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Imported Volkswagen new Tiguan launched

Volkswagen's luxury brand compact SUV

By Marl GorePublished 2 years ago 7 min read

The new imported Volkswagen Tiguan was officially launched in Shenzhen. A total of four models with 1.4T and 2.0T low/high power engines were launched.

New car features

Exterior: two designs, home/sports

The new Tiguan, based on the MQB platform, adopts the latest design style of the Volkswagen brand for its interior and exterior design. The visual effect of the whole car is wider and fuller than that of the previous generation Tiguan, and the details emphasize the sense of refinement. As an imported model, the appearance of the new Tiguan remains the same as that of the overseas models, with the 280TSI Elite and 330TSI Chuangrui models adopting the ordinary appearance, with a stable shape and emphasis on the home style; while the 330TSI Premium and 380TSI R-Line models are equipped with the R-Line appearance package, which includes a more exaggerated shape of The package includes a more exaggerated body surround, a larger size rear spoiler, bilateral exhaust, and 19-inch dark gray sports wheels, with more emphasis on the overall shape of the sports style.

In terms of body dimensions, the new car has improved compared to the previous generation Tiguan built on the PQ35 platform. The external length, width, and height of the new car are 4486/1839/1631mm and the wheelbase is 2681mm, compared to the previous generation Tiguan's respectively increased by 53/30/54mm, while the wheelbase increased by 77mm.

Interior: the design remains moderate updated for the MQB era style, with better workmanship

The interior design of the new Tiguan is still in the middle style of the Volkswagen family. The overall design of the center console is more concise than the current model, and the three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and the multimedia area also follow the MQB era keynote, taking a simple and practical route. The visualization difference between the high and low models is that the former uses a more sporty flat-bottom multifunction steering wheel, leather seats, driving mode selection knob, stainless steel pedals, full LCD instrument cluster, and gray center console trim.

Configuration: active/passive safety standard is very rich; the whole system with a panoramic sunroof, three-zone air conditioning, etc.

In terms of external features, the new Tiguan comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, LED automatic headlights, power-folding/heated exterior mirrors, front/rear parking radar; the second-lowest model (330TSI Chuangrui) and above adds exterior mirror memory and a power tailgate on top of that; the two higher models share the R-Line appearance package (including a full set of R-Line sports surround, rear spoiler and The two upper trim levels share the R-Line exterior package (including a full set of R-Line sports surrounds, rear spoiler and 19-inch wheels) and more advanced LED automatic headlights; while the top-of-the-line 380TSI R-Line model also enjoys an exclusive induction-opening power tailgate and keyless entry/one touch start system.

In terms of interior features, the new Tiguan comes standard with a multifunctional leather steering wheel, automatic anti-glare interior mirror, three-zone automatic climate control, cell phone mapping, and an 8-inch touch-screen in-car entertainment system (excluding navigation); the second-lowest model, the 330TSI Genesis and above, adds dark-colored interior trim, a driver's seat with memory/electric heating and 12-way power adjustment, leather seats, interior ambient lighting, and a keyless entry/key start system. leather seats, interior ambient lighting, driving mode selection, full LCD instrument cluster, head-up display, and 8-inch touch-screen car system (with navigation and Car-Net function).

In addition, the 330TSI Premium model adds the R-Line interior package (with the flat-bottom sports steering wheel, black roof lining, R-Line door sill trim, and stainless steel pedals) to the above, while the top-of-the-line 380TSI R-Line model has exclusive access to heated rear seats and dynamic chassis control.

The new Tiguan is rich in active/passive safety features, with standard side airbags + side curtains + knee airbags, body stability system, electronic differential lock, pre-collision safety + low-speed braking, lane keeping, automatic parking, tire pressure monitoring, fatigue warning system, and fixed-speed cruise control; the 330TSI Chuangrui model and above are equipped with steep hill descent function on top of the above; and the two high-end models Also equipped with blind spot monitoring + lane assist + rear traffic warning, parking assistance, and back-up camera.

Space: poor headroom in the rear; high floor protrusion; sufficient storage space

The 1.79m tall experience in the front row ride, its headspace is a fist; in the rear row ride leg space is a fist four fingers, while the headspace is smaller; the rear central seat under the feet of the raised high, can not meet the long-distance ride comfort requirements.

However, the rear seats of the new Tiguan all models have a backrest angle three-stage adjustable function, seat adjustment flexibility is high while providing a small table and rear air vents, to a certain extent to make up for the lack of riding space.

The new car's storage space performance is good, especially the storage compartment on the door panel, two thicker beverage bottles can still be comfortably placed, as can the armrest box and front cup holders.

Power: 3 kinds of power output for choice; top model 6.5 seconds "break 100"; 2.0T models with the fifth generation of Haldex four-wheel drive system, more sensitive

Power, the new Tiguan will be equipped with 1.4T and 2.0T low/high power versions of the engine, corresponding to 280TSI, 330TSI, and 380TSI three models tailpipe, the maximum output of 150 horsepower, 180 horsepower, and 220 horsepower, the transmission system matched with 6-speed wet dual-clutch (1.4T models) and 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox (2.0 The three 2.0T models are also equipped with 4MOTION four-wheel drive system as standard.

The new Tiguan 2.0T (330TSI/380TSI) models come standard with the fifth-generation Haldex 4WD system, which adds a knob-operated 4WD active control system that supports four modes: on-road, snow, off-road, and off-road customization, with the on-road mode divided into standard, sport, economy and custom options. In addition, the 380TSI R-Line model with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) will add another comfort mode to the options.

One of the major advantages of the fifth-generation Haldex 4WD system is that it is more responsive. Normally the Tiguan is in front-wheel drive, and as soon as the system monitors the tendency of the front wheels to lose grip, it will transfer power to the rear wheels before a skid occurs, almost avoiding the loss of traction.

New car background

The first generation of Volkswagen Tiguan was introduced in 2007 and then imported into the domestic market in 2009 with only a 2.0 TSI engine. In the same year, the first-generation Tiguan - Toucan, a domestic version put into production by Shanghai Volkswagen (now renamed "SAIC Volkswagen"), was officially launched. Compared with the imported Tiguan, the localized version of the Tiguan had a longer wheelbase and a more stable front-end shape.

The imported Tiguan continued to be sold despite the domestic model and was updated with a mid-life facelift in 2012 (a 2.0TDI diesel version was added at the same time.) For seven years, the domestic Tiguan and imported Tiguan have also been sold in parallel.

In September 2015, VW officially released the second generation Tiguan in the overseas market, which is the new Tiguan model introduced to the domestic market in the form of import. The new car will also be produced by SAIC Volkswagen, but the two will have more obvious differences in appearance, because in the domestic version of the model the wheelbase has been significantly lengthened (wheelbase lengthened by 110mm, body lengthened by 226mm), and was named "Tiguan L", according to the previous news, Tiguan L will be in 2017 According to the previous news, Touguan L will be launched in 2017.


The new Tiguan doesn't have too many direct competitors. First of all, ignoring the price range, from the identity of imported compact SUVs, imported Jeep Guides/Freelancers and Subaru Foresters are positioned in the same way as them. However, the prices of these models are relatively low compared to the new Tiguan. It is important to note that the new generation of Guides produced by GAC FIC will be launched within the year, while the current imported Guides / Freeriders may be discontinued at the same time.

From the point of view of price range overlap, Audi Q3, BMW X1, and other domestic luxury brand compact SUVs, as well as Buick Enclave, Honda Corolla, and other domestic mainstream joint venture brand 5-seat medium-sized SUVs will cover the new Tiguan price range, they are likely to become consumers in the purchase of the new Tiguan to consider more alternative models. In addition, the recently listed imported Infiniti QX30 is also similar to the new Tiguan in terms of price point, which enriches the consumer's choice.

Full summary.

Like seven years ago, before the new generation of the domestic Tiguan (officially named "Tiguan L") was launched, VW brought the imported version of this model to domestic consumers. The difference between the new Tiguan and the domestic model is that the gap in size and positioning has been further widened.

Compared to the previous generation of imported Tiguan, the new car is a new model based on the MQB platform, in the 2.0T model guidance price is slightly reduced, for power, configuration level, interior space, and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, but also increased the 1.4T two-wheel drive models to lower the access threshold. However, compared with the previous generation of models easily 70,000, 80,000 yuan of concessions, the new Tiguan even in the guide price slightly reduced, may still make some consumers feel that the new car has increased the price. In addition, in the face of "the same price as my senior, the same positioning than my cheap" situation, the new imported Tiguan may still be the choice of a few people.


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