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10 Car Problems You Should Never Ignore

Is your car making weird noises, leaking, or causing you other troubles that are out of the norm? Here are the significant car problems you should never ignore, and get checked out immediately.

By Morgan E. WestlingPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

There's no telling what can go wrong on a road trip, but if you're starting off with weird noises or a wobbly vehicle, that's a telltale sign for the future. If something is wrong with your car, you may have certain warning signs such as a warning light, leaking fluids, rough shifting, or other bad omens. There are some car problems you should never ignore, while others may be safer for you to wait on. Depending on the issue, you may be in a dangerous situation if you continue to drive your car even a mile longer. It’s important to know the signs to avoid expensive repairs and keep yourself and your passengers safe. Here are the signs you should never ignore and what they might mean.

Squealing breaks are one of those car problems you shouldn't let develop into a bigger issue. Noise coming from your breaks can be a dangerous situation because it can mean something is wrong with your brake pads. If you are ignoring signs of worn out brake pads, then you can end up with expensive repairs or worse, your breaks can give out on the road and you can end up in a bad wreck. Get your car checked quickly if you hear that your breaks are squealing. That way, you stay safe on the road and don’t damage your car worse.

If your check engine light comes on, several things can be wrong with your car. Inside auto repair industries, professionals understand that your check engine light can mean you have transmission problems, you're leaking fluids, or multiple other things could be wrong with your vehicle. Regardless of what it is, you should get your car checked. Ignoring signs or warning lights is never a good idea.

Smoke is absolutely a car problem you should never ignore. Smoke can mean your car has overheated or it can be some other very dangerous situation. Electrical issues are also a common culprit if you see smoke coming from your car and expensive repairs could be coming if you ignore it. Also, a fire could occur if you don’t pull over immediately and turn your engine off to let your car cool down. Be extremely careful with smoke and don’t press the gas, because gas is flammable.

Any type of leaking is on the list of car problems you should never ignore. Your car may be leaking transmission fluid, it may be leaking oil, or it may be leaking coolant. If you have a transmission leak or some other kind of leak, this can be a serious concern, and your car may need expensive repairs if you wait to get it checked out. Your car’s transmission is at the root of your car’s functioning. That and your engine are the heart of the car, and if you have leaking, your car could be losing essential liquids quickly; be sure not to ignore it.

If you have wobbly steering, this can be a cause for concern. Wobbly steering when your car changes gears with a manual transmission or general wobbly steering with an automatic transmission can mean your wheel alignment is off and you can easily get into a wreck. If you have wobbly steering, you may lose control while on the road. Make sure you get your steering checked immediately to stay safe.

Weird smells such as a stinky exhaust can mean you have leaking fluids or your filters aren’t working for some reason, and this can be a warning sign for bigger issues. Weird smells are one of the many car problems you should not ignore, because weird smells are a warning sign that something else is wrong. Figure out what the smell is, where it is coming from, and what this smell is trying to tell you.

If you hear your car hesitate while on the road and experience unexpected stalling, this is one of the car problems you should never ignore. For one, you probably don’t want to drive with a car that is unreliable, because you won’t be sure that you can even make it from point A to point B without your car breaking down on you. But also, your car may be unsafe to drive in this state because the underlying problem could be a more dangerous situation. Get your car checked out immediately if you experience unexpected stalling.

A ticking noise coming from your vehicle could mean that the timing belts in your car are wearing out. A ticking noise could also be coming from your engine and other serious problems could be at bay. You need to get your car checked out immediately by a professional if you notice a questionable ticking noise coming from under your hood. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rough shifting with a manual transmission is a cause for concern, and this is a car problem you should never ignore. A manual transmission can have specific issues, and cars should not have rough shifting with someone who knows how to drive it. Go to a mechanic who deals specifically with manual cars and get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Squeaky belts are a car problem you should never ignore because timing belts can be worn down and they can snap. While a timing belt may be a simple fix that can be replaced or put back into place, if they snap, it can damage your engine and become a much more expensive repair. Everyone knows, or should know, that car maintenance costs increase with mileage, and all those miles are affecting your tires and engine as much as they are effecting your belts and other parts within the car. Get this looked at before it causes much more serious damage to your vehicle.

All these issues and warning signs are car problems you should never ignore. Be a responsible and safe driver. Not only will you benefit your own life and wallet by being proactive with your car maintenance, but you could save the life of others on the road as well.


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