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Hey, NASCAR Fans! Stop Being So Negative

by Chris Hearn 8 months ago in racing
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Quit with the moaning and complaining and enjoy the racing

Image by Frank Albrech/Unsplash

Oh man, NASCAR fans. Would you just chill out. I love you and all, but you just get worked up way too easily about things you really don't need to get all worked up about.

In the last few years, NASCAR has been working it's butt off to create interesting racing for it's fans. If you want to call it a "product", fine, then NASCAR is trying hard to make a top-notch product. And, personally, I think they have done quite well. I wrote a few years ago about how I had some concerns about NASCAR, and especially the lack of fans in the seats. What were they doing wrong? Why were less people in the stands? But in the past few years, things have developed and I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to be in the bleachers. NASCAR promoted 2021 as it's "Best Season Ever." Well, whether that's true or not is hard to say. But, it has been a great one, that's for sure.

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NASCAR has been adding new tracks and formats, like the Circuit of the Americas, the road course at Indy, the dirt race at Bristol, the Roval. And the racing has been entertaining and exciting. NASCAR has created a series that is putting drivers to the test. A truly great driver is determined by the challenges they are able to overcome. A great champion is one that can perform well in a wide variety of different formats. Now, more than ever, a great driver is a well rounded driver. When the champion lifts the trophy at the end of the year, they have truly performed well regardless of conditions. That is exciting. And yet, some people complain. No matter what track they are on, some one is not happy. Sigh.

People were upset over the rain at COTA, something that can't be controlled. Granted, it posed a lot of challenges to race teams, and there is much to be learned. But the race itself was a great race. The dirt race at Bristol was derided because the windshields got dirty and it was hard for the drivers to see. Well, again, overcoming that adversity is part of what makes a great driver. So, it was cool to have that race. But, oh man, the complaining! The thing is, some fans want NASCAR to go back to what it was like in the good ol' days...even though no one can seem to define when those were. But, if you want to go back to the good ol' days, you can't get more good ol' days than NASCAR racing on dirt. It should make those curmudgeonly fans happy. Well, it didn't do that for some.

Off the track, NASCAR has been trying new things as well. They have their new car design coming out next year - the Gen-7 car. One big change with the car will be going from five lug nuts on the wheels to one single lug nut. Wow, did people get upset about that idea. Why? Who knows. Then, there has been talk about moving the numbers on the side of the doors either forward or backwards to give more room for sponsor decals. That also caused a lot of anger. No matter how hard they try, a section of the NASCAR fan base just doesn't handle that change very well. I'm not exactly sure what it is they want??

Things change, folks. NASCAR has to keep moving forward. They can't stay in one spot forever and just allow itself to get stagnant. It's not interesting for fans. It's not interesting for drivers. It needs growth, change, development. All sports do. Tradition is great and all, and there is still is a lot of tradition in NASCAR. From old tracks like Darlington and Richmond, to legendary tracks like Daytona and Talladega. Those aren't going away. They are still important cornerstones. There are names like Earnhardt, Petty and Woods Brothers that aren't going away. The rich history of NASCAR racing is still there at the foundation. But, times do change. And so must the sport.

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So, why all the complaining? Why are some NASCAR fans just so darn miserable? And why do these minor changes, like lug nuts, make NASCAR social media light up with "Well, they just lost me as a fan!" or "This is why NASCAR sucks!" or some such burst of anger? If you decide you are going to stop being a fan over lug nuts, then I question your enjoyment of the sport to begin with.

Face it, grumpy NASCAR fans, you are a buzzkill. Just chill out and relax and enjoy the racing. There has been a LOT of great racing in the last number of years and I think you are missing it while you are busy focusing on where the numbers are going to be placed on the racecar.


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Chris Hearn

I'm a 47 year old writer, amateur photographer and amateur dad living in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

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