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Top Things to Do in Florence, Italy

8 Best Things to Do in Florence

By Rafael EscobarPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

There are many different reasons for Florence's reputation as one of the finest places in the world. Florence has been named one of the "Ten Best Places in the World" by the Travel & Leisure Magazine. Florence's reputation as the world's most beautiful city is also acknowledged by the world's most famous architects.

Top Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Florence is a major tourist destination in Italy, There are many great places in Florence to see during your stay in the city.

Florence Cathedral

The Florence Cathedral is perhaps one of Italy's finest, if not the finest, museums. It is a beautiful and imposing structure, which exudes ancient, regal, and classical beauty. The Florence Cathedral is also considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, due to its unique architectural design.

Giotto's Bell Tower

Giotto's Bell Tower is an ancient bell tower located on the left of Piazza Del Duomo, one of Florence's most famous squares. It is one of the last of its type to be standing on top of a modern building and is a reminder of one of Florence's most famous artistic achievements.

The bell tower is made of brick and is surrounded by fountains and sculptures, providing a very natural setting for an artful piece of architecture.

Basilica of Santa Croce

The Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence is one of the most important and prominent religious centers of the entire Renaissance period in Italy.

Basilica is situated right in the center of Florence. It is located directly on the Piazza Della Segnatura, about 800 feet west of the Duomo's church. When originally selected, the site was on marshland near the walls of Florence city. As it grew, though, the area was incorporated into the city by constructing the Punta Della Signoria in 1435. Today, the area serves as a popular tourist destination.

Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is a long medieval stone arch bridge over the famous Arno River, just north of Florence, Italy. It has been known for the various shops that are built along it, as were once so very common centuries ago.

It has been called "the Venice of the Tuscan North"the most beautiful bridge in Italy." Many tourists from all over the world visit this bridge every year, visiting local artisans, souvenir hunters, and shopkeepers. From here, you can travel to the beautiful, well-preserved Florence cityscape or take in the historic sights and sounds of this area, including the stunning Ponte Vecchio.

Statue of David

David is an impressive piece of ancient sculpture made in limestone between 1502 and 1501 by the famous Italian artist Michelangelo.

David, originally called Santamonte, was sculpted in a round-cornered hat with his signature beard, with the inscription "To David, my beloved son in heaven".

David stands proudly in front of an urn or tombstone bearing his name. It is considered to be the most beautiful of all the masterpieces of this era.

Pitti Palace - An Ancient and Elegant Palace

The Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy, is an ancient, mostly medieval, palace built on top of one of the most important river banks in the city. It's located on the south side of the Arno River, just a short walk from the famous Ponte Vecchio. The palace was constructed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Its name comes from the original Italian name for the city - Punta di Venezia. Today, the palace is home to the Rialto Bridge, which spans the Arno from Punta di Venezia to Florence. Florence is the capital of Italy and was the seat of power in the Roman Republic.

The Boboli Gardens

The Boboli Gardens is an historic park of Florence, built in the early years of the city. It was initially dedicated to the Medici family, but today it belongs to the whole city. The park was originally built as a luxury resort to be built by the famous Italian architect, Michelangelo. The park was originally designed for the Medicis, but was later converted into a garden for public use. Today, the main attractions are the numerous gardens and the fountain that symbolize Florence's eternal love for nature and people.

Church of Santa Maria Novella

The beautiful Church of Santa Maria Novella, which literally means "the House of God's Virgin", was founded by the nuns of the Carmelite Order, who lived during the Renaissance period and is considered as the founders of Florence.

Florence has a great reputation for its museums, especially for art galleries, but the Santa Maria Novella Church is second only to Florence's Medici Palace as a must see tourist attraction. The church has been transformed several times over the years, though the basic architecture remains intact. This is because it is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture, which is considered one of the most beautiful periods in European art.

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