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Classifieds: The Ad Collab (unofficial challenge)

Calling all creators!

By Jennifer DavidPublished 3 months ago β€’ Updated 2 months ago β€’ 4 min read
Classifieds: The Ad Collab (unofficial challenge)
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on Unsplash

I'm looking for creators who are interested in an unofficial challenge created for collaborations. In this challenge, collaborators will either write an ad in the comments of this post to pitch their idea for a short story to like minded creators; or, they'll respond to someone's ad that they're interested in. There's also a third option where you can opt to be randomly grouped to write together.

Once you choose your team of between 2-10 writers, produce a collaborative short story of any kind. You can collaborate however you see fit. Please keep in mind there is no perfect way to collaborate, yet, here on Vocal. Therefore, teams will unfortunately have to decide on whose page to post their final product. However, winners of the challenge will all equally share the prize, delivered directly to them through tips.

Your writing can be any type of short story (600-3,500 words), that adheres to Vocal's guidelines.

How do you get in contact with one another?

I recommend dropping your instagram handle briefly in the comments, to DM, and then delete it (or an email that you don't mind being in the comments). You can also go directly to that writers page and comment on one of their stories, so that it can be more private. Then, you can find an effective way to write together whether it be through email, shared documents, etc. Once your team is solidified please comment below your ad "closed" , with the final names of your team. That way we know there are no more spots opened for that ad/writing.

How it works:

1. Put your ad in the comments of this post:


"Looking for horror enthusiast. No happy ending in sight!"

"Poets wanted! Rhyme schemes welcome!"

"Mythological creature sighted! Reporters needed immediately!"


2. No AI (I have no idea how to regulate this, so just be honest)

3. Must have a minimum of 2 creators, max 10

4. I will participate but cannot win the prize. Whoever writes with me cannot win either as I will ask them to be a judge.

5. Challenge begins January 23, ends February 14

Winners will be announced by February 18!

*Update!!! Winners will be announce February 20th rather than the 18th!*

6. Submissions can be a short story of any kind, between 600- 3,500 words

7. To enter your submission, leave a link to your post in the comments below your ad (theoretically this should be commented after your "closed" comment)

-Unfortunately, you'll have to choose whose account the submission will be posted on. However, I will send the prize to each writer directly through tips.

8. Once you submit I will add the link to your writing on this post

9. Please use "Ad Collab" as your subtitle along with the names of all the authors.


"By Thelma and Louise (Ad Collab)"

10. If you'd like to randomly be paired with a creator leave a comment that simply says "random". I will pair you based on your past writing and my curiosity.

11. 1st place winners will get a 50 dollar tip divided between their group! After thatthere will be other shout outs, recognitions, given out based on the submissions.

12. This challenge is about the joys of sharing ideas and seeing where our crazy ideas can take us. Please remember to always be kind and respectful, even when disagreeing. It's ok to disagree. It's not ok to ruin someone's day

*Please note that if someone is interested in writing with you but you are not interested, it is perfectly fine to politely say that you are uninterested or that your ideas are not aligned (anything to those effects)

13. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!

*Update! The number of writers has changed from 5 max to 10 max (the minimum will still be 2). Please make sure that all the authors are mentioned in your writing! Thank you!

February 12, 2024

The judges have officially entered the chat! Check out our collab on RM Stockton's page "Until We Meet Again"!


It's not too late to join the fun! Submit you collab below :)


"The Scorn Mother of Nature"

by Mother Combs, Heather Hubler, Caroline Jane, Hanna Moore, ROCK, and Celia Underland

Check out their submission to the challenge by clicking the link below.

*When all submissions are in I'll post the winners by the expected date as well as thoughts, comments, and thanks for the submissions!


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Jennifer David

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  • S. A. Crawford2 months ago

    I'd love to collab with someone on a horror story that's told through letters!

  • JBaz2 months ago

    I just saw this thanks to Heather Hubler's submission I cannot wait to read others

  • Test2 months ago

    I look forward to seeing the submissions and witnessing the imaginative stories that emerge from this challenge. Best of luck to all the participants, and may the collaborative spirit lead to some amazing storytelling adventures!

  • Celia in Underland3 months ago

    Let’s make stories, not love! Excitable Scrawler seeking likeminded individuals. Enjoys long strolls through Murakami and snacks on the sofa. Must have GSOH and not take shit too seriously. Open minded and up for new ideas but harbouring a deep aversion to romance (you can blame the ex. Complete muppet). DM below if your interest is inked.

  • Great idea. I do not play well with others, I am told lol

  • Celia in Underland3 months ago

    Hello, Definitely up for this but have a bit of a pickle...We have a group of six and I know you said no more than 5 and don't want to leave anyone out, so would it be OK if two were submitted featuring a couple of the same writers in each?

  • This seems like a fun idea! I'm not big on collabs so I'll sit this one out. Can't wait to read what everyone comes up with!

  • What a fun idea!

  • Really cool idea

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    This is fascinating and curious to see what people come up. I not sure I'd want to collaborate with anyone myself. Honestly I don't think I'd even know how. I am definitely curious to see how it works out. I hope you get lots of entries. Good luck to all.

  • Celia in Underland3 months ago

    Sounds like a wonderful idea! Ill definitely have a think!

  • Paul Stewart3 months ago

    Not sure if I will be able to participate due to other commitments, but wanted to like and comment this to show support. This is a fantastic idea, Jennifer! Well done for putting together an intriguing unofficial challenge!

  • First attempt at making an unofficial challenge! Excited yet terrified! It's refreshing to step out of my comfortzone once in awhile <3

  • I'm not sure how to pitch, and have done a few collaborations, but may be open to people if they want me. Great idea

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