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Chronos- In Ancient Greece-

“Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a banana!” -Smite Chronos

By ROME_XCIXPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Chronos- In Ancient Greece-
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

In this perspective piece, I offer a glimpse of thoughts while ruling over the ever-turning wheel of time.

You see as the Titan of time, I, Chronos have had the over seeing cycles of nature and the passage of the seasons. My realm extends beyond mere mortality, for I am the one who controls the ticking of time itself. With each passing moment, I must ensure that the balance of time remains intact lest the chaos will ensue. Within the constraints of time there exist beautiful things, wonders, and endless opportunities. I simply hold the potential for creating, transforming, and the passing of these moments.

This is where I exist. This is who I must be. All because of my two unworthy brothers. We fought relentlessly to control the universes. An I won the battle. Emerging into the guardian of the ages to come. I have great power, I have to remain humble and selfless to ensure all things are working to the greater good. You see, fathering the gods wasn’t long after I won over my two brothers, Uranus(the sky) and Pontus(the sea). Devouring the children I have made is merely an act of mercy. They then would have tried to overthrow my place in time, just like my mother Gaia had done in the past. Only I could be tasked with measuring out the ages to come. Only I have the willpower of time, and existence now.

You see, Time is not a cruel mistress. I see her as a loving companion. Who is providing us with the gifts of all the experiences. Like our living, our laughing, and our learning. An she will take so much just as eagerly, sweeping away the old to make way for the new. This is the dance we share together, between life and death. So it’s our duty to ensure that we move in complete harmony with the natural order of things. Our rhythm of life is watching over the cycle of life, I have come to appreciate the flows of my existence. Seeing the birth of new life, the growth and decay of living things, and the eventual return to dust. I ask myself is this all part of the grand symphony of time? Like the Dance we share, but with the bringing of these new seasons, i then could add some challenges and opportunities! Seasons shall turn, an so too shall the fortunes of those who dwell within my realm! Yes all droughts bring famine, floods bring destruction, and each of the season transitions will leave its mark upon the land and all its inhabitants! Change is unpredictable and mysterious, which reminds me of the interconnections of all things in this realm.

By Timo C. Dinger on Unsplash

I am still ruler over the cycles of nature and the seasons, I, Chronos remain steadfast in my obligation to regulate the flow of time. It is me harnessing this daunting task that needs my patience, my wisdom, and my dedication to the balance of all existence. Yet so the sands of time slowly slip through my fingers, and i find peace knowing that i am Chronos. The one woven from the countless lives and experiences that unfold beneath my eyes, and all things surrounding me.

END: Thank you all for reaching the end of my article on Chronos. I hope this was enjoyable and made the thoughts enter and circle inside. Thank you Vocal for this amazing, easy to use platform to put my hobby out there for readers, and writers alike to enjoy. I want to continue releasing these out for all, Again Thank YOU for reading along!

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