Top 10 Cities in the World for Partying in 2020

By Rebecca Siggers

Top 10 Cities in the World for Partying in 2020

Every city in this world has a unique vibe. Some have history. Some have fashion. Some have nature. Some have food. What if a city has an exceptionally extraordinary nightlife? And, what if you are a part of that imaginary night? Some cities in the world are splendid for the way its night rises in the sky. You can find the best drinks, alive and energetic nights, fun people, rocking dance floors, crazy music, bizarre crowd, overall, and an ultimate experience of life. You can forget about all the odds and live to the fullest amidst the cheering crowds and loud sounds.

A very few people like me love partying. But let me tell you, I love the people who love to party hard! In this article, I have made a list of the top ten cities in the world, best for partying in the year 2020. If I wish, I could extend the list to an immense number, but I kept it short, crisp, and the best. Pointing out Las Vegas the first till Rome in the end, every city has its party proceedings. Read the article, and find how many cities you have been to and which of them you will go now!

1. Las Vegas, USA:

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas can be called the party city of the world. With numerous casinos that are live more in the nights, pubs that portray the luxurious amazement, and the bars & clubs with the posh people all around, Las Vegas is the best city to enjoy the night parties. Having a hard cider by the angry orchard, dancing with your best friend or bar, is partying in Las Vegas style.

2. The Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Spain:

Ibiza has plenty of beaches and equal clubs to compete with them. That's the reason why it is known as 'Club Capital of the World.' You can enjoy sunbathing in the morning and have astonishing pleasure clubbing at the mesmerizing nights in Spain. Beach parties of the Balearic islands are something to die for! El Divino, Amnesia, and Pacha are some of the best clubs in the Balearic Islands, Spain.

3. Rio-De-Janeiro. Brazil:

Every party remains incomplete until the melody 'To Brazil!' by Vengaboys is not on the playlist. Well, the party song that is in the name of Brazil is leading you correct. Rio-De-Janeiro is a destination worth partying. Brazil appeals a million tourists each year because of the famous nightlife Rio-De-Janeiro has. Rio offers the maximum pleasure of night fun and partying when you hit its pubs, bars with your friends.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam in the Netherlands has chilling waters and thrilling party places. You can visit cafes, clubs, pubs, and bars late until 3:00 at midnight and amuse yourself. 'The Movies' is a place themed back to 1920 period. Paradiso is the place that hosts live performances. Wolevenstraat, Leidseplein, and Wynand Fockink are the places for night howlers. You can dance at the parties until your breath elevates and you need drinks!

5. Goa, India:

The party station of India and gradually in the world, Goa is like a party paradise. The nightlife of Goa state is worth experiencing. The street night parties, the 24*7 night clubs, the beach festivals all are enough for making you feel lucky and happy. Goa is an attraction for tourists all around the world for the honeymoon. You can find the best charm of Goa during the new year festivities.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Probably, when you get done with your half a night of sleep, the party owls at Buenos Aires will shake up the dance floors with heat in Argentina. Yes! The parties in Buenos Aires begins at late midnight and lasts till you have the energy in you. Herein you can find the best singers, dancers, performers, Jazz lovers who are ready to make you feel partying nasty till dawn!

7. Bangkok, Thailand:

Only after the Goa, Bangkok in Thailand is capable of promising you the Asian style party. You can enjoy the live shows, the intimidating beats of the discotheque, and never-ending nights at the night clubs. Bangkok is a perfect place of getting boozed and seizing life by its all single moments. If you go with your partner or you go with your friends, Bangkok would make no difference in making you a party person!

8. Rome, Italy:

Rome is a city with irreplaceable historical significance and also majestic modern cultures. The town is equally fascinating at night. You can visit its wine bars, Jazz bars, or else explore a place with some Roman touch. I assure you that this city will never let you in despair. If you are a folk who has lags in enjoying nightlife for years, Rome has fabulous places to give you a start.

Up to the end - your feet must be starving to dance, and your mind must be wanting to think about these marvelous cities in the world. There is room for more, there are lots of cities for nerds too. Also you can check out best cities for geeks, take a break, plan a visit to any of these ever-living cities to rejuvenate life.

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Like many Greek Islands, Symi was first part of the Roman Empire and then the

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The island was conquered in 1522 by the Ottomans (along with Rhodes) but it

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which is why so many of the mansions covering the slopes of Symi Town date

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Although Symiots took part in the Greek War of Independence of 1821–1829,

Symi was left out of the new Greek state when its borders were drawn up and so

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changed hands several times in the 20th century: in 1912 the Dodecanese

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Arriving at Symi Town is the loveliest way to begin any visit to a Greek

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The wealth of Symi has been based on sponge diving and shipbuilding. Indeed

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the Trojan War. Nowadays tourism is the main earner, with enough expats

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Some of the houses built in the last two centuries have fallen into disrepair

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