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Supersexy Swingin' Sounds

by Craig Gagarin 9 months ago in diy · updated 8 months ago
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Layer Cake

1932 White Zombie Bela Lugosi

“Yeah, I want it. Yeah, I need it. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, electric head. I’m in your head, I’m in your head, I’m in YOU!”

Electic Head, Part 2:

This introduction of the best accompanying song to All Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve…Halloween. There you sit ready to enjoy a nice holiday flick with the friends. A group of fifteen or so. Cocktails, weed and of course a few psychedelics. Sharing the days funny jokes from work and school; chomping down on chips and pizza, [whisper] hoping you’re maintaining your suave demeaner amongst the unknown. For some reason your attention is drawn back to the punch bowl. The punch itself is mixing well with the vodka. You shrug it off and continue about. It’s not long before you realize everything is flowing swimmingly. Conversations with unknowns precede accordingly, without speedbumps; no spills, jokes landing (always a plus). The whole time Electric Head, Part 2 is playing in the background as the host and a few others adjust the seating and prepare for the movie. You think to yourself,

“Yeah I want this, I Do need this; Yeah, I love this.” As you sip your punch. You take seat on an open couch were two others plop down to your left and join you. Its two of the unknowns but, they don’t seem to know anyone other than the host. It’s at this time one of the “Carnival Barkers” blurts out that he doesn’t think he put enough schrooms in the punch.

“Ha Haaa.” You say aloud with a grin.

“I did not know the punch had schrooms in it as I have been consuming it with vodka like a horse.” Maintaining the grin but now addressing the two on the couch. Now having a better view of the two, you now see that they are beyond the realm of stoned as both sets of slitted eyes turn towards with accompanying mouths and laugh.

Grease Paint and Monkey Brains:

Now you sit back as everyone settles. Trying not to scratch your head nervously, wondering if you’ve begun tripping or not. The slow roll of Grease Paint and Monkey Brains vibrates in from the subwoofers in the adjacent room. At this time unless you knew of the band, you wouldn’t have known of the correlation between the music, its track titles, and the movie. Others not watching the movie are treated to dark comfy room with bar, smoking apparatus, and easy sliding door access to a deck with multiple plant speakers (relevant). The movie begins. An old black and white movie from 1932 by Bela Lugosi named White Zombie. A recommendation from a cinema professor for you to watch. Yes, that’s where you know the host and a few others on this night, school. But for some reason you can’t shake the thought that you’re about to watch a Muppets Halloween special.

Blur the Technicolor:

At this time Blur the Technicolor is thumping. Anyone between rooms Is bumping along with the beat. To you the bass isn’t beating with your heart, but, beatboxing to your heart. You’ve anticipated this moment for the past fifteen minutes now. The ride controller has finish checking shoulder harnesses, his hand is up, he flicks the green light on his panel, and your ascent begins. Is it fear? Anxiety? [Shrug] A little column A little column B. Either way you sip, then immediately spit your drink back into the cup. Time to make another as you look at the red slurry mix at the bottom. You glance at the tv as you leave the room to see the driver of the carriage making an escape along a dark road with a couple in tow. You ditch the cup in hand begin prepping another vodka drink with ginger ale. Something sure not to have schrooms swirling in the bottom. As you make the pour, Super-Charger Heaven hits the ground, bar, your ears.

Super-Charger Heaven:

“Look I know the supernatural isn’t something that’s isn’t supposed to happen but it does happen.” That first sip turns to gulp in an attempt to usher a calm to this ascent. You close the bottles, only after topping yourself off then turn to see the two that were next to you on the couch approaching.

“Join us for smoke?” One asks.

“Sure.” The time outside will do well for your calm. You walk out and as soon as the sliding door closes, Latin, as if a seances were being held, fills the air. Ears perked up like a rabbit. More of this known Latin; followed by:

“This is not heresy, and I will not repent!” Your eyes as large a saucers. The person before you speaks.

“Bush speakers,” worry and concern turn to an ugly,

“Huh," you say.

“There are speakers in the plants.” The person points with a lighter before lighting a cigarette. Toes to heels back on the ground, you too light a cigarette nodding, affirming the speakers about the deck and yard.

El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run:

At this point quite a few begin migrating outside to join. The host uncovers chairs for everyone to sit. Was this planned? A chilly clear night the weekend of All Hallows Eve. The “Carnival Barker” is already in motion gathering wood for a fire pit to El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run. He’s moving…like a muppet. From one side to the next. Occasionally stopping briefly at the Weber to sip his beer and check the heat of the grill. Seems as if someone's groovin’ to start ‘q’ng. You place your head back and take a drag of your cig. Blood, Milk, and Sky plays an advanced game of Connect the Dots between the clouds with the stars above. You join in, and attempt to anticipate connections; rushing for connections before the clouds consume the board. There’s no winning involved in this madness. Just overly unnecessary rapid eye movement for one (yourself) who has been drinking vodka mushroom smoothies for less than an hour. You snap from what you thought was a friendly game of Connect the Dots to sitting up with that oh, so familiar feeling of a planet that’s a half a steps motion ahead of you. As soon as “your window for reentry” appears, you shoot to your feet, recapturing yourself within the fold.

Blood, Milk, and Sky:

Real Solution #9:

Electric Head, Part 1:

“But wait, there’s more!” You’ve settled, so you think. This is where you have a choice. Sit back down in the Blood, Milk and Sky; Head inside to the movie and cool out to Real Solution #9; Or, follow what’s calling and most prominent towards the fire pit, and becoming a part of Electric Head, Part 1 crew. But, the mood of this is one is different. Wide eyed, you respond to the music; Perhaps I should start from the beginning. Now with the alcohol calmed, and at bat, on full tilt is Electric Head, Part 1 feeding the mycelium network as it devours your neuro network, and an overwhelming sense of I’m your Boogie Man in the shadows as it grits its teeth and revels in anticipation. What will you choose? A movie, the galaxy, fire crew, or will you Blur the Technicolor.

SuperSexy Swingin’ Sounds is a remake of most songs found on White Zombies album Astrocreep 2000.

Happy All Saints Eve!


About the author

Craig Gagarin

Im new to writing and over time i hope to improve. With the help of the community here at Vocal i'll achieve that.

Hot Fixes:

Quote paragraph structure 10/15/21

Learned how to embed 10/20/21

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