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Well Hello There

By Mattie :)Published 7 months ago 3 min read
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This post was originally rejected cause when I submitted it was only at 428 words and not the proper, necessary 600. Sorry about that. Let's see if I can add to my word count total to gain a blessing from Vocal's moderators. Fingers crossed.

Hello there. Welcome to my very first post on Vocal. Let's cross our fingers or pray it isn't the last. Deep breathes!

My name is Matt( also prefer to be called Maddie.) I'm a nonbinary ambivert, as well as a creative writer from the Sunshine State. I was born in this beautiful and politically complex state. I've always had a passion for reading which led to another passion for writing. It just snowballed out of control.

I'm 28 years old. It's always been a major goal of mine to write and publish fictional stories full of action, adventure, and all that good stuff. I was also born with a rare storage disorder called MPS(mucopolysaccharidosis). During my treatments I read a lot of articles or books either on Kindle or a good ole paperback to pass the time. This led to my passion for writing my own stories and sharing them online. Dreamers gonna dream!

I've blogged on other well known platforms and recently came across Vocal while reading a friends post. This website appears to be exactly what I've been looking for. So much to read and so many wonderful people to connect with.

I desire to make long lasting connections through my stories. Stories really draw us together. Stories are as ancient as..... well humans. They have kept communities safe and thriving. Stories capture our short, yet precise attention and keep us coming back for more. Stories and storytelling itself is basically magic in my opinion at least.

There are so many amazing storytellers across the world, yet their work is hardly noticed which is so sad to think about. I hope my post may bring you some joy and inspiration. Society and the world itself can be a very dark and grim place. I want to light up the world and give others hope. Hope is a powerful word my friends. Hope can really shake things up for the better. If one of my precious gems can help improve just one persons life or at least help them get through another day then I take it as a victory! Let's do this!

Yet writing can also be scary. Once it's out there there is no going back unless you delete the post of course. Writing always challenges me to share my thoughts with the world which can be frightening, yet fulfilling. Whether I'm writing fact or fiction it has given me a wider voice and way more confidence in myself.

I write from several genres. Whatever concept appears in my mind I write it out and explore the many threads within the plot or theme. My goal is to mostly share my fiction. My creative side can be very chaotic to say the least. I just get some idea and go with the flow. Some of my favorite genres are fantasy, horror, steampunk or anything with drama. I love drama within stories at least. You can really learn a lot about yourself from a good fictional story. It really amazes me how each year new stories are published and become household hits across the globe. Really astonishing to think about.

Beside fiction I also enjoy sharing my thoughts on current events, poetry, history, faith, mental health, exercise, what's up in my own daily life, or the latest tv series or film I've been binging. Lately I've been binging Great Expectations on Hulu. Honestly I hated the novel by Charles Dickens, yet I'm enjoying the so series so far. I'm a big fan of Stranger Things, so if anyone else here is into it please let me know and we can gush about how amazing this show is. My writing taste as well topics can be very random just to warn you. Be prepared!

I'm hopeful to publish weekly. Once a month at least. I'm glad to be here and ready to share my world with you. Take care friends. Please go ahead and introduce yourself below in the comment section. Take care and always be creative! Please upload my post Vocal :)


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Mattie :)

I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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  • ThatWriterWoman7 months ago

    Hello there Matt! I am a genderfluid lesbian extrovert! Welcome to vocal!

  • Welcome! My post that just made top story started out as a reject for the same reason. I had 468 words >.< good luck on this journey! I am looking forward to seeing your work!

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