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All Aboard the Festive Express: Exploring the Best Christmas Markets by Train

Exploring the Best Christmas Markets by Train

By Oliver WilliamsPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
All Aboard the Festive Express: Exploring the Best Christmas Markets by Train
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With the holiday season knocking at our doors, you can feel a different buzz and excitement. The snow-covered streets, the twinkling lights, and the aroma of hot cocoa and gingerbread men's cookies fuel the anticipation of this festive season. People everywhere are preparing for the upcoming holiday by decorating, baking, and, of course, shopping.

However, with the sea of cars blocking the road, your quest of hopping from store to store trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones can become quite a daunting task, and the expenses that follow only add to the stress, especially when you do not know where to look. But fear not, as a present to our fellow readers, we will provide you with a solution—- exploring the Christmas Markets by train this merry season. This idea is a foolproof plan to solve all the abovementioned issues.

By travelling to the Christmas Markets on a train, you can save time, effort, and expenses thanks to cheap train tickets. So, put on your exploring boots and hop on this joyride as we guide you to the Best Christmas Markets in the United Kingdom:

Glasgow Winterfest- This Christmas Market, located in the biggest city in Scotland, is the perfect place to experience the joy of Yuletide. The festive and vibrant atmosphere of the Glasgow Winterfest is a Christmas gift galore that beckons shoppers from all over the United Kingdom. Boasting over 50 stalls of independent traders, this market sells everything from high-quality crafts to traditional presents. Click pictures with the massive and majestic Christmas tree that transforms George Square and St. Enochs Centre into a magical dreamland, or hop on the observation wheel for a panoramic view of the city adorned with fairy lights. Thrive in the thrill of Christmas with different fairground rides like the Helter Skelter, the carousel and many more. If you get tired, you can rest your weary feet and refuel with artisan treats and the local street food specialities that will take you on a gastronomic adventure. The market also houses a central ice rink, which adds a special allure to this winter wonderland.

The Festive Fair at the Forum, Norwich- The Festive Fair at the Forum is Norway's largest and most famous Christmas Market, annually attracting thousands of visitors from all over the United Kingdom. It is a four-day festive fair boasting various entertainment programmes such as brass band concerts, dance performances from talented dancers and Christmas Carols, where local singers and the general public celebrate this magical festival harmoniously. The Forum also houses interactive and adorable miniature donkey stalls and an owl exhibition where visitors and tourists can glimpse these mystical creatures showcasing their captivating beauty. Select and shop from a wide range of traders that sell different types of East Angelic arts and Crafts. Within the walls of these tiny chalets, you will find anything and everything— jewellery, textiles, pottery, glassware, woodcraft, art preserves, calendars, cards, chocolates, cakes, candles, brownies—- you name it! If there is anywhere in this world where you can find the perfect gift, it is The Festive Fair at the Forum. Besides these, the Forum is not far behind in its culinary scenes either, offering treats and delicacies such as hot waffles, gourmet doughnuts and many more. Sip on local beer or aromatic mulled wine alfresco, or treat yourself to the speciality of Norway— the Norfolk rum, as you shop for the perfect present for this joyous occasion. The best part of this Christmas Market is that all the event funds go to charity for the ones in need, concerning the true spirit of Christmas.

Edinburgh Christmas Market- If you want a traditional Christmas experience with your family, look no further. Just secure your Newcastle to Edinburgh (Waverly) train tickets and hop on the scenic train ride past the stunning views of Edinburgh Castle and the Scott Monument on your way to the East Princes Street Gardens. This Christmas Market is lined with over 70 stalls of local and international traders selling their handmade crafts. It also holds many family-friendly programs and funfair rides such as the Magical Santa Train Rides, Dodgems, Star Flyer, Techno Power, etc. Besides that, the Christmas Market also hosts interactive stalls like the Christmas pop-up with Santa's Grotto, a Christmas Tree Maze and a Santa Stories event narrated by the man himself, allowing your children to enter the realm of imagination. At the end of the event, the elves hand out presents for a perfect festive day out for the little ones. At the Edinburgh Christmas Market, everyone sings carols together, sends out a message of togetherness, and creates a sense of community and inclusivity for visitors and locals alike, highlighting the real meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

Stratford upon Avon Victorian Christmas Market- Get ready to time travel on a train to experience a traditional Christmas experience in the bygone eras. Watch how the iconic landmark transforms into a winter wonderland during this jolly season. With 300 stalls exquisitely adorned with handmade gifts and treasures, the Stratford upon Avon Victorian Market has been awarded the title of "Best Large Speciality Market" in 2021. Visit this entertainment galore for a feast of senses and an interactive atmosphere, complete with a special touch of the illusion of the past. This Christmas Market boasts shopkeepers dressed in Victorian costumes, roaming Victorian characters, and ancient-looking fairground rides to complement the theme, such as the Victorian Carousel. Apart from this blast from the experience, this market also creates a heart-warming community engagement that stands as a testament to its impact on the local community in honour of the Yuletide spirit. So, hurry up and get your tickets to this Victorian Winterfest without wasting another second.

Now, bringing this comprehensive guide to an end, we part with the hope that you enjoy the hassle-free journey and your experience at the magical Christmas Markets to the fullest. All aboard the Festive Express, where the journey is a part of the charm!


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