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Mayvillanelle: A Mikeydred May Dollar Prompt For All Vocal Creators

Share Your Villanelles And Read Other Submissions

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 21 days ago Updated 21 days ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2024


Every so often I set prompts in the Vocal Social Society and offer a dollar tip to three random creators who take part in it and ask them to share their stories in the comments and on the thread in the group.

This is not official and usually after each one I say that's it, but this is another time where I say, "No, let's have another prompt.

So What's Gonna Happen This Time?

I want you to write me a villanelle, the only theme is the month of May, and I know you can take that in so many directions. I know some of you have difficulty with Villanelle's so I will include my guide with video in case you need any pointers.

A Villanelle is very simple to write with a lot of repetition to emphasise the point you are trying to make.

I will write one myself and include it, but that won't be classed as an entry.

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I know that you are all incredible creative Vocal talents, so get your pens, paper and keyboards out.

The music is the "Maypole Dance" from "Midsommar" that sounds so eerie it could have come from "The Wicker Man".

Take a listen, it may give you an idea or two.

So SHARE YOUR WORK in the comments here and/or also on the thread in the Vocal Social Society if you are on Facebook.

On Saturday 1st June 2024, I will award a dollar tip to three random Vocal Creators who have shared their work here.

The Thread in VSS is here.

This is my example:

My guide on writing a villanelle

Some examples of my villanelle's on Vocal even though the image just says Vocal


About the Creator

Mike Singleton - Mikeydred

Weaver of Tales, Poems, Music & Love

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Comments (21)

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  • Paul Stewartabout 21 hours ago

    Oh yay, actually did it - https://vocal.media/poets/prelude-to-summer

  • Shaun Walters2 days ago

    https://vocal.media/poets/may-blossoms Thank you so much for the prompt. Cant wait to read the others!

  • I love how you picked Midsommar, I love the creeping dread here in this challenge

  • Anna 6 days ago

    Back to say congrats on Top Story!! Hope this will get you more audience and entries!😊

  • Call Me Les6 days ago

    Nice idea Mike! Hope lots of folks enjoy it <3

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Belle7 days ago

    Oooh! This sounds inspiring. I love to see all of these creators making their own challenges and creating prompts! I might just have to enter this... Congratulations on Top Story!

  • D.K. Shepard7 days ago

    https://vocal.media/poets/lei-day Here’s my entry! Read some great ones by Babs and Anna and found my way here! Love villanelles! Thank you so much for hosting a great challenge!

  • Paul Stewart7 days ago

    Yay...congrats on this getting Top Story - well-deserved! Hope it garners more interest for you, Mike and your awesome challenge.

  • Alyson Smith 11 days ago

    I am finding this so difficult! Will keep trying though...

  • Paul Stewart13 days ago

    Love this idea...fiendish to include the style you excel at but I'm excited about it. Been meaning to write a villanelle again, so this gives me motivation. Sorry I missed the April one...that month got away from me really! Awesome challenge and awesome clip...from what I can tell. Midsommar has a lot of eerie vibes similar yo The Wicker Man (The original obviously...not the weird Nic Cage version lol),

  • Anna 13 days ago

    So happy, I finished mine: https://vocal.media/poets/song-of-may

  • Babs Iverson19 days ago

    Love the prompt and challenge!!! 💕❤️❤️

  • This is my most terrifying nightmare hehehe. I'm still working on Heather's Unscrambled challenge and it's already closed, lol. Let's see what happens

  • Heather Hubler21 days ago

    Good lord, I suck at villanelles!! I will give it another try though!! 'May'be I'll be inspired a bit more this time :) Glad you gave this prompt a go!

  • Ameer Bibi21 days ago

    Amazing piece very interesting giving a chill vibe

  • Christy Munson21 days ago

    I've returned with my entry in the Mayvillanelle challenge! Enjoy! https://vocal.media/poets/may-queen

  • Cyrus21 days ago

    Cool prompts!

  • Christy Munson21 days ago

    I'll give it a go! Fun prompt.

  • Dana Crandell21 days ago

    Thanks for the fun prompt, Mike!

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