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Year 2084 Unveiled

“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” -J.F.K.

By ROME_XCIXPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Year 2084 Unveiled
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It’s the year 2084, Dr. Lenora Mistry has just made a ground breaking discovery. She has finally discovered a set of equations that suggested the fabric of space-time could be manipulated under certain extreme conditions. Allowing theoretical possibility of Time Travel.


(Date: 1/1/2084) (Time: 11:00:01 P.M) (Entry: 1126)

I have worked tirelessly, putting in hours of energy towards this thought of time travel. My TDI is almost complete, it just needs a few more quantum coils that should get it started. These equations should properly place the temporal displacement interface, it just needs to make the localized field fast enough, to disorient the time within its bounds. End.

(Date: 3/14/2084) (Time: 09:33:47 P.M) (Entry: 1347)

These past couple months have been busy. Still got some flickering in the holographic displays, gonna have to fix those too. Little progress on this experiments with the quantum coils. I think its coming soon enough though. End.

(Date: 4/18/2084) (Time: 08:43:24 P.M) (Entry: 1391)

Still Working. Lack of sleep is not helping... End.

(Date: 8/8/2084) (Time: 03:07:29 A.M) (Entry: 1411)

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY! I activated it! The TDI has reacted correctly! Some form of a bubble like mirage emerged, something i have never seen ever in my years working and studying. After years of experiments and refinements its created something right before me. I can't lose this recording. "Alright Focus Lenora", as mother would always say. Look at the shimmering light, it's beautiful. Not enough power! NO! I'm so close an got to keep trying. End.

(Date: 8/8/2084) (Time: 07:03:01 A.M) (Entry: 1412)

Again! The TDI is powered on now, the power grid should stay stable long enough to make the bubble form. I want to take the time to say and listen please, yes i am going to try to go into this mirage field bubble. The reactions could be many, but i have to do this. This is the moment, none other. "Deep Breath", okay Dr. Lenora lets start stepping into it now, here we go, Wo..th.s..i..s..incre..d.b!.......

(Date: 8/8/2084) (Time: 07:06:01 A.M) (Entry: I believe 1414)

I'm back, i believe at least it seems so. No damages to myself. This is definitely my laboratory. My atomic clock yes, yes, wait! According to this i couldn't have possibly traveled back 200 years ago. How could this be? So many equations, so many outcomes, so much to study. It seems as if everything is the way it was before i left. Wait, when did i leave? Yes the past recordings should have kept track for me. "Hello, can I help you?". What, who are you? End.

(Date: 8/8/2084) (Time: 07:06:01 A.M) (Entry: 1413)

If my clock is right, then it was a short trip. However the energy required to maintain the TDI was astronomical. The bubble collapsed quickly after my return. Yes! Time travel is possible! I can't see my current technology capable of sustaining this amount of power long enough to observe the mirage of the other time and place. I am certain i was in the past. All i can recall was breathing and emerging into a whole other atmosphere. An then wagons were moving, dust was everywhere and i could see a small town in the distance. I felt the heat from the sun on my skin, the sound of birds near me. It was a short trip, my years of studying proved to be correct! I did it! End.

(Date: 10/4/2084) (Time: 08:00:00 A.M) (Entry: 1523)

It is time to show the world my greatest successes. My short journey through time is just beginning there is lots of work to be done. Humanity will now stand on the brink of a new era! Now my team an I are now looking forward toward a future where the past can be revisited on a regular basis. I believe with the greater energy resources we could create a stable TDI, an Travel for longer durations. For Now, this will be my last entry for the year. End.


Dr. Lenora Mistry's work opened doors to the unknown about Time Travel. She approached each day with respect, caution, and insatiable curiosity for what lays beyond the tick of the clock. Continuing her hard work and dedications to the science, and discoveries of the years of her studies.


End: Hopefully this was enjoyable!

Be Well. Everyone.

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