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What not to miss in London’s 2-day trip?

What not to miss in London’s 2-day trip?

By Oliver WilliamsPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

London is a magical city known for its beauty and many tourist spots. Tourists across the world travel to this beautiful destination to witness the enticing charm of this wonderful place. If you are planning a short trip for two days, London would be the best choice! The place has a vast range of exploration and various other things to do options. For a person who is a wanderer and adventurous and loves shopping, London is the best you have chosen for yourself for two days.

London is filled with magnificent and artistic architecture, history and knowledge. One can enjoy the nightlife in London and can also go on a shopping hunt. Some iconic places in London include Warner Bros. Studios, London Tower, and Buckingham Palace. So, if you wish to don’t miss out on the fun, then quickly opt for Liverpool to London or Birmingham to London train tickets.

Here’s how you can start your two-day trip to London; you just need some comfortable walking shoes that are good for travel.

Day 1:

· Start your morning by visiting Hyde Park, one of London’s royal parks, then walk through Green Park

· After that, visit the popular Buckingham Palace, which is very large.

· You can then visit St James’s Park, with a royal patch of land, and walk towards the Horse Guards Parade.

· Other visits are 10 Downing Street, which is the official residence of the UK prime minister; then comes Westminster Abbey- a popular venue for royal weddings and coronations; next is the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

· London Eye is the most iconic observation wheel in Europe, which has the most beautiful and setting views, so book your tickets now as it can save a lot of time; this area is full of aesthetic cafes and restaurants you can dine in at. Taking a cruise on the Thames River is one of the musts in London.

· The cruise stops at the London Eye Waterloo Pier. Another striking and extraordinary London landmark is the Tower of London: it has a vast collection of thousands of gemstones, and it has the most iconic sight and sense of history. The museum generally closes at 6 pm, so plan the visit accordingly and keep in mind to spend 2 -3 hours extra to watch the wonder.

· Next comes one of the hidden gems of London, St Dunstan in the East: it’s the impressive church with a garden. It is a picturesque place.

· After you visit the church, next up is the Tower Bridge, the most recognizable bridge in the world. You can capture some beautiful pictures from the pedestrian waterside promenade. Take a walk over the bridge, as its impressive structure will please you.

· The Shard is the tallest building in the country, with a dazzling and beautiful night view and day too. It contains the 72nd floor with 360-degree views over London and up to 64 kilometres around the city. You can visit during sunset or even after dark. This place is a must-visit after you’ve seen most of the eye-catching places; choose this as your last one!

Day 2-

· After the most memorable visits of the first day, the second one must be busier and more engaging. London has the best reputation for food and accommodation, so one can travel budget-friendly or overspend it according to them.

· One must start with the famous Trafalgar Square- the heart of London; it is an eye-catching architectural landmark.

· After that, visit the National Gallery if you want a peaceful and quiet experience. It is filled with silent rooms with artistic masterpieces. It has no entry fee and opens early, around 10 am. One can spend hours admiring the beauty of architecture. There’s a little walk away through the north, which is a well-known public place called Leicester Square. It’s a spot worth watching, with cool stores like M&M London and The LEGO store.

· Nearby is the famous Chinatown Gate. Next comes the Covent Garden- the most incredible area in the centre of London. It includes some theatrical productions and street performances worth watching, good cafes and restaurants to hop on and cool shops to watch.

· Anyone visiting London for the first time must visit the British Museum, which has impressive architecture. You can experience going back in time and visiting the future all at once with free entry.

However, here are the best visits and must-watch tourist spots if one plans to explore London for two days. Walking is best if you want to travel or look around the main attractions. If you want to stay on budget, you can opt for cheap train tickets, walk around, or take a boat, as a taxi is expensive.

Furthermore, Most of London’s eye-catching attractions are near each other so you can walk or take a tube. One can use public transport as they are reliable and efficient. Also, choose a budget-friendly stay as you will explore the city rather than stay in. Take a budget-friendly stay in central London.

More than a two-day trip to London is needed to experience the iconic beauties and attractions. Undoubtedly, one would want to come back for a longer visit. With that two-day experience, it will all be worth spending your money, time, and energy, and you will remember it for a lifetime for watching the memorable architecture, eating at aesthetic cafés, and trying out their best food and drinks. London is a dazzling place where one can enjoy itself with the scenic attractions and the overwhelming nightlife, which will be best if you enjoy it fully. Any day spent in London will be worth it, whether it’s a one-day or two-day trip. Make use of it to the fullest.


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