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Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems

If you bought an older model used car, odds are you need to upgrade your car's security. Check out some of the best aftermarket car alarm systems you can buy right now.

By Taylor MarkarianPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Sometimes people assume that buying aftermarket car alarm systems is a way of cheaping out on your car's security, but these products are top of the line. You can get a car alarm that is reliable and tech savvy and feel just as safe as you would if you had bought a more expensive car.

The Avital 5305L car alarm is a consumer favorite. Its two-way system allows your car to communicate with you via LCD screen. For example, if someone is trying to break into your car, it will send you a notification to let you know what's happening. In total, this car alarm system can communicate with you in 18 different ways.

Of course, you also get a one-way remote that allows you to unlock, lock, and start your car from up to 1,500 feet away. If your car has heated seats, you can also activate those via remote control—a luxury feature other aftermarket car alarm systems don't offer.

The Pyle PWD701 is especially helpful if you live in a sketchy neighborhood because it comes with an anti-carjacking feature. Even if someone successfully breaks into your car by breaking the windows or something, you will be able to stop them from hotwiring the vehicle with your remote control.

Speaking of breaking windows, this car alarm comes with a two-stage sensor, meaning it can distinguish between small movements and big disturbances. Basically, it will be able to tell the difference between a little kid accidentally bumping into your car and a thief.

The Pyle PWD701 is also one of the most affordable aftermarket car alarm systems. However, many features, such as remotely starting your car, can be added on at extra cost.

Viper is a leading car security system and offers a variety of products to help protect your car. The Viper Responder LC3 can do everything the Avital 5305L can do, but it has the ability to operate from one mile away—3,780 feet farther than the Avital. The Viper also includes 24 remote functions, whereas the Avital provides 18. However, as you might expect, it is more expensive.

Like the Viper Responder LC3, the Clifford 5906X has a one mile range. It's another example of the 2-way remote aftermarket car alarm systems, but it provides you with the company's most advanced color LCD screen. It also employs SuperCode encryption, which means that it is nearly impossible for someone to hack your system.

The Prestige APS997E offers a few options that other systems don't, such as lighting options and multiple timers. The lighting options allow you to control your headlight and dome light settings, while the timers give you multiple preset options for when you'd like to automatically start your car. For instance, if you know you're going to head out of the house for work at your usual time of 7 AM, you can use your Prestige APS997E to set the engine start for that time.

"Smart" is an understatement for the Python SmartStart car alarm system. This software that you can use on your smart phone offers so many safety features that will dispel virtually all worry of car theft from your mind. With Python SmartStart, you will have all of the features you would normally get from the best aftermarket car alarm systems and more.

One of the coolest features this product offers is the hot spot feature, which allows you to establish a virtual zone around your car, kind of like an invisible fence. The Python SmartStart also lets you send your car's location to your Facebook, so if you're going to meet up with your friends at an event, you can let them know exactly where you are. Best of all, this car security system can learn your daily routine and behavioral patterns, so it will automatically set your car to your desired temperature and what days you work.

Everyone has had to deal with the anxiety of parking in a metered spot before. Did I put enough money in? When do I need to step out of the restaurant to go back and feed the meter? The Code Alarm CA6554 car security system alerts you to your parking meter time constraints, reminding you in case you forget. Bye, bye tickets!

It also automatically locks your doors once you've started the ignition, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to do that, either. Basically, this product was built to take human error into account.

Speaking of human error, the Scytek Galaxy MobiLink G5 will remind you when your vehicle needs servicing. This is another smart product that comes with countless features, including GPS and emergency tracking. You can also link this car alarm system up to multiple cars, so you don't have to worry about finding the right remote. All in all, the Scytek Galaxy MobiLink G5 proves that smart security systems are the best aftermarket car alarm systems you can buy.

The Easyguard ec003 goes the extra mile to ensure your car's safety. It comes with automatic hand brake inspection, so if your emergency break happens to be faulty when you're parked on a hill, it will let you know. In case you lose your remote control, the Easyguard ec003 also provides you with a manual emergency override.

Like the Pyle PWR701, the Crimestopper SP-502 is one of those tried and true aftermarket car alarm systems. If you want great security for your car but don't have the money for a top of the line model, this product will serve you very well. It's extremely affordable and effective. Remember, just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it's cheap!

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