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Why Live and Study in New York?

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By ava rosePublished 5 months ago 4 min read
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New York, the topmost global city in the world, does not need any introduction. This city is a favorite destination of a large number of people from throughout the world. Many entrepreneurs, career-oriented individuals, and international students also visit New York.

Today, New York is one of the most liked cities for higher education. Many students from across the globe like to live and study in New York. The following are the reasons to study and live in New York.

New York Is the Number One Global City and Offers All Facilities

Most of the agencies mark New York as the number one global city in the world. Therefore, the value of getting degrees and diplomas from here is very high. Moreover, students get all the facilities required by them in this magnificent city. As a matter of fact, it is also a subject of reputation for the number one global city to provide every facility to everyone.

Of course, the cost of living in New York is higher than the national average in the United States of America. But, due to the facilities available here, it appears to be low.

New York Is the Topmost Financial Center in the World

New York is also the number one financial center in the world which enhances its significance. It is also one of the reasons why individuals find so many facilities in this city. Besides, it also increases the value of degrees acquired from this city. It also gives golden opportunities to students to meet the top professionals.

There Are Many Big Employers in New York

Being the number one global city and financial hub, New York hosts many big employers in the world, such as IBM, American Express, etc. So, students may get job opportunities in the big global brands, which is very good for their future careers.

New York Is One of the Cities Which Offer the World’s Best Education

It is necessary for the prestige of the number one global city to offer the world’s best education. Therefore, it is one of the cities which offer the world’s best education. It comprises one of the world’s best education systems.

Degrees and Diplomas Acquired from New York Are Recognized Around the World

Degrees and diplomas acquired from the universities in New York are recognized by most employers in the world. If you get a degree or diploma from New York, you get a guarantee to get weight age in your profile.

You Get Preference by Many Employers Across the Globe

If you have studied in New York and got a degree/diploma from here, you get preference from many employers in different parts of the world. Even, in your home country, sometimes, you may get preference from employers.

There Are Excellent Arrangements in Student Accommodations in New York

When you book student accommodation New York, you may get a complete package of basic and luxury amenities. Student accommodation properties in New York have study features like study rooms, study desks & chairs, broadband or Wi-Fi internet connections, etc. You may also get libraries in some accommodation properties.

Besides, there are a lot of fun and fitness features here. You can find a swimming pool in many properties. There are also games rooms in some properties where you can play games like table tennis, pool, foosball, and more. You may also find sports courts in some properties for playing sports like volleyball and basketball. Most of the accommodations have smart TVs for students for entertainment.

Besides, accommodation properties in New York have laundry rooms, parking spaces, security features, dining arrangements with cooking appliances, and much more.

You can find two types of accommodation properties in New York: student housing and private apartments. Student housing properties are specially designed as per the requirements of students. The other ones are private apartments which are general apartments meant for everyone and are rented a lot by students also.

There are different types of accommodation units in student housing properties and private apartments in New York, which include:

Shared Rooms: Shared rooms are shared by multiple occupants and the number of occupants may be two or more. Bathrooms and kitchens in these rooms are shared by all the residents living in a room or house.

Ensuite Rooms: Ensuite rooms are designed for those students who want privacy in their rooms along with a private bathroom. Kitchens are shared by all the residents of the house or unit where ensuite rooms are located.

Non-Ensuite Rooms: Non-ensuite rooms are identical to ensuite rooms with the only difference that students are required to use the shared bathrooms.

Studios: Studios are self-contained units where students get private bathrooms and private kitchens. A studio may be available for one or two occupants.

Apartments: Apartments may have one or more bedrooms and one bedroom may be available for one or two occupants. Bathrooms may either be private or shared in apartments. Kitchens in apartments are communal and are shared by all residents.


Days spent in New York are considered lifetime memory by previous students.


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