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Monarchs & Prime Ministers

Modern Satire

By Matthew PrimousPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Monarchs & Prime Ministers
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It was a time of aggression, a time of preposition and a time of enlightenment. The nation was in its first major crisis since King Mattius took the Birger's Throne. And he was pruned and stubborn and willful. He had many relationships besides his married one. And the public knew but feared the King the Monarch of Bourgnew. Besides many important people and even admirers were having affairs. It was common practice and very notable among powerful men. And just when King Mattius was having one of his numerous affairs. The Prime Minister forcifully broke through and declared that the nation was in a state of emergency. And the King of Bourgnew was very displeased that he threatened to rid the Prime Minister of his job. King Mattius was very acquitant about his affairs. And he did not like meddling of any kind. He was very willfull and he did not like being questioned about his positions or thoughts. And the Prime Minister said If you love this country King Mattius then you would hear to this calling. You would not cower like your fathers and ancestors before you. You will stand for what is right. You will void yourself of these delights that only cloud your judgement. The nation need you and if my head be put on the platter for loving my country then so be it. I have lived long and I have done many things. Sacrifice me for my country. And King Mattius suddenly stop what he was doing and send his mistresses aside and have a private meeting with the Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister would lightly smile because he knew that the King was listening. And King Mattius warned him that if this is one of his plots to take power in the nation then it would be off with his head. I cannot stand for anymore power games. I cannot stand for anymore adjustments to the Constitution and I will not stand for any light crisis. It better be serious and a present certain threat said King Mattius. And the Prime Minister said Let me bring in the experts these are the Napoleonic Times. And King Mattius was shocked and declared that the Prime Minister better tell him everything about this Napoleon. So the Prime Minister brought in all the king's advisors and all the Parliament's advisors. And King Mattius said Inform me of who Napoleon is and what does this man plan to do. And the advisors said that he plan to conquer the world and take Europe by storm. And King Mattius declared enough prepare for battle, find every Allie, every Monarch every Leader we must take this man out immediately. This is my order, a royal decree from the King of Bourgnew the Monarch of Bourgnew. After days of explaining to the King of Bourgnew, Parliament came up with a plan in alliance with the rest of Europe's Monarchs and Leaders. So Parliament waited for news about the French forces under Napoleon. And trap after trap he falter the plans of the alliances and he was coming for Prussia and Bourgnew. King Mattius was worried and did not sleep well. He wanted to know every news about the war, and he did not matter whether it was small or great and he wanted accurate news. Then after months the King of Bourgnew King Mattius received a personal expedited letter from his cousins in England The Messenger read Dear Fellow Cousin I speak on behalf of my father the King of England. Vacate, leave the throne, Napoleon is on his way and he wants each of our heads like he did with Louis 16th. Please dear cousin I could not stand to see that happen to you. You must stand for your beloved country as I. Until then. King Mattius was very upset and disturbed by the letter. And the Prime Minister tried for weeks to convinced him, King Mattius due to the war and lack of sleep was troubled. Then his wife became his rock and she consoled him and convinced him to do it for his family and his country. The Prime Minister said that Parliament is ready for Napoleon's entrance and we are ready to take King Mattius and his Royal Family away to a safe harbor. So King Mattius was encouraged by his wife and the Prime Minister. And King Mattius' family left first and the King left last and he thanked the Prime Minister and said God speed Bourgnew God speed our Great Nation God speed our Return. And King Mattius left after the Royal Household. And the Prime Minister said God speed King Mattius and God speed the Great Nation of Bourgnew. The Prime Minister placed the Noble Margrave in charge and said give them hell then retreat and escaped. Eventually Napoleon was stopped after months and months and years and years of rampaging. The cousins of King Mattius, the King of England being the prominent leaders of the resistance led the other European Royalties and their nations into defeating the dictator Napoleon and everyone was restored to power who had power.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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