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The government condemned

The government condemned

By rafael navarroPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Today, the teacher asked us to collect puzzles about Chinese characters. "Bell -- bell --" The bell rang, the students came back to the classroom. After a while, the teacher came with a bright face.

"In this lesson, let's organize activities about Chinese characters. Who has prepared anagrams?" "Said the teacher kindly. 'Me! The students answered in unison.

"Please let Mr. Zhang Yuwei speak." "Students, the eye cannot see, but the heart cannot remember. What is this word, please?" Zhang asked.

The class pondered for a moment. 'I know! A classmate stood up. "It's death!" 'Why? The students were puzzled. "Isn't it braille? Have a heart to remember, is not forget the word? The word 'blind' and the word 'forgotten' both have one thing in common -- the word 'dead'!" "That was fun! "Sighed the students.

Chinese characters are amazing and interesting! Speaking of Chinese characters, I remember a story. Once upon a time, a man was cutting wood too hard, and accidentally threw off his axe and hurt someone. The injured went to the yamen to complain. The man panicked and wrote an explanation of the situation. In the text: One day when cutting wood too hard, with an axe hurt people. "The government condemned the man at a glance.

From this point of view, each Chinese character, one stroke more, one stroke less, completely different meaning. If in the economic contract, really every word, write wrong, then the consequences are unimaginable.

The development of Chinese characters has a long history. Every word and sentence has a touching story. We swim in the ocean of Chinese characters every day. The funny allegorical words make me laugh; Witty lines make me happy; Touching chapter feed me grow up; Sonorous words inspire my fighting spirit...

As long as we understand more Chinese characters, to reflect the heart, we can get knowledge and wealth!

A story happened between me and Chinese characters, which is still fresh in my memory.

It was a Spring Festival in 20xx, my brother, uncle, father, mother back home for the New Year. We just arrived at home, my mother said to me and my brother: "You two help me a favor, put the two pieces of Fu on the door." 'Good! My brother and I answered in unison!

Said to do, our bureau began to "work". I found the business to "Fu" word written down, if it is posted, Honghuohuo will fall! At this time, my friend called us to go out to play, I saw my brother is sticking, I think: I should also be able to stick backwards, I will stick backwards. Later, my mother praised me straight smart, said that this means "blessing to". It's the right one. It's the wrong one.

What a surprise to me that little Chinese characters should have such questions!

My story composition with Chinese Characters 300 words - fourth grade Wang Qinghua

My story with Chinese characters, there are good and bad. However, the bad far outweighs the good, let me tell you.

This Friday, a three-unit Chinese paper was handed out. I looked, the score is a "B", I was very ashamed, began to look at the paper. The first question I was wrong two words, one is "reprimand" "rebuke" written "tear down", the other is "hide" written without that point of "hide". There is another problem, I put the garden "garden" written "circle", really confused ah! Look at the back, "three thousand" accidentally written "three dry", this point should not be reduced! Let's look at the writing. What? That's another three points down! Oh my God! The earth! Why am I so bitter ah! However, I thought again: my writing is not good, it is not the teacher's fault, I can not blame the teacher, to blame their own writing is not good!

In the future, I will get rid of bad habits and write carefully. I love writing, I love Chinese characters!


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