a streaming player, it's hard to do better than Roku's premiere service partner: Netflix.

The company's app is highly functional, with easy access to search results and new releases. It also has a great feature that lets you resume watching where you left off on another device — even if it was on your phone or tablet. Hulu Netflix isn't the only streaming service with a great app on Roku.

Hulu has an excellent app as well, which includes access to live TV streams from local broadcast networks (in select markets). It also offers something called "My Stuff" — an easy way to track all your favorite shows so that you can quickly find them in one place.

Amazon instant video

Roku's streaming video player has always been a solid, affordable option for those looking to get their shows and movies onto their television. But with the introduction of the Roku 2, Roku has expanded its focus beyond just being a streaming box. Now, it's also a hub for apps. The Roku 2 features an onscreen menu that allows users to browse through channels like Netflix and Hulu Plus as well as games, music services and more than 100 different channels of free programming.

With this menu, you can easily jump from one app to another without having to navigate through your cable provider's menu system — something that can be especially handy if your cable provider has terrible navigation tools or lousy search capabilities. Roku has already signed deals with Amazon Instant Video, VUDU and Hulu Plus; Pandora is coming in November as well as Slacker Radio and NPR News.

And although it's not yet available on Roku 2 devices, HBO GO will be coming soon as well (it's already available on other platforms).

Hbo go

The Roku is a great device for many things, but it's best known as a streaming video player. That's what most people think of when they see one, anyway. But there's so much more you can do with this little box. With the right apps and add-ons, your Roku can become the center of your home entertainment universe.

Here are 12 apps that make Roku the new center of television. HBO Go If you want to watch HBO shows on your TV but don't have cable, this is a must-have app. It gives you access to HBO content both current and past, including Game of Thrones and Westworld.

And if you subscribe to HBO through an ISP or cable provider that offers HBO Go as part of its offerings, you don't even need to pay extra for it — just enter your credentials when prompted by the app and start watching.


Roku is a streaming device that allows users to watch movies and TV shows. The Roku stick comes with a remote and can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. There are many apps available on Roku, so it’s easy to find what you want to watch. Here are 12 of the most popular apps on Roku.

Vudu The Vudu app lets you stream movies, buy them and rent them. You can also download some of the content to your device for offline viewing later. Vudu has thousands of titles available, including new releases and classics. It’s also a good choice if you want to watch movies without cable because it offers more than 100 channels of streaming TV.

Hulu Hulu is one of the most popular video streaming sites out there today and its app is available on just about every device imaginable, including Roku devices. If you want access to all the latest TV shows from ABC, NBC and FOX as well as past seasons from Netflix shows like “Breaking Bad” or “House of Cards” then this is the app for you!


Roku is a streaming media device that can be used to watch television shows, movies and more. While you can use your computer or mobile phone to watch videos on the Roku platform, it's much more convenient to use a remote control. The Roku remote control allows you to easily search for content and make selections without having to enter text with your fingers or make gestures on a touchscreen.

With so many apps available for Roku, there are many ways to make your device even more useful. Here are 12 apps that will help you get the most out of your Roku: FandangoNOW: This app lets you rent or purchase movies and TV shows on demand, so it's perfect for those times when you want something new to watch but don't want to spend hours searching through Netflix or Hulu Plus.

You can also access local movie theaters and purchase tickets directly through FandangoNOW. HBO NOW: If you subscribe to HBO through cable or satellite TV, this app gives you access to all of its original programming without needing any special equipment beyond your Roku device and an internet connection. In addition to series such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, HBO NOW also offers live television coverage from around the world.

A&e app for roku

If you're not familiar with Roku, it's a set-top box that allows you to stream Netflix, Hulu, and other channels to your TV. It's an affordable alternative to cable and it lets you watch your favorite shows on demand. But what if there was a better way to use your Roku? Here are 12 apps that make Roku the new center of television.

A&E The A&E app is free and it offers up content from all of the A&E channels. You can watch full episodes of shows like Bates Motel and Duck Dynasty as well as behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with cast members. The app also has some exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else.

Amazon Instant Video Amazon Instant Video has been around for years now, but only recently did they add support for Roku devices (and Apple TV). Now you can stream any movie or TV show from Amazon directly to your living room — no computer needed! If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you get even more benefits like free movies and TV shows every month as well as access to Amazon's Cloud Player music service.


Roku is the leading streaming player in the market, and it's easy to see why. It's a powerful device that can do so much more than just stream Netflix and Hulu. The Roku 12 is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market, and for good reason. The Roku platform has always been a great way to watch both free and paid content from around the web, and now there are more than 8,000 channels available on the Roku Channel Store.

One of the reasons we love Roku is because it has so many great apps.

To Sum Up

If you own a Roku box and haven't used it to its full potential yet, then you owe it to yourself to check the Roku channel store. There are tons of great apps on there, and not just for the big networks. For example, you can access all your locally-stored digital media for watching—and in an even better development, there are now apps for streaming live TV channels like ESPN.


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    Move over, couch potatoes, Roku is here to revolutionize your TV game! With these 12 apps, you'll never want to leave the comfort of your living room again. Abraham may have not invented the TV, but he's certainly making it a whole lot more fun! Time to binge-watch like there's no tomorrow!

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