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Why It's Better to Opt for Chauffeured Luxury Car Rental over Self-Drive Car Rental?

by Natalie Ige 2 years ago in travel

Driving a luxury car is a dream for many. But the glory that comes while sitting in the backseat as the driver takes you to your destination is on a different level.

Driving a luxury car is a dream for many. But the glory that comes while sitting in the backseat as the driver takes you to your destination is on a different level. While being chauffeured, you can enjoy the scenery when traveling to distant locations. The chauffeurs also have a myriad of advice for their customers. These are some of the benefits that you do not get to avail while driving a rental car.

Driving a rental car comes with some risks. As in general, a person is not skilled enough to drive several different cars. You take time to get adapted to the car’s functions. But the drivers of a chauffeur hire in London are well trained and skilled to drive several vehicles.

Advantages of hiring a Chauffeured Luxury Car Rental

  • Assured safety: The private car hire London are safer in comparison to driving a car on your own. The professional chauffeurs are trained to drive different types of vehicles.
  • Guidance during tours: The local chauffeurs have the know-how of all the routes and streets. They will tell you about the famous places to visit and the best restaurants. In addition, they will spice up things will their local tales.
  • Time saving: Your chauffeur saves you from planning your daily route. They save your parking time and drive you to your destination whilst you make a call or send an email sitting in the backseat.
  • Zero paperwork: Picking a self-drive rental car involves a large amount of paperwork. You need to fill subscription paper, security bond, authorize your license, and other such works. By hiring a professional chauffeur service, you can skip all this. All you need to do is share your details with the company. All the authorization, licensing, route and traffic handling will be sorted by the company.
  • Local knowledge: Your local driver will be no less than a travel guide. He will tell you about the best restaurants, cool places to hang out and other such information that lies only with the local people.
  • Always on time: You can be assured that a driver from professional chauffeur service will reach to pick you up at least five minutes before the fixed time. So you do not have to wait for your driver. This also prevents you from getting late due to unexpected traffic.

Advantages of Self-drive Car Rental

  • Privacy: The most talked about the advantage of self-drive cars is privacy. It is indeed true that on a weekend or on any vacation, it feels good to be surrounded by your loved ones. But will this privacy be still a priority if you take a wrong route? People might say that Google maps are the answer, but many of us know that the maps cannot be very accurate for local regions. So with a chauffeur, you might not get 100% privacy, but you are sure to get 100% safety and security.
  • Freedom: When you are driving a rental car on your own, you can stop anywhere and anytime you wish. This is something similar to multiple pick and drop spots offered by professional chauffeur services. You are just required to inform your driver about the stoppage in advance, and everything will be as smooth as it would have been with your self-driven rental car. So you can always pick up a friend or colleague on your way to office or back home.
  • Cost benefits: It is believed that the self-driven rental cars are cheaper. But this can be declared a myth. There are hidden costs as the security deposit, maintenance fee, and much more. So, all in all, both the services add up to almost the same amount. At times, the chauffeur services might turn out to be a little expensive, but do you mind paying more for extra security and zero paperwork?

All the benefits that are offered by self-driven cars are provided by the chauffeur services in one way or the other. The chauffeur luxury car rental has additional benefits in comparison to the latter.

Natalie Ige
Natalie Ige
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