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Some Days Don´t Go As Planned, or Do They?

Rants and raves and trying to figure out why my day was in shambles

By sara burdickPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

When my day started this morning, it was already a little shaky. You know when things seem ¨off, ¨ yet you are unsure why. I had the strangest dreams at night, so I woke up feeling unnerved.

It was almost like the dream was real, but I don’t remember; all I know is that I tossed and turned all night. I have been traveling quite fast, seeing and doing more than usual.

I am, at best, a lazy traveler.

I have no desire to go out of my way ¨too much¨ to do or see something. I have been falling a bit behind in my online endeavors, as traveling and working is not as easy as it may seem.

For example, when you go check into a hostel, guesthouse, or hotel. They assume you are on vacation, even if you say you work and live on the road; most people do not understand that means you might not leave your room except to eat.

Then, I feel guilty for not seeing something my host recommends.

I mostly let that slide, but yesterday and today, I felt anxious about it. My hosts at my last guesthouse were terrific, and they wanted to ensure I had the best time while I was here.

Yet I did have a great time.

I did not have to do anything but walk to lunch. But not having the luxury of a kitchen at hotels or places, I have stated, can be a bit much. I like to have lemon water in the morning, and if breakfast is provided, that usually means the kitchen is off-limits.

So today, I found a hostel that might have other people staying, even though I like my alone time. Sometimes, I need to be around others; it also motivates me to want to see/do things.

It’s more fun with someone else, as I do 99% of things alone.

So far, nothing has gone amuck; why the dramatics?

First, I do not have a local SIM (I have roaming data I turn on when needed). I rarely get one; yes, they are convenient and make my life easier, yet I also like the disconnection from not having one.

Except today, I was already feeling off; it was only 9 am. I had breakfast, packed up my things, said goodbye to my wonderful host, and walked to the bus stop.

Sometimes, everything is annoying.

The bus was packed, and there was a seat near a man. The window seat, and instead of him scooching over, I practically had to crawl over his lap with all my bags.

Then I realized the data that I do have usually works. I flip a switch, so I technically have data, but there is an on/off roaming switch. I wanted to see if the hostel I was going to message me better directions as I read it was hard to find.

No service, nothing was working.

So I already had the Google directions, which, as it was, were the exact directions the hostel would send me. So I had what I needed and didn’t know it until I arrived.

I got on the bus, it was a short ride, as I went only 20 minutes to a town with hot termales, and my host said this town is magical and attracts an older crowd for the healing properties of the water.

She is here for the same reason: so kind, as most people I have met are kind.

So I have to back up a minute.

The bus drops me off, and I have to go up a small hill according to directions; it’s about noon, and there is a direct hot sun. I walked per directions uphill, then realized I was not where I should be, but I did not miss a turn.

I rarely get lost. So I asked some women for help; they had no idea as I was in the ¨uppper¨area and I needed to go ¨lower¨. So I tried the road, and they said it ended in a cowfield.

I turned around and decided to try the other road, not the directions I was given, and almost began having a nervous breakdown as I walked up another hill.

And by this point, I was dripping sweat, the sun was beating down, and I was on the verge of an angry cry. In my head, I said if it’s not in a few minutes, I’m turning around for this; I will get on a bus and leave.

I was pissed.

I then bumped into a woman and asked her if she knew where the hostel was, and she did; she happened to live past it and knew the owners. So she began talking to me, and at least it helped me not throw all my luggage over the cliff out of anger.

It also soothed my nerves, and she led me to where I needed to be. I did not have a breakdown, and the hostel was lovely. It’s a bit far, but I can walk into town without my bags, and it will be no problem.

With my bags, no way. I got my leg workout in today, as well as cardio and sauna, as well as a lesson in patience.

My day turned around when I arrived, and the host greeted me; she was also so sweet, and her kids talked to me in English. As you know, everyone always wants to practice their English!

It was cute.

Some days, I wonder and question my life’s mission and quest. I may be making it too difficult on myself. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or my student loans telling me my payment was due in 10 days; who knows?

I am sitting in a private room and plan to walk into town when the sun is a bit less fierce. I plan to go to the hot thermal baths, which is why I am here, to relax in some boiling water.

Finish the book I am reading, and look for some maracuya ice cream since it is the best.

I always try to see what life is trying to show me, and maybe it is something as simple as buying the damn sim card, or possibly it’s time for another region in Colombia.

I am here on a mission to find somewhere I want to live, and as much as I love this area, I do not think I want to make this area my home base. So once the decision was made, whoever was helping me was directing me to soak, relax, and trust that the way is slowly being illuminated and buy the damn sim card.

On a side note, if you travel to these small pueblos, don’t expect to find people to do things with. I came to a hostel hoping to find a friend who would like to explore.

The hostel is empty as the previous few.

I went out for a walk, and before I left the house, I got a nasty comment on a video. Then I stepped in dog shit. Now I need to light some palo santo to clear the air so that tomorrow will be better.

The next day.

I’m already better; I slept and did yoga. I credit it to this painting, which is highly amusing. Like little aliens watching over me, my sister said it looked like stick figures. 👽👽

What do you think?



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I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. I now write online and live abroad, currently Nomading, as I search for my forever home. Personal Stories, Travel and History

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