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5 Problems that Make the Volkswagen Engine to Stall Frequently

Volkswagen engine stall

By European Motor CarsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Have you ever encountered stalling problem in your car. Stalling usually annoys everyone. Every owner want their car to work normally and easily without making the things hard. They do not want any obstruction while operation of the car. But it the car stalls, then people lose more and more time in handling the car. Stalling is just like your car crying for help as it cannot run. So if the car is stalling, then it is very a normal sign as the engine needs diagnosis. It may result due to poor performance. So you need to have your car diagnosed to get rid of such annoying stalling and for that you have to know about some causes of stalling in Volkswagen cars that I’m gonna discuss in this article.

Stalling in Volkswagen cars

The stalling is a problem with the engine caused mainly due to power related issues from many systems. During the condition of stalling, the engine refuses to run, produces some tapping and clicking noises with a high oil consumption. Almost all the car users consider this issue as one of the worst problems that can occur as it leaves the user in loss. The driver would be unable to start and run the car properly as the car would be stalling frequently, which wastes their precious time and leave them in trouble. But unfortunately such issues also arise in some best performing cars like Volkswagen. Volkswagen is one of the top car manufacturing brand but still gets such complaints from its customers.

What cause the stalling of Volkswagen cars?

Here are some common problems that cause of the stalling of Volkswagen.

A failing battery

You all know what a battery does. It stores and supplies the electrical energy to various electrical parts and accessories. A battery generally works best for 5 to 6 years, then it be gins to degrade. So it starts to show many problems which you can get to know by looking at the functioning of electrical components in car. A failing battery has a high chance in getting drained out of power easily as it cannot store the charge for long and cannot store enough charges. So if the battery starts to show such problems, then the electrical system would become more dependent on another electricity source which is the alternator.

The alternator generates electrical power to feed the engine and some other electrical parts as well as charging the battery. So if the battery is not functioning properly, then the alternator has to do the same operations hence it works hard. The alternator gets the energy from the engine. So hardworking of the alternator would keep the car’s engine in more stress. A stressed engine cannot perform well, so it would lose more power and begins to stall.

A faulty fuel pump

If a fuel pump is malfunctioning then the fuel may not able to reach the engine in correct amount. The amount of fuel in the combustion chamber depends on the pressure in the fuel injection system. But a correct pressure would not be maintained if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. If the fuel amount is too low in the engine then it would not run, it would simply stall.

A worn ignition switch

The ignition switch make the electricity supply to the engine and the starter. It is made on by turning the key. But sometimes, this component wears down and cannot able to operate properly. Its malfunction leads to power loss from engine. So while driving, a worn ignition switch can make the engine stall after shutting down.

A clogged fuel filter

If the fuel filter is clogged with impurities, then the fuel would not pass through it to the engine. In such conditions, the engine would not run, it would only stall.


Stalling issue can become one of the common issue if the car is not maintained well. You should get your Volkswagen repaired at a well-known garage immediately if the car engine gets some issues.


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