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Sleazy Car Salesgirl

Don't buy a car right now

By E. J. StrangePublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Showroom floor base model picture taken from my desk

Despite what you might think I don’t like ripping people off. I loathe unhappy customers, they just become thorns in my side. I also don’t like boring people with tons of facts and numbers. You need to know, though, now is not a good time to buy cars, so if you don’t need a car don’t come to the dealership.

I can already hear some of the old biddies shrieking well I need to start my exploratory searches 6 months in advance. That’s great Karen, but I don’t even have cars to show you. I just love pulling up my dealerships last SUV front wheel drive base model to be belittled for not listening to you. I did listen to you Karen you clearly missed the part where I told you: WE DO NOT HAVE CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have noticed lots across town emptied out and we had though at our dealership that we would be immune to this car plague that has been striking the industry. However, we were told at the beginning of June the manufacturing plants will be closed for the next 3 months possibly longer because of the chip shortage and to not expect any new cars until November/December. At first, we thought it was a joke, because we still had a steady trickle of cars arriving, but here it is the end of June, and we have 20 new cars sitting on our lot.

Our managers, in desperation, are telling us to call every customer coming off of lease or anyone who is even 6 months away from getting off of their lease. Lease cars are the only way we can get a car affordable enough for resale. My managers are also having to offer more for trade-ins, because Carmax and other used car companies are buying them well over what we could buy them for, and we are desperate for trade ins. As soon as our remaining new cars are gone, we will only have used cars to sell and that is all we have to keep us afloat in the coming months.

All of this is snowballing into a bad time for car buying customers. Whether you want new or used you are going to be paying much more than you would have before. I have had a customer in service tell me she just bought a car from another dealer, and it was already having issues. She told me the price and I didn’t want to tell her she way overpaid, like if she had bought a brand-new car of the same trim at sticker price it would have been $5,000 less than the shit box she bought. Some of that was a sleazy salesperson taking advantage, I am sure. Some of it was probably over exaggeration, because customer lie all the time, but some of it really is the market.

I know at my dealership we are selling the car with added marked up products to add gross since we do not have the inventory to make our usual profits. When a customer gets ugly with me now, I love to smile big and tell them to get out. I make money from commission and volume bonuses. Since volume bonus is impossible to hit without inventory, I have to make some sort of commission in order to survive, so I am not going to haggle. I am not going to get up and ask my manager if we can do better. I have 20 cars and I got to make money before they run out, so you take it at that price, or you can come back next year.

For the used cars I hate selling them right now. Usually used cars are a win-win for both the salesperson and the customer. If you have a smart used car manager who knows how to buy cars at the right price the salesperson will get a great commission and the consumer will get a decent car (especially if it is certified) and not have to worry about a massive depreciation hit like they would on a new car. Right now, though, I am selling junk, I mean grade Z shit boxes, for $10,000 and having no commission on them. This is terrible for the customer because they are overpaying on something that will break down before they pay it off and it means I am going to be harassed by these angry customers and the best part I don’t get paid on it. I hate working for free and I hate ripping people off.

I do try to warn the customers. I tell them to open every window and check every electronic. I explain to them the market. I urge them to take it up to highway speeds to see if it shakes. I show them the service history. I have even called customers on my personal cell to tell them the truth, because I honestly do not want to sell it. I rather just sell new cars or get fired, when I am selling overpriced cars are on their last leg, but time and time again I see people take it and then turn back to me like it is all my fault. Sorry you didn’t listen. On a good day we would usually send cars like that to auction, but right now most dealerships are desperate to stay afloat, so those shit box trade ins are staying on the lot and the poor souls looking for an affordable car that will last them till times are better are left to the mercy of the markets.

To sum up you are going to be overpaying on new and used. You have slim pickings in the new car department, so Karens looking for an exact color please stay at home. Also, if you are looking for a used car because you think it will be more affordable step back and think about repair cost and if you are financing also think about really high rates. Finally, understand that if it is not dire for you to buy a car don’t come in harassing me. I don’t feel sorry for you, and I am not giving you a good deal.


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E. J. Strange

I am new to the writing community but hope to publish a novel one day. I am simple minded and sucker for romance.

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