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For President

A Modern Satire

By Matthew PrimousPublished 3 months ago โ€ข 4 min read
For President
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I like Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson. Not for his livelihood or the slavery issue. But Thomas Jefferson embodied the American Dream into his unique ideology. It was Jefferson who pinned the words life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It was Jefferson who eloquently declared our Declaration of Independence. I am honored to be president. I am honored to stand for those ideologies. I am honored to be the Executive who can make America a more peaceful, friendly and just nation, said President Pope. And at the news conference for his reelection he announced that he would seek a second term with his vice president Ms. Robinham who was from Wyoming. In the current polls, Pope has a leading charge because of his war record and the economy. And because Pope chose a woman to be his vice president. Ms. Robinham served as Wyoming's longest governor before becoming the vice president. And she was a strong, mid-age, and determined woman who earned her stripes in politics. Pope met Robinham when they both were competing for the Democratic nomination. Pope overwhemingly won because he was a war hero and he knew how to lead and charge. Pope used his successful military career. And he used his charm as an experience politician plus seeing he was a presidential favorite. Pope had numerous of endorsements. And he was experienced in politics as a longtime Congressional Representative from California. He made numerous of friends in Washington working on both sides of the aisle and using bipartisanship as a key part of his legacy. Pope was always successful, it took him four times to actually win the nomination. And his first was that he was too young. And his second and third, voters felt it was not the right time for his presidency. Then Pope waited long enough and work hard enough, and he overwhemingly won the nomination which lead to his first term.

Now President Pope and Vice President Robinham faced a challenge, there was numerous of candidates from the other party. They were unhappy with his leading. And they were united against the president and vice president. The polls favored the president and vice president but the election was way out. The candidates were against many of the legislations that President Pope enacted. Because they felt that they were too costly and too complicated. So the candidates worked hard to take the lead from eachother but most importantly from President Pope. "The others seem little too conservative. The seem a little too unfavorable but the polls can change anytime and I don't want to lose. We got to keep promoting a bipartisan influence. I want to win as many Democrats as Republicans and unite this nation," said President Pope. "Well I am watching and I don't like that Governor Ner from South Carolina. She is really awful. She cannot be president or vice president. She is too polarizing and she would isolate the American people," said Vice President Robinham. "Agreed we must do everything in our power to preserve the legacy and union," said President Pope.

As the campaigning continue, President Pope was losing some support even with his party as the months got closer to the nomination. President Pope became more anxious and nervous about his record. And Vice President Robinham called for an emergency of their campaign staff. Then the unthinkable happen, months away from the primaries, President Pope has an emergency. First Lady Pope calls Vice President Robinham and says "We have decided. We have done a lot of good. We have stood for our country. The President and his family would like step out of the race. And support your candidacy for the Democratic Nomination. Especially since the Republicans are leaning toward Governor Ner." Vice President Robinham was happy and concerned but she knew it was her time. She knew she was ready and she was able to carry the legacy and simply said "Mrs. Pope it is my honor. Thank you and your family for your service to this country."

Vice President Robinham had a successful meeting with the press about her being the frontrunner for the Democratic Party. And she acknowledge her respect for President Pope and his presidential legacy. She iterated how she is apart that legacy and how she would carry the touch. She offered an olive branch to the Republicans. And she reinstated that she will lead Democratically. Then something unprecedented happen, Governor Ner was furious as the Republican frontrunner, she challenged Vice President Robinham many weeks later to an unofficial one time debate. The Vice President agreed. Govenor Ner at the unofficial debate made her debut her opening statement "I am the original candidate. This Pope the second cannot possible lead. She doesn't have the gut. She doesn't have the experience. She doesn't have the credibility. America deserves better. I challenge her candidacy." "I would like to make it clear. I am ready to serve. Ready to lead. Governor Ner says I have no experience. I served proudly as Wyoming's longest serving governor then as the Vice President of a President who sought to work with both parties. I have the temperance. I am experienced. I am able and ready to serve." As the debate brought wide media coverage, Vice President Robinham won the debate based on her message and determination and optimism. Her campaign got a fair start and she was leading and the presidency was hers.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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