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"Silent Longing"


By Md. Shakil KhanPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

What kind of melancholy is this?

Without you, it's emptiness,

So many thoughts in my mind,

Yet it feels so silent!

Why let anger accumulate like this?

Don't stay far in pride,

Turn around and look back,

I'm standing here waiting.

Dressed in your favorite attire,

I'm sitting for a moment,

Calling you with love,

But you're not coming closer.


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Md. Shakil Khan

Don't Trust People,

Who Tell You Other People's " SECRET"


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  • Md. Shakil Khan (Author)7 months ago

    This heartfelt poem reflects the complex emotions of yearning and frustration in the face of separation. The speaker expresses a deep sense of melancholy in the absence of a loved one, highlighting the emptiness within. They question the buildup of anger and pride, urging the other person to reconsider and return. The poignant imagery of the speaker waiting in the loved one's favorite attire evokes a sense of longing and vulnerability, creating a moving narrative of love and longing.

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