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10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Smart Lock

Did you know that smart locks can actually control aspects of your house other than the locks? These are the real reasons to invest in a smart lock today.

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

We always want our homes to be fully secured and safe from any intruders entering. When we're off at work, away on vacation, and even in our homes, no one ever expects when a robber or intruder will enter our homes. And it's pretty common, too, these days. Not many people realize this, but house robberies literally happen every day. It can occur at any hour of the day, even in the morning. So, the only way for these intruders to stay out of our homes is by investing and installing in top-quality, amazing locks. Since the world is evolving each and every day, we need to keep up with the technology that will help us out in life. And this includes lock systems for our house. No one should continue using the old-fashioned locks, because it's clear they're not the best anymore.

But what type of locks should our house be secured with? Smart locks! Smart locks are the future of smart home security, because they act like a barrier around our house. With a high-advanced technology system, these smart locks are the best type of security you can install right now. They're very simple to use, but tough when it comes to protecting our homes. If you need a new security system, but don't know where to turn to, these are the reasons you should certainly invest in a smart lock. Trust me, you'll feel so much better when you know your home is secured with an amazing smart home gadget.

"Smart locks" sound like the most expensive thing you can install for your house. But they're actually much more affordable than you think. In fact, there are regular lock systems that aren't in the technology field that are way more expensive... for no reason. Even smart locks are cheaper than those.

As for an awesome smart lock, this one by August is just $149.99! I bet you thought smart locks were a lot more pricer. And the HomeKit Bluetooth Deadbolt Retrofit Smart Lock features everything you need for a home security system. So even though smart locks can perform well, they're still pretty inexpensive.

You can set up a triggering alarm system.

This is probably one of the main features when it comes to smart locks—the triggering alarm system. The whole point for installing a smart lock is the highly-sensitive alarm system that goes off when there's a forced access or access of a wrong code. It's easy to set up, too, and it works exactly to your liking.

While this is one of the main reasons to invest in a smart lock, your house will always be fully secure when you know you've installed a smart lock with an amazing triggering alarm system. Plus, the system can provide you with great information on what’s happening to your house and even contact the authorities for any intruders. Your smart home’s security system can now be at its best with a smart lock installed.

You don't have to use keys anymore.

When you invest in a smart lock, this means that you don't have to use your house key anymore! If you're the type to literally always lose your house keys or leave them inside of your house after you've locked yourself outside... then you should certainly get your hands on a smart lock. Because of the fact that they're the best form of home security, you never have to use keys anymore.

Substituting house keys, you place an access pin code to the lock. So instead of killing yourself rummaging through your purse or bag to grab the house keys, simply punch in the code you set up when you installed the smart lock. And make sure you set up a code that no one will know!

It's much more secure.

Having a smart lock installed in your house is so much more secure than any other security system you can get. There's a lot of security systems out there that don't perform the best or can't even detect an intruder breaking into your house. Since so many of them are so weak, it's not worth installing any of them in your house.

However, when you invest in a smart lock, it's guaranteed that your home will fully be secured. Which means it can certainly detect when someone puts in the wrong pin code or is forcefully entering your house through any entrance in your home.

You can track who entered and exited your house.

Not many home security devices can actually track down who's entered and left your house. In fact, the best system that can do that is a smart lock. But how can it track every single individual coming and going? Each person in the house can assign their very own entry code when entering.

You can also view a log through an app that comes with the majority of smart locks for free. This way, you can monitor who’s entered and even left your house at any time. And so many parents love this feature, because they can see exactly their son or daughter entering the house at what time of the night.

Lock your house with voice command.

Another fantastic feature that comes with almost any smart lock is being able to pick up voice commands. This is really, really useful when you're way too lazy to turn on the lock system physically. Instead, you can use voice command and have the system lock itself. Especially when you're already in bed and more than ready to sleep, but you forgot to turn on the system—voice command is definitely a major convenience.

Among the reasons to invest in a smart lock, we tend to get lazy to turn on the lock system in our homes. Aside from voice command, you can also do this through your mobile device—but we all know voice command is the best and easiest way to do it.

You feel more comfortable and safe at home.

If you live alone or with one other person, there are times when we feel unsafe in our own homes. Even when we have an okay security system, we still feel like that's not enough to keep out robbers and intruders from entering our homes. And you're not the only one who feels this way, especially during the night when we're sleeping. The thoughts can literally fill your mind.

But you never have to worry about robbers forcefully entering your home when you've installed a smart lock. Smart locks are literally the future of home security systems, which means they're up to date with all types of security.

They're difficult to manipulate.

Oh yes, smart locks are really difficult to manipulate. An intruder could never have the ability to surpass a smart lock that's installed into your home. Since they're so advanced and extremely technical, intruders have a high chance of outwitting conventional security systems, but they don't stand chance with these futuristic home locks; that's why you should invest in a smart lock.

The codes that are put into a secure database are usually tough enough that can block out all hackers from getting into the system. And if someone tries to pick the smart lock, this can also trigger the alarm. Overall, no intrude should even bother trying to get through a smart lock.

It has full control over lights, thermostats, and more.

Smart locks don't only have full control over the security system in your house, but other aspects. as well. Have you ever seen a lock system that can control the lights in your house and the thermostats? Not those who own regular lock systems in their homes, because their security systems can only control the locks in the house.

However, smart locks can turn on, off, and even dim the lights in certain rooms in your house. This also goes for controlling the thermostat and turning the air-conditioning or turning off the heater. In most cases, smart locks are seen as the backbone of the house that controls huge aspects of the place.

It overall looks futuristically cooler.

Finally from the reasons you should invest in a smart lock is because they're really cool to have. The idea that smart locks are technology based makes you feel up to date with the security system, and it's true! You're getting the best form of protection for your house that can easily detect an intruder breaking into your house.

And it's super cool to use, too. Especially when you don't have to use house keys anymore, but a pin code where you can swiftly punch in. But the voice command aspect is easily the coolest and most useful feature out of the rest. You don't even have to be near the door to lock the system, but use voice command to order the smart lock to lock itself.


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