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5 Best Destinations to Visit in Portugal

Destinations to Visit in Portugal

By Rafael EscobarPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

For most people that have traveled to Portugal for vacation, it is perhaps one of their favorite destinations.

It has some of the best foods, great people, and amazing coastlines. It is hard for anyone that has been to Portugal to find a reason not to love the country.

For those that are yet to experience Portugal, it can be confusing and daunting when it comes to planning your next adventure in the country.

Finding the ideal destination or place to visit in the country can be quite confusing as they all make for great destinations.

For some people, this should not be a problem if Portugal is a great country since you are bound to have a great experience regardless of where you travel to.

That is however far from the case since every part of the country has something different to offer and some are better than others.

It is for this reason that we have highlighted some of the best parts to visit during your trip to Portugal. Read on for more.


Starting your tour of Portugal in the capital, Lisbon, is the best way for you to kick off a journey of great experiences due to the convenience it offers.

It also offers insight into the details of the country and the people of Portugal. Perched on the hills, Lisbon boasts the warmness associated with the Mediterranean climate combined with great food culture.

It is a big city and it is, therefore, not short of places to visit. It has well-developed and networked public transport systems meaning that getting around should not be a challenge for visitors.


It is impossible to miss one of the most iconic and popular Portuguese cities. Porto features an astoundingly original riverside and medieval past which makes it one of the prettiest cities you can visit in Western Europe.

This combined with the history of the city makes it a great destination for anyone touring Portugal.


Madeira offers a climate almost similar to that experienced during spring. The island is one of the best vacation destinations for people traveling to the European continent.

It boasts great natural scenery, high mountains, and characteristic tropical forests. The people in Madeira are hospitable and welcoming and a reflection of the nature of the Portuguese people.

For people after relaxation, Madeira is a great place to be as it offers great hotels, an exciting social climate, a great climate, and good value for money.


Ericeira is a fishing village a few minutes north of the Portuguese capital. It is an exciting destination for people interested in surfing but it has often been ignored by vacationers.

If you have a passion for surfing or you are considering learning, this is a place you need to visit when you visit Portugal.

It also offers a great environment for relaxation as it does not offer much to see or do.


Carvoeiro is nothing more than a midsized village on the western side of Algarve. Most of the accommodation areas in the center of the village offer great sea views.

On the outskirts, you get to enjoy high-end villas that are more suitable for people traveling as a family or a group.


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