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Winding Roads of the Western U.S. - Pictures of the West

by Chance James 12 months ago in america

The U.S. offers some Amazing places to visit by car! Around every corner, a New Story...

Winding Roads of the Western U.S. - Pictures of the West
The Red Rocks of the Canyonlands National Park and a twisting Black Top roadway give a crisp view of the World's past.

The expansion of the American West was the last to develop. At the same time the buildings reached for the skies in the Big Cities of the eastern development, the West was unexplored. Much due the challenging geographical regions that stood in the way.

With today's modern aspects, the roads, the cars, and the access to these great environments. We all have the opportunity to visit America's once before undiscovered locations that now offer some of the most amazing scenic views that even our imagination couldn't conjure.

Enjoy a road trip through a few of America's Western roadways that deserve the respect they give back to the driver's and passengers of the brave who venture through the unknowns.

Photos by: Chance Buell

Caution: Winding road ahead

American Roads - The Western US

To be honest, my love of photography is the reason I travel. To see new far off places, the surprises, and the people along the way. Snapping photos and images of landscapes, animals, people, signs, places, things, stuff, and more... that's what gets me going.!

When I point myself in any general direction, I see and learn new things and I allow myself the opportunity of a new experience. I choose to travel by car as much as possible, taking the side roads and seeing some unique destinations.

The highway is good to cover ground across remote regions, but the original roads that first created American travel offers the true story of where we came from.

Recently looking through my photo library, I noticed a small trend that appeared. It seems that the roads that have brought me to my destinations, have ended up being the subject itself.

"Roads.. Where we're going - We'll need roads!"

The American Road.

Dirt Roads, Paved roads, winding roads, roads over bridges, roads through the desert, roads into the city. Roads are the infrastructure of our nation. They lead us anywhere we need to go, as well as some unexpected places in between.

Since I live along the Rocky Mountain Front Range, most of my road trips have been throughout the Western United States. Along the way, I have been witness to some pretty amazingly scenic and dynamic parts of the world, all the way down to the desolate and forgotten.

Here is a small collection of different types of roads of America, and some of what I've seen along the way.

Photography by: Chance Buell

The Rocky Mountains

The 1000s of miles of road that meander through the Rockies are the best of the best.

Looking West on I-70 over Buffalo Bill's Gravesite

Heading into the Mountains from Denver, the views began
The Backroads up to Buck Snort Saloon, CO
The Needles Highway of the Black Hills isn't for the tame...

WOW! Around every bend...

The world can be pretty amazing, but what is really amazing, is that we as a people have not only found the means to create vehicles to roll us throughthe countryside, today we travel by car, but we also have paved the way through some pretty tough terrains with millions of miles of hardened asphalt and concrete so these modern vehicles can carry us great distances, opening our minds to the greater good.

Oregon's Forest are Beautiful..!

The winding roads through the great American Northwest

Looking down on the Eagle Valley, CO

Interstate 70 rolls through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Castle Valley, Utah - Just outside of Moab

The gravel road outside of the LaSalle Mountains lead into Moab, UT

Mount Rushmore Framed in the tunnel of the Pig Tail Highway, SD

The great US Presidents on MT. Rushmore through the tunnel

Visit Middle America

Some of the Greatest roads to drive on go through the Black Hills of South Dakota and Badlands National Park. Talk about pointing, shooting, and getting something good! In this secluded part of the country, you'll find out everything you need to know about American History, and see some unique attractions you'll remember forever!

Mount Rushmore, the Needles, Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, Sturgis, Deadwood, and too much to list, visit the Black Hills before you die!

The road through the Badlands National Park

The Badlands - Named for a good reason

The Curvy Roads of Needles Highway

Winding Needles Highway leading into Sylvan Lake, SD

Badlands National Park

The beauty of the Badlands, SD

Be a Photographer - Drive.

What's fun about hoping in the car with your camera is, you really can't make a wrong turn. Each road leads to, at least to you, new places and subjects to take your pictures. CLICK!

The road leading to and from Colorado National Monument, CO

Visitors on their way for Colorado Recreation

Remember, being a good photographer isn't just about what you know - it's about being there!

Red rocks Amphitheater Tunnel to the Entrance

Red Rocks Amphitheater after a Fresh Colorado Snow

Loveland Pass after a Fresh Snowfall, CO

Highway 6 leads up and over Loveland Pass to Arapahoe Basin

The Highest paved road in America, On top of Mt. Evans, CO

The Fog and Mist flow over the winding road of Mt. Evans, CO


The Challenging way back into Moab in Canyonlands National Park

The elevation change on this narrow dirt trail is on for the expert 4x4

The country roads of eastern Denver, CO

Eastern Colorado waiting for expansion
Fins-N-Things off Road 4x4 Trail Moab, UT
Canyonlands National Park, UT

The Sand Diego Skyline and curving oceanshore drive

Sand Diego Skyline view from the Airport
The Bay Bridge has no curves, but the drives feels like it!!

Thank you so much for sharing our journey - Please support and keep reading the amazing adventures our world has to provide.

Now... Go Travel..!

Chance James
Chance James
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