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Silent Witness to Unity: Cannibalism.

Horror Story--Episode:01

By Md. Shakil KhanPublished 7 months ago 7 min read
Silent Witness to Unity: Cannibalism.
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In one night, the sound of a scream woke me up. Seeing the fan and the dim light off, I realized there was no electricity. I groped my way down in the darkness and approached the door. The door was jammed from the outside. The girl from work was sleeping with me in the same room. It was unclear in the darkness whether she was inside the house or not.

Previously - When I had learned to understand everything, I used to see that almost every 6-7 months, we would have a new girl working in our house. I had no idea where the previous girls went for a long time. But one night, everything became clear to me. I became acquainted with a world full of violence and bloodshed. That's when I was 9 years old.

My body trembled. From a distance, I could hear the gentle words of my father and mother, as if they were talking about something and laughing together. At the same time, Meyeli's voice entered my ears in a sing-song manner. It was as if the sound carried immense pain, emerging from her throat. I pushed the door with force. My father and mother's voices joined together, coming closer and closer. I heard their footsteps, slowly approaching my side of the door. As soon as they reached the front of the door, they started arguing again, about something. I could understand that my mother was objecting to opening the door and saying that she hasn't seen me like this before. My father was saying that from now on, they should let her see these things and accept them, or else she would object when she grows up.

After a bit of argument and debate, I heard the sound of the door opening. I stepped outside with fear still gripping me. The entire house was filled with my mom's trembling light. In the middle of each room, there was a particular pattern of lit candles. I looked in astonishment towards my father and mother. My father silently went into the adjacent room without saying a word. My father never used to talk about such things with me. That room was also illuminated by candlelight. My mother gently touched my forehead and, pulling her hand away, followed my father into the other room. I stood still for a few moments, staring in the direction of the house. As I entered the house, I experienced a tremendous emotional shock. For the first time, I noticed the blood on my father's hands, on his clothes, and on his face.

Our maid is lying on the floor. The fact that he is not alive is evidenced by the blood flowing from the bottom of his throat. More than half of the floor is wet with his blood. The girl is looking at me with wide eyes, her face is full of fear. Corpse! My whole body started shaking with fear."

I observed my mother and father with astonishment as my father tightly gripped my hand and forcefully pushed it towards the girl's body. With every ounce of strength in my body and mind, I suppressed the scream that threatened to escape my throat. In an angry tone, my father instructed me, "Place your mouth near her neck, my child, and savor her blood." I glanced at my mother, wearing a pitiful expression on my face, but she was consumed by a lustful gaze, oblivious to my presence. My father pressed my head against the girl's neck, causing me to squirm. Despite my resistance, a small amount of blood had already entered my mouth, inducing a wave of sickness that culminated in vomiting.

Father pushed me and sent me to a corner of the room. Jumped on the body of the dead girl at the very moment, as if the mother had been waiting for this moment. He also jumped to join his father. I saw the scene almost merging with the wall of the room. The mother bit the girl's stomach and pulled out the pulse. The father started biting the girl's neck, breast and chest. Chewing the soft parts in the mouth. I wanted to scream again with all the strength of my voice, I wanted to scream stop now.

But I have severe restrictions on speaking. Because they know I'm dumb. If my parents find out that I am not dumb, but can speak, then they will kill me immediately. An unknown female voice has been giving me this warning for many years. So to them I am a dumbass.

I could not handle myself. The girl's body is becoming fragmented. Father and mother are silent in his blood. I ran out of the room and came to my room. I locked the door from inside and got on the bed and started crying with a pillow on my head. I don't know when I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day, I saw that it was early morning. I opened the door with fear and went out. I could not find the whole house, I could not find father and mother, no sign of the maid.

In a moment it became clear to me the fate of the previous girls in our house.

As always the gate of the house is closed from outside so that I cannot leave the house. I came to the window and stood. Nothing is visible except a few trees and a high wall surrounding the house. Those thoughts are playing in my head again. who am i Why are my parents so strange? They are cannibals! Why don't they take me to the outside world! From childhood till the age of nine I never left this house.

The story behind my dumb sentence can be told. I remember a small memory of my childhood, my mother would repeatedly say different words to me and ask me to pronounce them with her. I could understand and pronounce the words. But every time I move my mouth to say the word, an invisible hand grabs my mouth. I can't make any words. Dad used to torture me physically and mentally to speak. But even if I cried, I could not utter a single word.

Again I could pronounce the words comfortably when parents were not present. As they approached me, an invisible hand gripped my face. I remember how loudly my father used to shout at me to pronounce words. I trembled with fear. But I could not pronounce anything. Once they thought I was dumb.

Since my childhood, my parents kept me in one room and slept in separate rooms. I sleep alone at night. Suddenly I felt the presence of someone in the room. A woman's voice spoke suddenly. I shuddered as I realized it was not my mother's voice. The voice just told me, it stopped me from speaking. He is doing this for my good. Because the day I start talking my parents will kill me. I jumped up and lit the torch. But I didn't see anyone in the house.

From then on the often invisible voice suddenly emerged from behind me, warning me in various ways about my parents. They began to imply that they were raising me for some special purpose. i love mother Whatever the invisible voice says, I know he will do me no harm. Even though I can speak because of fear of my father, now I have to act like a dumb one.

All I knew about the outside world was from the maids who came to our house. Mother said little. I have learned a lot by reading several books from my mother's house. They don't know that I can read though. That invisible female voice is my teacher in this matter.

I don't feel like standing at the window anymore. The girl from work is not there either. Very hungry. I don't know when mother will come. Parents are often out of the house all day. I came in front of the dining table. I was somewhat relieved to see a large plate covered with bowls. Mother must have left food. As soon as I removed the bowl from the plate, my throat wanted to scream. But that invisible being grabbed my face. I tripped and fell on the floor. The plate adorns the severed head of the maid. The eyes are still bulging, the face is horrified. Only gurgling sounds came out of my mouth. I buried my face on the ground and started crying.

Mother ran out of nowhere and hugged me. He said worriedly, 'I told you, girl, you haven't learned to speak yet. Just taking such a test with him! He will not tell anyone about us even if he goes outside.'

As I raised my head, I saw the father's angry look at a distance. With this, the father left with the plate of the severed head. I hugged my mother tightly. Mother said, 'Don't be afraid, child. Let's cook you something.' I hugged her and staggered towards the kitchen. Another invisible hand tried to comfort me by touching my shoulder, 'Don't be afraid, baby!'


Written by Masud_Rana

Translate by Turjoy_Shakil


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