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Asphalt Chronicles.

By KwaziPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Kwazi, streets of California

In the amber embrace of a setting sun,

A tale of racers, a race begun.

Melusi, by his Mitsubishi, stood,

Contemplative, his thoughts a quiet flood.

Beside him, Shane revved his 350Z,

A determined fire, a passion to see.

Nadia, in her Supra, a serene sight,

And Amanda's GT-R, a beast in the light.

At the start line, a tapestry grand,

Diverse competitors, a united band.

Melusi, a black man in a world of speed,

A challenge to norms, a narrative to heed.

Melusi slid into his Lancer's embrace,

The seat, a throne, the engine's warm grace.

A nod exchanged, a silent vow,

Among competitors, unity takes its bow.

The quartet surged, engines roared,

A symphony of speed, a racetrack adored.

Stepping stones, each curve, a metaphor,

For life's challenges, to conquer and explore.

Twists and turns, a dynamic rhyme,

In the fast lane, where destinies climb.

Melusi realized, in each racing bend,

Stepping stones, not obstacles, but a friend.

Whispers of doubt, a subtle breeze,

As Melusi races through twilight seas.

The wind, a messenger of skepticism,

Yet passion prevails, a racer's rhythm.

350Z, Supra, and GT-R,

Each vehicle, a racing star.

A quartet challenging the wind,

Leaving doubt behind, their stories pinned.

Wind whispers, doubts may linger,

But a quartet's resolve grows bigger.

Through the bends, the quartet dances,

In the racing winds, new chances.

The finish line in the distance gleamed,

A victory, a dream, it seemed.

Melusi's heart pounded with pride,

A collective triumph against the tide.

Shane, Nadia, and Amanda by his side,

In unity, barriers they defied.

The crowd erupted, cheers cascading,

In their victory, a world was remaking.

The quartet's cars thundered in delight,

Crossing the finish, a glorious sight.

Beyond color, beyond the crowd's cheer,

A celebration of unity, crystal clear.

Finale: Symphony of Triumph

Racing reflections in twilight's glow,

A quartet's tale, a riveting show.

Breaking barriers, shattering doubt,

On the asphalt canvas, dreams sprout.

From the start line's contemplation,

To the finish line's jubilation,

The quartet raced against the night,

In unity, breaking barriers in their flight.

Asphalt echoes with a victory roar,

A tale of triumph, forevermore.

Melusi, Shane, Nadia, and Amanda, a team,

In the racing reflections, where dreams gleam.

Through winds and whispers, they found their way,

Each turn, a chapter, a brighter day.

In unity's triumph, identity found,

A Symphony of Speed, the sweetest sound.

Beyond the finish line, an epilogue unfolds,

A saga of unity, of stories retold.

As engines cooled, and cheers subsided,

In the quartet's victory, identity presided.

In the rearview mirror, a diverse team,

Tire marks left, like a dream.

A legacy imprinted on the asphalt page,

A story of triumph for every age.

Racing reflections, a tale complete,

Of triumphs sweet, and challenges fleet.

Melusi, Shane, Nadia, and Amanda, a team,

On the asphalt canvas, where dreams gleam.

The quartet reflects on the powerful ride,

How each lap challenged, each turn implied,

In unity's embrace, they found their might,

A beacon shining in the racing night.

Through doubt's gusts and winds that sighed,

They carved a path where unity would abide.

A thousand words, a symphony sung,

On the racetrack where dreams were strung.

In the echoes of cheers, in the tire's hum,

A quartet's story forever becomes.

Racing reflections in twilight's glow,

A tale of triumph, forever to show.

A story of Companionship, identity, Freedom & Being-alive to

inspire others to go for theirs.

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I make Music, DeepHouse, Hiphop, AfroTech but before i make music more often times than not there's a inspiration being here is me trying to find another way for my audience to enjoy my work. You can Find me, just look no further.

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