Things You Didn't Know: German Edition

by Kevin 6 months ago in culture

Traveling to Germany any time soon? Want to know more about the beautiful country? Read these things you didn't know about Germany.

Things You Didn't Know: German Edition

Some Facts About Germany Which You Probably Never Knew:

The world's an amazing place when you stop to think about it. We live in a rather amazing time when it comes to how we look at the world. There was a time when simply talking to someone in another country was a huge event. The family would stop everything to ensure that such an important phone call didn't get interrupted. And the landline phones would rack up hefty bills after even a few minutes of conversation.

But today we're able to learn a lot about the world by taking a few minutes to read about it. We don't just have active discussions either. One of the fantastic things about the modern world simply comes from the fact that we all love to share what we know of distant lands. Which is why you'll surely want to start talking to people about a few interesting facts about Germany which you probably never knew before.

It's easier to get around there than you might think.

When people think about foreign countries they tend to think about language barriers. And Germany in particular has a somewhat rough image when it comes to language. German just has this somewhat gruff tone to it for most English speakers.

This often results in people from English speaking countries feeling like they'd be a stranger in a strange land if they ever went to Germany. But the reality is far more friendly to English speakers. The English language is incredibly common in Germany at this point in time. In fact, over half of the population speaks English. It's one of the easiest countries for English speakers to get around in. In some ways it's almost easier than going from one English speaking country to another. The old joke about people separated by a common language often rings true. But in Germany people are usually happy to work a bit harder to understand someone speaking English.

It's not just humans who have a special Germanic culture.

Did you know that Germany has their own special variant of the common cockroach? It's called the German cockroach, or Blattella germanica. This might not seem like a very fun fact at all. But the little guys have a lot more character than you might assume.

For example, you might be thinking about a German vacation while reading this. Well guess what? Our little insectoid friend the German roach is on a vacation as well. The species was originally thought to come from Germany. Then people assumed it was actually native to Ethiopia. It's now thought that he's a permanent guest from Asia.

However, there's another interesting trait which you probably don't share with them. People spent a large amount of time trying to get rid of German roaches with poisoned sugar. This has resulted in something truly odd. They're a form of life that actively dislikes sugar. Yes, this odd little insect actually hates candy! It's a rare insect that will actually keep to itself when someone pulls out delicious German chocolate. So be sure to appreciate this rare form of hospitality if you ever see them.

Germany is older than you might suspect.

Europe has a long and interesting history. And Germany is no different in that respect. But the intervention of Roman troops makes it a rather lengthy and interesting history even compared to most of Europe as a whole.

One of the most interesting facts about this history is that it dates all the way back to Julius Caesar. That means Germany has roughly 2,000 years of history. It's rather amazing to think that if you wandered long enough you could actually stumble on something created by ancient Romans.

Does Germany know you?

It's clear that there's quite a bit to know about Germany. But sometimes the best way to learn is to just jump into the midst of it. If you found this interesting you should keep on looking into this fascinating world we all share. And if Germany in particular seems interesting than you should really consider planning a vacation for yourself.

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