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Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise - Isaac Bashevis Singer.

By A. RahmanPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Fool’s Paradise
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It is crucial to adapt your diet as the weather shifts in order to maintain a strong immune system, optimal energy levels, and overall well-being. Whether transitioning from summer to autumn or winter to spring, variations in temperature and humidity can affect our bodies. During these periods, specific foods can supply vital nutrients to assist in keeping you robust and in good health. Presented below is a comprehensive manual detailing the recommended dietary choices to support your body amidst changing weather conditions.In a certain place, during a bygone era, resided a gentleman by the name of Kadish. Within his abode, he had a solitary offspring named Atzel. Coincidentally, a distant kin, an orphaned maiden named Aksah, also dwelled under Kadish's roof. Atzel possessed a towering stature, with ebony locks and dark eyes. Conversely, Aksah boasted sapphire irises and a mane of golden tresses. Remarkably, both individuals shared the same age and spent their childhood frolicking together.

He was accustomed to studying and eating. It was widely believed that they would marry in the future. However, as they reached adulthood, Atzel fell ill. This illness was unlike any other, as Atzel began to envision his own death. How did such a notion suddenly infiltrate his mind? Many speculated that his childhood nanny was to blame. She used to recount tales of Angargal Heaven, where there was no need for work or education. In this heavenly realm, people indulged in the flesh of untamed bulls and whales, and drank the sacred elixir reserved for God's beloved servants. They could eat and sleep to their heart's content without any interference or obligations.Atzel possesses a natural inclination towards laziness. Engaging in reading at seven in the morning does not appeal to him. He is aware that one day he will have to assume the responsibility of his father's business, which causes him concern.

Realizing that the only way to reach heaven is through death, he made up his mind to expedite the process. The idea became so ingrained in his thoughts that he started envisioning himself as deceased.

His parents were deeply troubled by his behavior. They were unable to find peace due to their worries. Meanwhile, Aksah wept in secret. Despite everyone's efforts, the servant adamantly refused to acknowledge his own existence. His only plea was, "Why won't you bury me? Can't you see that I am dead? It is not because of you that I am destined for heaven."The boy was attended by the state doctor for treatment. His miraculous survival puzzled everyone. Despite speaking and eating regularly, he suddenly stopped eating, drinking, and talking. The family feared for the boy's life. In desperation, Muhyaman Kadish Mast sought help from a specialist named Dr. Yage. Upon learning of the issue, he informed Kadish, "I will heal your son within eight days, but there is a condition. You must heed all my advice, regardless of how peculiar it may seem." Kadish accepted the terms, and the doctor assured him of his visit later that day. Upon returning home, Kadish relayed the doctor's instructions to everyone. When the doctor arrived, he was immediately escorted to Atzel's room. The boy lay in bed, appearing pale and weak from hunger. The doctor gazed at him and demanded, "Why hasn't the body been prepared for burial?" The parents were taken aback by the doctor's stern tone, yet Atzel's eyes sparkled with joy. A grin spread across his face as he exclaimed, "What, didn't I mention it?" The doctor was taken aback by the situation, but the parents were fully cognizant of the commitment. Consequently, they promptly began making arrangements for the final ceremonies.

The doctor insisted on the house being adorned to resemble paradise. Consequently, white satin was draped on the walls, all windows were covered, and curtains were hung. Candles were the only source of light, burning continuously. Indeed, the attendants were to portray angels, complete with wings and dressed in white.

Atzel was placed in an open casket.

Atzel was not pleased with the funeral proceedings and ended up falling asleep throughout the event. Upon waking up, he found himself in an unfamiliar room.

"Where am I?" he inquired.

'You are in heaven, my lord,' responded a winged attendant.

'I am quite famished,' Atzel mentioned. 'I wouldn't mind having some whale meat and the sacred drink.'

At the signal of Khas Bhutya, a group of angels hurried over. They presented a variety of fruits and meats on golden platters, including pomegranates, fish, dates, pineapples, and peaches. A tall servant poured the holy drink into a cup.Gilal Atzel is in Gogras. Following his meal, he declared his intention to rest. Two angels assisted him in changing into his nightclothes, then escorted him to bed after he had bathed and slept. The bed was not a typical one, but rather consisted of silk sheets with a red velvet curtain draped over it. Atzel quickly drifted off into a deep slumber.

Upon waking up, he realized it was morning. However, the room was shrouded in darkness. The shutters were closed and candles were lit. Upon seeing him awaken, the servants brought him the same meal as the day before.

Atzel inquired, "Do you have milk, coffee, fresh rolls, and butter?"

"No, sir. It is always the same meal when you visit Heaven," replied the servant.

"Is it day or night?"

"In Heaven, my Lord, there is neither day nor night."

Atzel had to settle for the same meal once again today. Needless to say, he could not muster the same level of happiness as the day before. After finishing his meal, he inquired about the time.Time is not measured in heaven,' responded the servant.

'What should I do next?' inquired Atzel.

'No one engages in activities in heaven, sir.'

"Where are the rest of the saints?"

'Every family resides in their own space here,' was the response.

'Is it possible to take a stroll here?'

Every location in heaven is distant. It requires millennia to travel from one place to another.

'When will my family arrive?'

"Your father is currently twenty years old, and your mother is thirty." You will experience the world's illusion, then they will join you.1. "He is still half a century behind schedule."

"Must I remain solitary until that time?"

'Affirmative, sir.'

Atzel pondered for a moment, then shook his head. Subsequently inquired, 'So, what are Aksah's next steps?'

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