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by Craig Gagarin 8 months ago in artificial intelligence · updated 8 months ago
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From Narnia(The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) to Westeros(Game of Thrones), fantasy worlds offer countless lives to live. Becoming the knight in shining armour to save your love, or the once picked on sorcerer who overcomes his prior jealousy and hate to save his former village. Don’t want to be human? No worries, appear as a classic elf entertaining the locals in the pub with the lyrics of your travel and the tune of your lute. Too kind? Try the menacing presence of an Orc or Dwarf. Establish yourself as a blacksmith or craftsman.

These worlds with all their might and sorcery, beauty and splendor like Thedas(Dragon Age) and Tamriel(Elder Scrolls) still fall shy of one thing….reality. I know, I know, reality is what fantasy is attempting to depart from. And you’d be correct. But, with this, you need to consider the chances of you being one of those mighty warriors and/or sorcerers. In our reality, you actually have a better chance to accept an offer into the Players Association(PA) in your favorite sport. The PA will send scouts out in droves to find you. Having the talents of an elite may go uninitiated if not guided by the proper talent within fantasy worlds, therefore leaving that party dormant. Its more likely you are to be a farmer, guard, maid, or even slave in these worlds. And yes, you can aspire to be a craftsman or alchemist but, even the craftsmen/alchemist had a divine hand or gift that granted them audience with the best or adventures.

It is for this reason I chose Ghost in the Shell(GS) as the perfect fantasy setting. No, it doesn’t have a twin-mooned system like Thedas or the might and sorcery of the others. What it does have is the ability for anyone to take their life to the next level. If you’ve never heard of Ghost in the Shell, the story is set in a cyberpunk reality with a Japanese anti-cyberterrorist task force named Section 9. Their objective is public safety(oddly enough, Public Safety is a byname of Section 9) and to quell any and all cyber-attacks deemed hazardous to the populous and/or government. Time setting is between 2029 and 2045. The global lines have been redrawn, foes have become allies and vice versa. With the emerging need for new tech(ie, iphone) corporations have publicly become priority for global elites and governments. It goes without saying that this becomes a breeding ground from espionage, proxy wars, and suffrage.

Here is a world in which anyone can look over the options and choose whether or not to subscribe or not. As it has been in any of the other mentioned worlds, if I was creating a new character for a game, corralled into specific class within a game, I took from the characters I saw within a movie and created the person id be(parameters permitting) within that world based if I too had abilities. In GS, my character creation is no different. Tech that allowed for faster connectivity to and from my brain, devices, and internet. An augmentation for my gardening system. This mod would grant access to temperature, ph, humidity, soil moisture, whether or not the vegetables are deficient in nutrients. Perhaps even granting a level of synchrony with the plants. Personal security in this new world would be a concern, so perhaps a firewall augmentation, EMP w/flash, fight or flight adrenalin stim.

Yes becoming a druid, casting and eating Goodberries will always have a place in the heart. But, if we weren’t altered in a “Flashpoint”, I’d hope to “think” about turning on some tunes while chilling in my garden as the automation takes place at the wave of my hand.

artificial intelligence

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Craig Gagarin

Im new to writing and over time i hope to improve. With the help of the community here at Vocal i'll achieve that.

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